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.: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics :.
The USSR, a region founded on Dec 17, 2002, has long been in the spotlight of the world. Founded on the glorious works of Lenin and Marx, the USSR shall stay strong in its quest for glory. We have a great community, along with our activity, we promise you that you will enjoy your stay in the USSR. We welcome you to our socialist-communist ideal region and hope you become active in the community. Glory to our Soviet Union!
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Premier of the USSR: ----
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Embassies: Europe, Germany, Communist International League, Anticapitalist Alliance, Allied States of EuroIslanders, United Socialist Republics, North Africa, India, and The Communist Party of NationStates.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Communist, Industrial, Game Player, Socialist, Role Player, Anti-Capitalist, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

USSR contains 132 nations, the 93rd most in the world.

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The Largest Welfare Programs in USSR

Governments ranked highly spend large amounts of money on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, USSR is ranked 22nd in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

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The Public Domain of Khanatah wrote:If you're running for Foreign Affairs, I'm not stealing any thunder :P

It's not about position. It's more about detail. Khanatah here put out a damn good platform, while in comparison, mine was kinda weak.

As for Soviet Germany, he/she/it is running for Premier.

I suppose I'm open to run for Commisionaire (Commisinair, Communicar, I don't know how you spell this word) of Internal Affairs. I run on the platform of Maoism and Titoism, some may arguably consider me a revisionist, but I personally believe I'm not backing away from Marxism-Leninism. Rather, I believe that I have merely applied some different ideals to reach the same result. I value self-determination, egalitarianism, statism, and the development of socialism the most. A niche to keep things as orderly as possible also makes me a good candidate to be this region's bureaucrat. In the previous government, I worked as hard as I could to establish the KGB and the InterSoviet Transportation Treaty. Both of these things had both an RP and OOC aspect to them that I thought, were initially successful endeavors. And when the government under comrade RSFSR collapsed, I founded the Soviet Senate in the struggle to keep this region active. In addition, I made our region a new offsite forum to promote discussion and interaction.
In addition to all of this, I've been playing this game for two years, and have logged on almost every day since joining. I love this website very much, and would I'd like to make my time here noticeable. The many great views I've heard while here have influenced many of my current political beliefs and outlooks on life in general. I thank you all for the time I've been here, and the time I will be spending here.

With Revolutionary Regards,
The Rogue Nation of Terricon, the currently used nation of The Really Cool Guy of New Terricon

Rastrania Akatsuki

Hello comrades. I won't probably run for any post, as I'm quite new here, but can anybody tell me what are the duties and competences for PM, Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs here? Also, I'd like to know how often are the elections, how to vote and where is it possible to access as a candidate?


Well, I have some time to post, so I might as well start my campaign:

Comrades of the USSR. I have decided to run for the position of Commissar (I believe that was the traditional Soviet version) of Foreign Affairs. Yes, I wish to represent the USSR on the world stage. I myself consider myself to be a traditional Marxist-Leninist, but I encourage a kind of 'Left Wing Unity' between Socialist and Socialistic nations and groups, in order to combat Imperialist and Capitalist interests and the like. I would seek to form alliances and embassies with many other Communist and Socialist groups, with North Korea, The Leftist Agrarian Revolutionary Union, The Internationale and The Communist Party of NationStates being prime examples of regions I would be interested in starting more formal relations with, either due to their power, stance, or expression of a desire to work with us in the past. I will, if elected, attempt to ensure embassies are constructed with regions such as these, our current embassies are assessed to make sure they are still worthwhile. I would make sure that regions we have embassies with are regions we actively engage with, and not just a few flags that flash up at the side of the screen, and make sure we have the first post from another region through an embassy in the USSR occur on the RMB during my occupation of the position as Commissar of Foreign Affairs. I have in the past helped with a few ideas; such as the Peoples' Ruble, Inter Soviet Transport, and the Regional Map, and did keep the map updated until recently (I have been very busy with IRL Activities, which is the reason I have not been as active, and the reason I've been trying to hold of the elections until June, as so I can actually perform my duties). I am an active player, even when little time is available (AKA, Recently) I always make sure to do at least a quick checkup on the region at least once a day, and have maintained my nation since the Summer of 2013 (Two years on June 22nd) and have always inhabited the USSR.

As a humble Comrade of the USSR, with big aspirations for the region, I appeal to you Comrades to elect myself for the position of Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR.

Thank You.

Rastrania Akatsuki, StalkKer Federation, Hvalfyurden, and Giskov

The Socialist Republic of Enclave of Soviet Germany wrote:Wait, are you running for Foreign Affairs or Premier? I'm confused...

Premier. Honestly wish you best of luck!


Is there a position of chancellor/vizhier?



The United Federal Government of Of Herbshire's banks, including the Herbshirian Central Bank and the Herbshirian Islamic Bank, suffers bankruptcy, mainly due to the overnight collapse of the Herbshirian economy. Herbshirian Prime Minister Abraham Yitzhak Moses ordered the government to shut down, until the economy recovers. The crisis is caused by the Herbshirian Revenue Agency pressuring the government to abolish the tax code. The total ever bankruptcy of the Herbshirian economy, since the tax code was abolished, is currently N$ 1 billion.

Source, The Herbshirian Times.

Hvalfyurden and Giskov

comrades the time for the Red bear has come let us march to victory


The Colony of Jamstown wrote:comrades the time for the Red bear has come let us march to victory

I'm speechless at how beautiful this is

The Colony of Jamstown wrote:comrades the time for the Red bear has come let us march to victory

I don't suppose you noticed that you spelt "Jamestown" "Jamstown" in your nation name?

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