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Welcome to The North Pacific!
Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the rum plentiful.

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Please endorse Delegate Lord Ravenclaw, Vice Delegate Guslantis, and Security Councilors Malvad and Great Bights Mum. Thanks!

Regional News:
~ The election has ended and Linkwinners have been announced!
~ Volume 20 of the WADP Awards has been released!

Embassies: The East Pacific, the South Pacific, Albion, Europeia, Stargate, Taijitu, International Democratic Union, Equilism, Balder, Osiris, the Rejected Realms, the West Pacific, Lazarus, Spiritus, Lone Wolves United, NationStates, and 13 others.The Commonwealth of Crowns, British Isles, Mordor, Unknown, The Skeleton Army, Warzone Asia, Australia, Anti Nazi Alliance, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Kingdom of Alexandria, 10000 Islands, the Pacific, and Vvardenfell.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The North Pacific contains 6,997 nations, the most in the world.

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The Largest Welfare Programs in The North Pacific

Governments ranked highly spend large amounts of money on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, The North Pacific is ranked 1st in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
51.The Understated Modesty of FlemingoviaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Irresponsible and immature”
52.The Rogue Nation of The Violently InsaneIron Fist Consumerists“When you have no mind, it doesn't matter.”
53.The Matriarchy of OberknewtynLeft-wing Utopia“Go in peace my daughter”
54.The Enlightened Republic of AntarniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Caesar non supra grammaticos”
55.The Federated States of GongaoDemocratic Socialists“Kutoka majivu”
56.The Borderlands of BorderlinWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“But how do you know that this is a dream?”
57.The Emirate of Kubumba TribeDemocratic Socialists“We will live on”
58.The Imperial Deicracy of FinsterniaWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Under the Shadow of Our Wings”
59.The Happy and Peaceful Area of God n Country n ByronWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“Our Government Knows Best”
60.The Confederacy of Basque UnionLiberal Democratic Socialists“Dana emon behar”
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The North Pacific Regional Message Board

The United Federation of Sasten wrote:I suppose it is. I still think we should have an official policy on spam of some sort; having the RMB plastered with little more ASCII table-flips, half-assed one-liners and other such nonsense is annoying and frankly demeaning to those of us who try to hold actual conversations here. I understand and respect your position, but this kind of public-toilet-tier scatposting really drives a lot of people away from this message board, and some limits to what may be posted (within reason) might improve the quality of the conversations being held.



Lord Ravenclaw, here you go:

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:you said cannot be understood... what more can you throw, even though you know that you were wrong!!
im calling it, youre a psychopath

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:you want class...
you want conformity..
gentleman, i hesitated to tell you this, but your attitude is a sickening, i do not like you, you harass, you put yourself above others, you pretended to be someone your not. I do not like those kind of persons, you should know that the behaviors of people no matter how hard they mask can still be seen, to me you are nothing but a dictator in practice, learning his trade..
your messages are good, but what you wanted to stop will never stop if the one saying does so.. i will never give you any sort of respect. you are nothing more than a child to me.. disappointment is what you are, i created this nation to find intellectual persons, instead i stumbled upon the likes of you, i guess its just destiny that i had came across you. if you wanna settle this, take off the mask. don't be somebody you're not, i disliked you, but also, i pity you, living a life so sad!
*sorry for the wait, was browsing

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:ask others, look at your history.. you freaked out!!
hunting everyone that doesn't follow to your liking,
you've even pretended to be a moderator, that's low
even for me, the person you've indirectly labeled as low of stature

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:you cant handle the reality bomb that i've dropped on ye.. that's why..
poor man

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:he was trained he said.....
its amazing how irony works right??

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:so.. he's donald trump??

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:logic is.... word play will only get you as far as a spelling bee champion...
suck the reality in!

The Holy Kingdom of Solestia wrote:deal with it,, im superior to you!! cant beat me in any way that you can think of

While a few of my responses in reply to him were entirely regrettable, this is a lot of what he's said directly to me. There are earlier posts, calling me a 'pretender', a 'nazi', 'a poor person' and similar things, which I'll dig up. I seem to have deleted his TG towards me, or it got trashed by the game, but it said 'you are a poor person', or 'you have a poor life' or something.


The North Pacifican Delegate of Lord Ravenclaw wrote:Lord Ravenclaw is British.

are you still mad you got beat up in 1776????????

American witches and heroes and Wiestel

SENPALL who's that


(づ ◔ Ѡ ◔ )づ


The Free Land of Zernack wrote:Drem fos lok

:) Los hi dreh pruzah?

Cleoye and Wiestel

"To like or not to like this post? That is the question."

Americana Libertia and Wiestel

Obviously to like is the answer.


is it bad to like?

Never, only if you are unsure to like or do not like at all, do what your heart and mind tell you to do!


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