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-= WELCOME to The West Pacific's Zombie Curing Center and Karaoke Bar

Where we strive for the highest survival rate possible while enjoying Karaoke every Friday!
The 36 hour Z-Day Event begins 10/30/14 at 6pm EDT! Please research a cure.

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~ Non-WA Delegate - TAO the Watcher

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Z-Day begins Oct. 30th at 6 pm EDT

Endorsement Cap: 70
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Warning! Biohazard

Infection Rate: 51.3% (841.96 billion infected, 800.69 billion survivors)

Cure Status: Potential antibodies discovered

Infection Status: 9.1 Mildly Contagious

Zombie Border Control: Borders Closed

Embassies: the Pacific, The East Pacific, The North Pacific, Lazarus, Balder, the Rejected Realms, Equilism, One big Island, Skyrim, Region Inc, NationStates, The New Meritocracy, Monkey Island, The Great Kingdom of Prussia, The Allied Republics, Asgard, and 26 others.The Cuckoos Egg, The Moon, The Commonwealth of Crowns, California, The Worst Region Known in NS, Mordor, Hippy Haven, Kantrias, Antarctic Oasis, Mirkwood, Albion, Unknown, Mazeria, House of Five Leaves, Pacific Empire, Madrigal, The Taldrenite Haven, The Land of Kings and Emperors, New Warsaw Pact, Warzone Airspace, Lone Wolves United, The Association of Imperialism, Ile de France, Wintreath, Osiris, and the South Pacific.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The West Pacific contains 3,873 nations, the 4th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Manufacturing Sector in the West Pacific

As a region, the West Pacific is ranked 7th in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Horde of OstroeuropaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the horde!”
32.The Dark Empire of Witch Kings RealmCompulsory Consumerist State“For the Iron Crown”
33.The Dictatorship of NowherelessCorporate Police State“WOW”
34.The Federal Republic of FallgriffinWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Deus, Misericordia Et Verbum”
35.The 30 of ------------------------------Capitalizt“The West Pacific”
36.The Rogue Nation of HarriganlandCorporate Police State“Pay your taxes. Die quietly.”
37.The Free State of EliCapitalist Paradise“Eli's Coming”
38.The Rogue Nation of CavaotinaAnarchy“Don't give us that look.”
39.The Borderlands of FuzzulonFather Knows Best State“Spooooon!”
40.The Matriarchy of SerrenissimaCompulsory Consumerist State“Stop talking and eat me.”
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The West Pacific Regional Message Board

The Last vestiges of Bombey wrote:Pipeconia is a dangerous zombie empire

who lives in The Rejected Realms :)

:P You're too quick

Oh, so you did that 14 minutes ago. I'm slow -_-

I think we need everyone to stop researching TZES at this point, it's going to eat into our survivor numbers


Research a cure is the only chance we have. There is still over 12 hours to go. We can't afford the dead.

Will the following nations please switch to researching a cure:
Colider, Stentaria, Valtornia, Eoghania, White Cloud, Zaaki, The French Quebecois, AmeritopiaII, Haven cityy, Nihilisia, Viking Vinland, Nymphomaniauntie and libertinephew, Vajio, Nathaniel York, Itannand, Maxim Heavy Industries, Berstuk, Tolos, Supplicii, Serdimia, Cocan, Disciprinia, Midlonower, Akashaland, Neodymarius, Itvara, Rukrain, Alipio3, Utopicnation, Corlong, Espereria, Zekwalta, Infidel-dom, Falchinora, Northern Rekimba, Repbulic of ariskia, Goldwell, Istalai, Nagarosha, Gecear, Caudilia, Koregistan, TAO the Watcher, St Louis of Quebec and France, Bendiar, Sai Tan, The Bonum commune Institute, Psychodrugsia, Onyx Mountains, The Free Confederation of AR-15s, New Holden, Tottori, Sanzu River, Nekrosia, Racial Supremacists, Nagashizzar, Thoughtalopolis, Mottasya, OCEANIA3000, The Portstarboard of the North Antarctic, Pravda Land, Genkia, Whaleishmaria, The Imperial Few, Invincible Soviet Union, Logurtlandia, Prismatia, The Empire of the Fire Nation, Envyia, Selberen, Mervona, Andrewgdrgh, Liberal Republics Union, Westriala, Old Deutschland7, All Hail Cory, Harry Bahls, Immitis, Isolationiststan, Lexx Land, America5, Allied Stalinist States, Igersberg, Waldmenschen, Alyond, Kalmarth, Athodia, OrangeKittens, Hemophagia, Meglet, Mesapotamiatopia, Norskar, New Echelon, Vretannia, CheatyFace, Tenkoku, Nux Romonika, Callumbarrrghh, United States Of Hindia, Laudono, Checkyoslovakia b4 u Wreckyoslovakia, Basbas, Cakum, Kharatstov, Kahnton, Kurobara, The Lost Brotherhood, Sheu, Dinosaurtopia, Elye the Tracker, Evil VaflerLand, Dezendal, Bubonilvania, Running wing, The Utopia of Ultron, Costa Muerte, Cieloan, Nueva Cruz, Lepeto, UCCR, United Infection Survivors, The Republic of Byzantium, The dictator ship of North Korea, Galvalin, Isabella Nylora, Robinhim, The Imperial Kingdon, Markzhar, The Exiles of Liberty, Ancapistan The Great, The WOWarriors, Terroriststan, Greater Monktopia, Fnafenlandia, Bantasia, Evanolie virtuelle, Brightopia, Little Sealand, Pyrovision, Alternia Trolls, Slavlania, Elraritl, Aerobianics, PanPanNation, Fat boys, Velrayn, Drakians, Sentinel Glory, Socialist Republics of Greater Nusantara, Bajsameraiensko, West Gotham, Magictear, True Socialist Latin America, Reediculous, Lucky States, Aedifica, Average Joes Country, The empire of new arstain, Damian fox, The Province of Navassa, Firian dawn, Znaaslo,

if anyone is board I could use a few more cure missles but at least now I have more alive then zombies... ;-) and thanks everyone.. once I get a missle will start slining them at people.

Grrrr... 78.8% of Mark II, and a 10 mil jump in infections. Still largely under control though.

I telegrammed the first 6

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