Nations of Balder

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The The Imperial Reclaimers of Aadonia IIDemocratic Socialists"All war is deception, so deception is cause for War"
The United Commonwealth of AanaltorInoffensive Centrist Democracy"For Aanaltor!"
The United States of AatraadInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Yzou nie xaenada daggare chepelu"
The Colony of AbbeyKittyCatInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Mew?"
The Collaborative Community of AbreddeyCorporate Police State"You're happiest when filling your daily work quota!"
The Grass is Always Greener of AbroadLiberal Democratic Socialists"The truth shall set you free."
The Poor Soul of Absolute TruthInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Standing guard"
The Commonwealth of Absurdly Polite GentlemenInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Spiffing"
The Holy Global Conglomerate of AcadamiatemaIron Fist Consumerists"Valar morghulis. Valar dohaeris."
The Armed Republic of AcerikFather Knows Best State"Strength Through Unity"
The Empire of Achae-OttoniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy"Non Plus Magna"
The Empire of Acitcratna30Inoffensive Centrist Democracy"Terror of the skies"
The Imperial Colony of ActiexIron Fist Consumerists"Bellum Virtus Est"
The Holy Queendom of AddsonCorrupt Dictatorship"Bomb their cities! Raise a revolution!"
The Holy Empire of AdgjasdlgijLeft-Leaning College State"A Schrödinger’s cat for every household."
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