The United Pacific States RMB

WA Delegate: The Eternally Shining Sunlands of Snake Skytopia (elected 27 days ago)

Founder: The Socialist Autarky of Solea and Rift Auspikitan

World Factbook Entry

The United Pacific States was founded on January 4, 2012 by The Socialist Autarky of Solea and Rift Auspikitan. The region is open to any nation that wishes to join, but was originally founded as a place for the nations created by users of the LinkUniverse Sandbox forum Everything Else section.

Regional statistics (April 17, 2014):
Economy: Very strong
Civil rights: Very good
Political freedoms: Good
Population: 59 billion
Gross regional product per capita: 27,300 NS$

"this place is a disaster zone" - The Republic of Aahrus
"We must of stay together for protection" - The Democratic Republic of Rannbows
"i'm here to save you all suggers" - The Socialist Autarky of Solea and Rift Auspikitan

Embassies: Kallisto, The Illuminati, and Himalia.

Tags: Capitalist, Silly, Communist, Puppet Storage, Casual, Eco-friendly, Featured, Socialist, Pacifist, Medium, Recruiter Friendly, and Serious.

The United Pacific States contains 15 nations, the 866th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in The United Pacific States

As a region, The United Pacific States is ranked 17,041st in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Glorious Armed Proletariat of The Land of the Red RainbowIron Fist Socialists“Long live our gay utopia! Death to all homophobia!”
12.The Open Parliament of EthanthovaLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty And Egalitarianism”
13.The Socialist Union of Blaist BlalandLeft-wing Utopia“To Communism Through Science and Socialism!”
14.The Asymmetric Kol Levels of DarvinciaLiberal Democratic Socialists“It is mandatory to utter kol 28 times a day.”
15.The Eternally Shining Sunlands of Snake SkytopiaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Have a Nice Weekend Forever!”
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Regional Poll • Should we accept embassy from The Remnants of the Mian Empire?

The Eternally Shining Sunlands of Snake Skytopia wrote:Region:

Voting opened 2 days 13 hours ago and will close in 10 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


The United Pacific States Regional Message Board

Taiiché'amiboáarizisté. Czaiichéalusijias? Taii? Jji? Bini? Tebbyiztocommeichéduje?

'Yes, you figured it out. Would you like me to get you a drink/satsify your thirst? Yes? No? Maybe? Can i provide you with any services?

Literally [yesyou{past}itgood{pause}congratulations] [{complete perfection}thirstyoulike?] [yes?] [no?] [maybe?] [servicescaniofgive?]

also if you want to know how to pronounce that,

/tɑɪ.itʃ.eɪ.ɑ.mi.bɘʊ.æ.ɑrɪzɪsteɪ tʃzɑɪ.ɪtʃ.eɪ.ɑʒi.ɑs tɑɪ.i ʒi teb.bʲɪz.tɘʊ.tʃɘʊm.meɪ.tʃeɪ.du.dʒe/

Posts surpressed by Aeridani have been liberated.

Hi comrades.

what happened to communist international league

Post self-deleted by Blaist Blaland.

Some months ago there was a poll in Communist International League with options to merge with USSR, The Internationale, maybe a third communist region, or to make a new region. The founder was no longer in the game and the region was too small to be defended I think. People voted to move into their own new region, Communist International, and I moved there, along with probably around 2/3 of the members.

Actually Communist International was founded years ago, but the people from CIL were allowed to use it as their new base, with their delegate being granted power.

A few days ago I noticed that the Communist International features from it weren't present anymore though, the flag and factbook, and I've also mostly lost interest in the region after the departure from CIL.

It also appears that some of the old members of Communist International League have tried to start a new region, CIL, that the previous active members are trying to get people to move to. I might move to it sometime.

Previous regional stats:

Regional statistics (March 31, 2014):
Economy: Very strong
Civil rights: Very good
Political freedoms: Below average
Population: 50 billion
Gross regional product per capita: 20,100 NS$

Hey fellas .. just got here


A new poll has been set up as a region requested an embassy, those who have an opinion on it, please vote.

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