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Founded December 21st, 2002, by some D&D players from Canada.

We are an International Online Community. Our Green and Pleasant Region extends a warm welcome to those who wish to join.

Allied with Texas and The Heartland.

Roleplaying Tech Level: Modern

Please endorse your elected Delegate, Hydroponic Nation and Linkparticipate here in deciding our Delegate's World Assembly vote.

Visit the Wysterian Forum at: LinkNationStates Wysteria - the Website

The Varangian Open Tennis Championships in Galicia-Volhynia have concluded. For more information about the Cross Regional Games look Linkhere!

Embassies: Texas, The Heartland, Yggdrasil, The Skeleton Army, 10000 Islands, The Cuckoos Egg, and Canada.

Tags: Map, Modern Tech, Enormous, Offsite Forums, Role Player, Commended, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

Wysteria contains 131 nations, the 82nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in Wysteria

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, Wysteria is ranked 17,336th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

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Regional Happenings


Wysteria Regional Message Board

The PotPourri Octo of Herzil wrote:Maybe you were effected by the Apple stocks sinking to the abyss

How dare you, sir. How dare you compare lowly companies like Apple to the majesty of the corporations in the Indomitable Borderlands! ;>)

The Matriarchy of The Three Moons wrote:We should declare a day without "Superior gadgets" I'm Not saying Gadgets are a bad thing, as we can't go without them in our era but the need to count on them 24/7 - to do everything for us - contribute partially or completely to us wasting away our brain & body

When I'm hiking or cycle touring, I'm gadget free and definitely not missing them. If I'm out for the afternoon or evening, I don't even bring my cell phone. Even out doing astronomy I'm operating pretty tech free (other than the mount). But at work and home I'm often tethered to the tech.

The PotPourri Octo of Herzil wrote:It seems we are heading toward a Space Extravaganza at the world Assembly. We have a chance to repeal "World Space Administration", which our region objected to begin with, which half the delegations on the approved list have voted for - just 5 days ago. Then we have in the Queue: "Forward to a New Moon Landing" which sounds like another - legislation -disaster waiting to happen. I'm of course in "shock" there isn't any legislation in the baking section for "Space Cake"

It seems someone is doing some WA profiteering for their region building via resolutions. It's been done before and will likely be done again. If it brings a new region with some energy to the game then at least there's something, even if it's a crass way to go about it. Still, I'm opposed to the resolutions themselves. It's still really not condemn worthy though, as some in the Security Council seem to feel.

The Commonwealth of Monflayfath wrote:Totally random returning comment, but with all the talk about space, have you guys seen that the Smithsonian is kickstarting a campaign to preserve Neil Armstrong's Apollo suit? It's such an unbelievable shame that funds cannot be found from the many tax dollars we pay, but regardless it is still hugely important that it is funded. Although it appears it's going to reach its goal soon, I figure if you don't you might want to know about this...


I was honestly surprised when it was reported that it wasn't already in a museum. The Apollo 8 commander's suit was probably thrown into an incinerator when he came back, after getting a nasty flu at the White House, but if you're not going to put the suit worn by Armstrong in a museum than you might not have a grasp of this whole curator thing.

Ploughing through the Standings

It’s a medium-term market report today, with sod busters last featured April 1st, nearly four months ago. The “+” indicates moving up the ranks from the last time this category was featured; “-“ indicates losing ranks; and nothing means that your ranking was unchanged. That or either you weren’t in the region last time this category was shown (Kwangistar). Only when short-term variations, up or down, are part of an overall trend should they be considered a diagnosis of your movement in the overall standings.

The Wysterian market index was up 167 ranks in the world standings, despite the recent nose dive in the standings by Nak nak.

The Largest Agricultural Sector in the World: July 27th

The Grendels 2nd, Isla Vista 5th (+2), the Centauri 6th, Koffee 8th (+1), Wulfhelm 15th (+4), Complete Bastards 28th, the Zocalo 29th (+2), Tremalkier 36th (+2), Obstinacy 64th (-4), Miratejo 67th (-1).

Marldeep 95th (-3), Mackintosh 99th (+4), Caphtoria 210th (+5), the Captain 219th, Medved 310th (-7), Go Canucks Go 376th (+51), Shunnach 390th (+3), Live To Ride 416th (+62), Nak nak 480th (-354), Florenzia 549th (-4).

Wars Forever 587th (+211), Keyser Soze 677th (+91), Dub Dizzle 694th (-7), Flanderosa 897th (-20), Kwangistar 911th, Pelusia 931st (+48), Mort Nex 999th (+81).

I think that that's the longest stretch of time we've ever had without a market report category being shown (20 days).

This is Truly a disgrace that Wysteria Embassy in Texas had to wait soo long to get the Economy report.

Its our Bread and butter during social events

We have learned during our almost 2 years of Term in Texas, that Texans are like Crows. They tend to be fascinated by shinny or big objects...


When our Diplomats are being struck - during a party - by a boring conversion, they pull out The Grendels Market report as a weapon.

I'm here to spice your lives up! Not too much heat though. It's not like I'm pepper or anything like that.

Tarragon goes fabulous with salads not to mention cold soups!!!, Im sure your "Terror" will be an interesting addition

Cold so

The PotPourri Octo of Herzil wrote:Tarragon goes fabulous with salads not to mention cold soups!!!, Im sure your "Terror" will be an interesting addition

Cold soup is an afront to humanity!
Gispaccio, in particular, should banned by edict, and masticators of such food stuff should be stoned to death.

The Holiest of the Holy Lands of Deep south Borland wrote:Cold soCold soup is an afront to humanity!
Gispaccio, in particular, should banned by edict, and masticators of such food stuff should be stoned to death.

Man, I would be so stoned...

Deep south Borland

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