Wysteria RMB Wysteria was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 57

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Brains Are In The Freezer of Hydroponic Nation (elected 5 years 46 days ago)

Founder: The Zombie Apocalypse Survivors of The Bruce

World Factbook Entry

The NationStates Zombie Apocalypse has begun!

Join your fellow Wysterians in researching a cure, before itís too late. Smaller nations should choose the zombie extermination option so youíre still around to be cured. May the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy upon us all.

"We shall defend our green and pleasant region, whatever the cost may be, we shall cure zombies on the beaches, we shall cure zombies on the landing grounds, we shall cure zombies in the fields and in the streets, we shall cure zombies in the hills; we shall never surrender."

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    FactbookMiscellaneous by Herzil 3 days 19 hours ago. 235 reads.

Infection Rate: 0.0% (zero infected, 1.63 trillion survivors)

Cure Status: Distributing to infected

Infection Status: -198.8 Safe Haven

Zombie Border Control: Borders Closed

Embassies: Texas, The Heartland, Yggdrasil, The Skeleton Army, 10000 Islands, The Cuckoos Egg, and Canada.

Tags: Enormous, Offsite Forums, Map, Modern Tech, Password, Role Player, Commended, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Extremely High

Wysteria contains 166 nations, the 64th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in Wysteria

As a region, Wysteria is ranked 1st in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Revolutionary Force of Nak nakCompulsory Consumerist State“Power to the people!!All hail Nak Nak!!”
2.The Dominion of Complete BastardsCorporate Police State“We don't want the world, we just want your half.”
3.The Indomitable Borderlands of The GrendelsCompulsory Consumerist State“The Paragon of Corporate Power and Style since 2002.”
4.The Burlesque Republic of The CentauriCompulsory Consumerist State“What do you want you Moon-Faced Assassin of Joy?”
5.The Richly Blended Peoples of KoffeeCapitalist Paradise“Guns, Germs, Steel, and really smooth Mochas!”
6.The Imperial Dominion of SdaerijiCompulsory Consumerist State“You want it to be one way, but it's the other way.”
7.The Godless Mercantile Nexus of Isla VistaCapitalist Paradise“Where churches are charged with fraud and racketeering!”
8.The Soul-Crushing Factories of WulfhelmCorporate Police State“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”
9.The All-Consuming Hive Mind of CosmovaniaCompulsory Consumerist State“Pray for Cosmovania....”
10.The Insatiable Economic Hitmen of TremalkierAnarchy“To Shape the World is to be Immortal”
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Regional Poll • Are your prepared for the NationStates Zombie Apocalypse?

The Zombie Apocalypse Survivors of The Bruce wrote:The NationStates Zombie Apocalypse will soon be upon us. Join your fellow Wysterians to research a cure or for smaller nations go for extermination so there's something left to cure.

Voting opened 4 days ago and will close in 2 days 15 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Which Islander Beach Party event are you most looking forward to?”

Regional Happenings


Wysteria Regional Message Board

I'm helping 10000 Islands, it seems hopeless but that's what makes it fun. Come join if you feel like being part of the resistance.

Is all well with my neighbors?

If only XKI had fared as well as you all did! Well done! I'm glad my puppet here survived the onslaught :P

The Umbrella Corporation of Deadcatistan wrote:I'm helping 10000 Islands, it seems hopeless but that's what makes it fun. Come join if you feel like being part of the resistance.

I think we should be able to lob missiles between regions. Who wants to go rubbing bloody elbows with infested regions. Better to just stay safely in our plague-free zone and lob care packages.

Made in Wysteria.

Itís a short-term market report today, with sweat shops last featured August 12th, over two months ago. The ď+Ē indicates moving up the ranks from the last time this category was featured; ď-ď indicates losing ranks; and nothing means that your ranking was unchanged. That or you werenít in the region last time this category was shown (the Merchant Guilds). Only when short-term variations, up or down, are part of an overall trend should they be considered a diagnosis of your movement in the overall standings.

The Wysterian market index was up 66 ranks in the world standings.

The Largest Manufacturing Sector in Wysteria: October 31st

Nak nak 1st, the Centauri 2nd, the Grendels 4th (+1), Complete Bastards 6th (+1), Isla Vista 10th, Wulfhelm 11th (+1), Sdaeriji 12th (-1), Koffee 14th, Tremalkier 19th, the Zocalo 27th (+3).

Cosmovania 30th (+4), Miratejo 38th, the Captain 41st (+1), Mackintosh 60th (+2), Marldeep 83rd (+1), the Colonial Fleet 86th, Dienes 97th (+2), Dub Dizzle 101th (+15), Caphtoria 158th (+3), Galicia-Volhynia 160th (+2).

The Merchant Guilds 202nd, Wars Forever 246th (+22), the Comedian 283rd (+53), Go Canucks Go 290th (+30), Qanzona 392nd (+1), Live To Ride 496th (+149), Mort Nex 707th (28), Obstinacy 752nd (-24), the Bruce 790th (-2), South East Europe 851st (-7).

That was shiny!

Im Surprised We Have No Infected In The Entire Region Did Someone Make A Cure

Oh several nations did, and Mk V Cure Missiles were indeed launched! :)

Thanks for helping out at Yggdrasil guys!


The Armed Republic of Ongolia wrote:Im Surprised We Have No Infected In The Entire Region Did Someone Make A Cure

If you only knew...if you only knew.

/looks off into distance with the 1000 mile stare.

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