The WorldWorld Census

The Most Compassionate Citizens in the World

Exhaustive World Census tests involving kittens revealed the following nations to be the most compassionate.

NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Idyllic Paradise of MograpelandiaLeft-wing Utopia“A Starbucks on every corner!”
22.The CUP-Eladeni Isocracy of Liberal LiberalsLeft-wing Utopia“Can't we all just get along? Eladen Rep”
23.The Democratic Republic of ChedoniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Enjoy The Beauty Of Yourself”
24.The Culture of Free SocialismLeft-wing Utopia“Of each according to ability to each according to need.”
25.The Holy Matriarchy of Our Lady of The Nunnish NationsPsychotic Dictatorship“A Nation of Sisters who can Raise a few Blisters!”
26.The Catfight Referee of BoodoniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Let's invite over a bunch of immigrants and make cars!”
27.The Republic of ZombiedolphinsLeft-Leaning College State“Logic is blind and often knows only its own past”
28.The Concordium of Independent PlanetsLiberal Democratic Socialists“Freedom above all”
29.The Ral System Capital World of Ral IxshidaLeft-wing Utopia“Teras Alus Altanis”
30.The Republic of NeldessicaDemocratic Socialists“It could be worse!”
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by Max Barry

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