The WorldWorld Census

The Least Corrupt Governments in the World

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

NationWA CategoryMotto
16,471.The Armed Republic of The 52nd Worker SovietLeft-wing Utopia“I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice”
16,472.The Empire of Nine tail foxNew York Times Democracy“Worship fox because they are your lords”
16,473.The Armed Republic of The Wuunion DaggerNew York Times Democracy“A mouth as sharp as a dagger, a heart as soft as tofu”
16,474.The Somewhat Sedentary State of ReligionousNew York Times Democracy“There is only God.”
16,475.The Allied States of TLNS ZhongshanCivil Rights Lovefest“Workers of the World Unite!”
16,476.The Commonwealth of The Oracian Sphere Unified NationCivil Rights Lovefest“In memoriam terrae.”
16,477.The Vladychestvo of BananausLiberal Democratic Socialists“alla vittoria”
16,478.The Free Land of RozkoloraLeft-wing Utopia“An injury to one is an injury to all”
16,479.The Colony of Doom-townNew York Times Democracy“Doom on the Ocean's edge”
16,480.The Imperial State of West PersiaNew York Times Democracy“مرا داد فرمود و خود داور است”
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by Max Barry

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