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The South Pacific contains 7,358 nations, the 3rd most in the world.

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As a region, the South Pacific is ranked 7,927th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Junglist Robot Republic of PotatodomCivil Rights Lovefest“Kung Fu. Potatos. Bladders. All are free in Potatodom. ”
12.The United Socialist States of EmailistanLeft-wing Utopia“Collectivization of Labour is Most Beneficial to All”
13.The Galactic Federation of LakarianInoffensive Centrist Democracy“This has all happened before, it will all happen again”
14.The Voodoo People's Republic of BruumaPsychotic Dictatorship“Dark Powers To The People”
15.The Presidential Republic of The Solar System ScopeLiberal Democratic Socialists“From Knowledge Comes Wisdom and Prosperity”
16.The Eternal Misfortune of ThalasseLiberal Democratic Socialists“Stop reading my motto!”
17.The Commonwealth of CyfiawnLiberal Democratic Socialists“We can change this later, right?”
18.The Queendom of ImkitopiaNew York Times Democracy“Decus omne Regina!”
19.The B00bs of Pamela And HepatitisCivil Rights Lovefest“H to me, H to you, H for all, let's die with smile!”
20.The Most Bodacious Republic of MontagnaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Be excellent to each other.”
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The South Pacific Regional Message Board

Unless Hilary dies, the chances of Trump being elected are 0%. He burned too many bridges to come back now.

Though the US government is a great spectacle for us. ;)

I want Trump to win just to see what happens, lol. But seriously though, yall Hillary supporters think Trump is Mussolini or something. He can't really do anything on that level because he still would have to go through congress anyway.

He koinuinga

The Kingdom of WMS Karma wrote:Donald Trump builds walls, good ones to!

OK, but all he has been proven to do is build casinos.

So; IF he builds a wall of casinos, stretching from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, then maybe I'll give his some props. He might even be able to get the Mexicans to pay for it - retired, elderly Mexicans. Along with retired, elderly Americans, foreign tourists, etc. Las Vegas won't be happy. BUT, if he funds the construction with Russian mob money, he gets all those Russian and East European (soon to be re-Russified if Trump has anything to do with it).

The money will flow. The dollar can be replaced with casino chips.


The Constitutional Monarchy of Austriah-Hungree wrote: He can't really do anything on that level because he still would have to go through congress anyway.

Thatīs just what was said of Hitler. He was democratically elected, made Reichskanzler by the laws, and then... well you know. I fear the world is going into serious trouble.

The Dominion of Cyberex wrote:How did you know about my secret passion for grilled squirrel?

as wild people we understand body language way better then over civilized guys. You looked at my squirell the way a wolf would have. So you like it, but havent had one for a while. Better keep wolf friendly. :)


Good morning, RMB! I see you've all been very political overnight (or overday, whichever). That's fine, it's good to have some discussion, just don't let it get nasty. (It hasn't so far, I'm just pre-empting the possibility.)

In other news, Squirrel populations in The Borderlands of The forest tribe have begun to decline rapidly since the populace began grilling them to appease aggressive neighbours. In Soviet El Paso, however, a thriving black market economy has formed, seemingly overnight, as illicit goods now flow through the nation, barely touching the ground as they do so. The Fencingest Fence of Soviet El Paso also received its first bronze medal in fencing and has issued a state of emergency due to a severe shortage of weather proofing.

This RMB news update was brought to you by Really Made-up Broadcasts and was sponsored by Rude Monkey Beverages, Red Moccasin Boots, Ripe, Mushy Bananas and the British tabloid newspaper, Read More Breasts. Don't give any of them your money, just in case.

Pencil Sharpeners 2

/music plays

The Holy Empire of MacintoshPlus wrote:/music plays

*drums roll*

The RMB News Anchor of Erinor wrote:the British tabloid newspaper, Read More Breasts.

That's what The Sun should change their name to.

The Free Land of Bullbasra wrote:Thatīs just what was said of Hitler. He was democratically elected, made Reichskanzler by the laws, and then... well you know. I fear the world is going into serious trouble.

Except Hitler had the burning of the Reichstag to work towards his favour, And he didn't have the internet to worry about.

Fooling the public and creating a false image was easier in those days, but yet people seem to still think with their heart, as opposed to their brains. Which is not good for open discussion about issues, like what would've been useful at the time of Hitler's rising to political power.

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