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The Pacific contains 4,967 nations, the 2nd most in the world.


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As a region, the Pacific is ranked 3rd in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

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11.The Aleisyrian Imperial Province of ChindarFather Knows Best State“Protect the Pacific! Endorse Krulltopia!”
12.The Corporate Collective of GangorCapitalizt“Eat drink and be merry for tommorrow we die!”
13.The Federal Republic of WinklebottomCivil Rights Lovefest“E pluribus unum”
14.The Aleisyrian Imperial Province of CaldarenCapitalist Paradise“Protect the Pacific! Endorse Krulltopia!”
15.The Benign Republic of TubbsalotCivil Rights Lovefest“We're not fat.”
16.The Dominion of BelsheaDemocratic Socialists“Ut enim ad stellarum cantabimus.”
17.The Aleisyrian Imperial Province of CivCorpCompulsory Consumerist State“Protect the Pacific! Endorse Krulltopia!”
18.The Holy Empire of ReveremeCorporate Police State“World domination is always the top priority!”
19.The Underground Realms of ArgavaniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Death to the Opressors, but give us their shinbones”
20.The Republic of AldinanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Protect the Pacific! Endorse Krulltopia!”
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The Nox Empire is ranked 142nd in the Pacific and 8,616th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry, scoring 6 on the Bella Potter Productivity e-Index.

Fun B-17 story, it had two competitors to be chosen by the US army, but during the tests the equipment that locked the controls wasn't removed, resulting in every crew member onboard dying. The US legally wasn't allowed to buy any B-17's as a result, but they found a loophole and did it anyways.

The B-17 also was the first bomber equipped with an automatic bomb-sight, the first attempt at a sort of targeting computer. The pilot would fly the plane near the drop-site, where they then switched to the bombsight and essentially allowed the bomber to control the direction and flight path of the plane for more accurate destruction. This bomb-sight allowed 50% of bombs dropped to be accurate, which, while it is an incredibly low rate by today's standards, was absolutely revolutionary at the time.

It also, though, came with the obvious problem of flying in groups, as all the bombers would all start to drift towards the same point and collide, since each bomber was adjusting towards the same target. They fixed this by only using the lead plane's bomb-sight (each plane was equipped with one and it wasn't cheap but they weren't used, kinda funny) but this resulted in only the main plane's bombs being accurate, with the others flying in formation around its adjustments and creating more of a spread out bombing. (kinda defeated the purpose if you ask me)

It also had no tail gun. Absolutely ridiculous. The idea was that as fighters came in the waist gunners could shoot it down, but this is too reliant on them, and a backup plan is always important. Who would ever think of approaching a bomber from behind except everyone ever?
This was only on earlier models, so naturally they corrected themselves.

And since it's vanilla Friday, I guess yay vanilla.


Continuation because I forgot; The nickname "flying fortress" was stared by a reported upon its reveal, who said "It looks like a fortress! A flying fortress!" Naturally Boeing capitalised on this and started spreading the nickname.

England was also experimenting with similar designs for a bomb-sight, but the US beat them to it.

Still vanilla Friday.

Nox were would we be without u

The Democratic States of Jerkania wrote:I want to talk about Jerkania's method of governance. The land of the Jerks is a classical direct democracy in modern times, and not a republic with lots of elected representatives. How should that work, do you think?

You really want force us to consider you're point don't you Jerkania

The Democratic States of Jerkania wrote:I want to talk about Jerkania's method of governance. The land of the Jerks is a classical direct democracy in modern times, and not a republic with lots of elected representatives. How should that work, do you think?

You forgot your Vanilla....

Also, I'm not entirely certain about what you mean. There are direct democracies that still include a lot of elected representatives, and the level of directness - if that is a way to say it - will depend on the direct validity of each vote to each elected positions. With the electoral college system the USA has, their democracy is NOT a direct one, as ONE vote for one candidate in a state does not translate to a vote for the candidate at the electoral college level... Here in Costa Rica for example, the president is directly elected by the people, each vote counting directly to him. Our legislative body is also chosen directly through a division system, BUT the lists of electable candidates are not, hence I don't think is truly direct in a way...

Costa Rica! Yes finally another confirmed country for mi list

One time I talked non stop about vanilla on the RMB. True story

wow iz not a corrupt dictatorship iz a Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

The Empire of Glassbreakistan wrote:wow iz not a corrupt dictatorship iz a Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

You forgot your Vanilla :p

And yes Halandia, we all remember that day!


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