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Most Nations: 107th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 184th Most Influential: 588th+5
Largest Black Market: 936th Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,561st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,736th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,947th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,985th
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Welcome to The New Inquisition!

With over nine years of history, TNI is one of the oldest active player-made regions on NationStates. Originally one of the
most infamous raiding powers, TNI was the first and only region to conquer the Rejected Realms. We have gradually transitioned into an active RP region.

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WA Nations: Don't forget to endorse our regional delegate, The Technocratic Union of Dys. The more endorsements the WAD gets, the greater our region's say in the WA!

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    Regional RP Rules - Third (and better) Rough Draft

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    RP Rules - Foreign Relations - Revised

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    The Rebirth of The New Inquisition

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Embassies: The Land of Kings and Emperors, Albion, Balder, Unknown, Mazeria, Ainur, Great Britain and Ireland, the West Pacific, Lone Wolves United, The World of Remnant, and Pax Britannia.

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Regional Power: High

The New Inquisition contains 117 nations, the 107th most in the world.

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The Least Corrupt Governments in The New Inquisition

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As a region, The New Inquisition is ranked 17,245th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Matriarchy of LynneiahDemocratic Socialists“Never Alone”
32.The Republic of AuraleusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I am going to stab you”
33.The Holy Empire of ThermaeniaDemocratic Socialists“To think free is great. To think right is greater.”
34.The Novel Questioners of The New InquisitorsDemocratic Socialists“May Slightly Unpleasant things happen To Our Enemies!”
35.The Empire of TayrantiumDemocratic Socialists“Semper Peratus”
36.The Community of PikanokuInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Enlightened are us.”
37.The Republic of Penguins EnvoyCapitalist Paradise“r3naissanc3r in The New Inquisition”
38.The Grand Duchy of Indian MalaysiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Under the Indian Sun”
39.The United Kingdoms of BezniaCorporate Bordello“ Beznia terra libera est , et difficile opus bonum !”
40.The Supreme Holy Order of WullamudullaDemocratic Socialists“.”
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The New Inquisition Regional Message Board

The Empire of Serconas wrote:What kind of impossible scenario? Like the thing with the lorries and the people on the rails?

Basically in a situation where death is inevitable, just that the car has to choose between saving the driver and the pedestrians/other vehicle, based on a number of factors, such as following the law, saving the most lives possible, prioritising certain groups of people, etc.

The Meritocratic Federation of Acridan wrote:On a complete side note, did anyone else get the issue about self-driving cars? Making me actually pick how the car should react in scenarios made me think about the matter for a really long time.
What do you think self-driving cars should do when faced with an impossible scenario?

"Smart Cars Driving Regulators Up The Wall" ?

Newer Anatolia, Acridan, and The Lechites

The Grand Kingdom of The Lechites wrote:Well yes, not gods, but they are the equivalent of seeing demons and devils. And if you see demons and devils, you know that Satan is right behind them. Likewise, if you saw eldritch abominations, you'd know Cthulhu, or any other god would be there.
And I would not rule out the possibility of there being a HP Lovecraft in this world who wrote about them, so its even MORE scary, since that would imply that anything he wrote about exists.
(I mean, the deep ones also raise some suspicion.)

It depends on what one means by "god". An immanent & transcendent omniscient creator of the universe is quite different from an entity with such immense power that you are powerless before it but which is still subject to (some) laws of nature. The latter in technical speak can also be distinguished between a "strongly godlike entity" and a "weakly godlike entity".

Likewise the Deep Ones are merely an ancient species so much more advanced that humans that Clarkes Law applies.

The principal horror that Lovecraft was evoking was that there is no beneficient creator God, merely an uncaring universe which is beyond the comprehension of mankind despite its pathetic accretion of "science" attempting to do so, and moreover a universe filled with a hierarchy of entities which can understand more of the universe and have as much compassion and regard for humans as humans would to bacteria.

The People's Republic of Friedensreich wrote:What's your stance on the inevitable employment crisis when we replace both white collar and blue collar jobs with robotics?

The symptom of an inefficient politico-economic system which would need to be replaced once human potential can be freed from drudge work by automation.

The United Empires of Valrifell wrote:The rise of self-production with continuing decrease of cost of 3D printers manufactured goods could, in theory, be entirely constructed from purchased raw materials. In such a scenario, the concept of value for manufactured goods minimizes to the point of near non-existence. In such a scenario, robots take control of all large-scale things, but with all utilities, necessities, and some comfort items being replaced with 3D printers and the internet, robots would only service to mine out the raw resources for use. The question becomes, would production itself scale down back to the local level? In theory, since robots can brave situations lethal or undesirable to humans, it seems possible.
Currency becomes pointless and then we get into some real fun territory after that. Without a monetary system, would governments really be necessary?
Basically, global Communism naturally evolved and selected for as predicted. I mean, this assumes there won't be a Luddite/Socialist revolt that maintains some semblance of the status quo and that the world's resources could eventually be recycled 100%. So, it's unsustainable, even if assuming 100% renewable resources. We'd have to start colonizing other worlds in a post-industrial post-capitalist age.

There would still require to be some means of exchange to deal with (a)those raw resources which remain limited, (b)use of other peoples time, and (c)intellectual property (which is a specific subset of b). However it could be using kudos (reputation based exchanges) rather than EuroDollarYens (currency based on share of GDP).
There would also still need to be planning & co-ordinating bodies, dispute resolution services, emergency services etc. so some form of "government" would exist, even if not so monolithic as to date.

The United Megacorporations of Darath wrote:The issue with that is that creative work, scientific work, and work dealing with the psyche/ interpersonal relations would still have value.
Exceptionally creative, intelligent, and charismatic people would still have to be compensated for their work which is impossible to recreate in machine form.

Yes, that would be the basis of the new means of exchange, whether formal or informal.

The Colony of Definitely not Helghan wrote:We are a corporation with a private army. We like to gather info on your resource consumption to see if you would make a good customer.

You've just given the definition of a C19th Imperialist government :-)

The Emerald World, Darath, Newer Anatolia, Acridan, and 4 othersSerconas, The Lechites, The Union of Yuktobanian Republics, and Definitely not Helghan

The Elder Empire of The Iron Stars wrote:"Smart Cars Driving Regulators Up The Wall" ?


The Grand Kingdom of The Lechites wrote:Crash and burn.

That wouldn't be a very effective marketing strategy, don't you think?

The Meritocratic Federation of Acridan wrote:That wouldn't be a very effective marketing strategy, don't you think?

Not really, but it thins the gene pool...

Na h-Alba Nuadh and PrussiaV2

The Grand Kingdom of The Lechites wrote:Not really, but it thins the gene pool...

So it's for the betterment of humanity!

The Lechites and PrussiaV2

The Colony of Definitely not Helghan wrote:We're a massive Megacorporation (some would say it's own corporate empire) with its own private army. The private army is not allowed to fight offensive wars. Unless it's in the name of the defense of the people withen it. This means that if we are attacked we will fight back and if the situation calls for it we will counter invade but only if the hostile forces have been pushed out of our territories.

or it could come off as Corporate Enforcement
IE the Trade Federation's Common Practice of Blockadeing planets who owed them

Definitely not Helghan

The People's Republic of The Union of Yuktobanian Republics wrote:or it could come off as Corporate Enforcement
IE the Trade Federation's Common Practice of Blockadeing planets who owed them

We could also do that but here you'll get jumped apon by a bunch of angry people.

>Forces police to only enforce search and seizure with strict probable cause when a warrant is impractical
>Civil Rights goes down and Corruption stat goes up

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