The WorldWorld Census

The Least Corrupt Governments in the World

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Confederate States of YanniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Mysteria in Obscuritate Quaeruntur”
22.The Forest Realm of WolfhawkLiberal Democratic Socialists“To Dream the Impossible Dream”
23.The Imperial Protectorates of Altruistic PaladinsDemocratic Socialists“Law is order, good law is good order”
24.The Forest of ShirakahnLeft-wing Utopia“Life Comes From-The Sun-Comes From The Tree”
25.The Benevolent Stellar Hermitage of FloreriaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“May all beings be free from suffering.”
26.The Dhammic Socialist Republic of Nava SiamAuthoritarian Democracy“The greatest gain is to give to others.”
27.The Environmental Protectorate of Sheila AnteresLeft-wing Utopia“For the sake of a pure & clean world”
28.The Commonwealth of PolinikiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“ I Raro Rani, I tasi poe (Under One Heaven, One People)”
29.The Republic of New Sensual DelightsNew York Times Democracy“Be Sensual Be Clean”
30.The Kingdom of WhimsDemocratic Socialists“Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs of War”
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by Max Barry

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