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WA Delegate: The Galactic Empire of Aaron (elected 41 days ago)

Founder: The Technopolis of Domernicus

World Factbook Entry

Life in the Natoin of Nations and Friends has finally gotten back to normal, if you can call it that... The Galactic Empire of Aaron has put things straight for now.

Embassies: Aaronian Space, Oceanside, The Ascendancy, the Land of Power, New Coalition of Nations, The Empire of Friendship, Nintendo, World Alliance, Coalition of Democratic States, United Empire of Islam, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Black Mesa Islands, League of Christian Nations, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Luxan Empire, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, and 23 others.Sasktelatown, Lower Canada, Ivory Tower, Wyndia, Smiley Faces, The Revolutionary Council, Imperium of the Wolf, The Illuminati, The Infinite Alliance, Celestanodyne, Ministreyl Union, The Intergalactic War, The Legions of Heaven And Hell, Nexus II, The Sea Of Love, Continent of Xenonia, Louisiana Alliance x Alliance Louisiane, Alliance of Floyd, Trainsylvinea, Inner heavens grace, chris puppet storage, Pirate warriors, and The Cannabis Communists.

The embassy with Nexus II is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days.

Construction of embassies with The House Of The Eclipse has commenced. Completion expected in 3 days.

Tags: Surreal, Modern Tech, Featured, Medium, Steampunk, Silly, Casual, Post Apocalyptic, Future Tech, Outer Space, Fantasy Tech, Past Tech, and 5 others.Role Player, Post-Modern Tech, Religious, Serious, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Nation of Nations and Friends contains 33 nations, the 336th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in The Nation of Nations and Friends

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, The Nation of Nations and Friends is ranked 2,896th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Rogue Nation that Sells Fish of The Soviet Democratic Republic KingdomInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You buy Fish? Real cheep.”
12.The Eternally Pleasant Hills of Very Happy Smiley FacesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Happiness and JOY! YAY!”
13.The 30th Nation of Nation 30Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Yay, 30!”
14.The Chamber Militant of The DeathwatchCompulsory Consumerist State“Ave Imperator!”
15.The Industrial Telegraph Hub of Sam the telegraph workerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Your call is important to us. Please hold.”
16.The Evil Zombie Kingdom of Knights with Sharp AxesCompulsory Consumerist State“Our axes shall pierceth thy heart. With lazers.”
17.The TransCom Cheesemaking Center of The Coweta RepublicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Our Customers are ALWAYS First!”
18.The Confederacy of BippaLeft-wing Utopia“Bidoof, bidoof!”
19.The Technopolis of DomernicusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the Future!”
20.The Red Block-Arranging State of The Tetris Workers UnionAuthoritarian Democracy“We are the men who arrange the blocks!”
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Regional Happenings


The Nation of Nations and Friends Regional Message Board

"It shall last until honor is met!" the commander shouted while remaining locked in the duel. He saw his opponents strikes aiming more towards the hole in his armor and used it to his advantage. He allowed himself to slow, become labored and tired. Then, at the perfect time he lifted his previously wounded arm over his opponent's strike and then trapped his opponent's hand under his arm before delivering a powerful head butt that echoed throughout the docking bay.

The commander staggers backwards for a moment as if he is dazed. He recovers and then draws his second light saber and activates it, this light saber is a little shorter than the first it glows a bright green. He then rushes towards his opponent with a great burst of speed and jumps into the air while spinning his blades all around himself. As he lands he delivers a powerful double bladed blow to his opponent.

The blow of the lightsabers is bared by the commander's armor, but the force alone causes his knees to buckle under him, forcing him to the ground. Behind him, his sixty warriors all draw their own swords out of their sheaths a bit, but a raised hand from the commander stays them, replacing their blades.
The commander lifts himself back to his feet despite the force of his opponent's sabers on his shoulders. He sheaths his vibro sword and his visor clears to finally show his face. It is humanoid, although a bit sharper in the features and the musculature easily visible under the skin. He bore a deep scar upon his right cheek, and his eyes were piercing and intelligent.
"I am Commander Brazz, come from the glorious Holy Empire of Scarankath, and today we have honored the Three Gods. I shall hear words now, honored Victor," the commander said with a proud grin upon his face as he looked his opponent in the eyes.

The Aaronian commander deactivates his light sabers and straps them to his waist.
" You fought well my friend. I am Commander James of The Galactic Empire of Aaron and I wish to welcome you to our fair world. Many others from this world have come to great you." The commander points over to the delegates from each nation. "Shall we discuss this in a more formal setting?"

"In the name of Scar, Rancar, and Kath, it is an honor, Commander James," said Brazz, placing a fist over his heart and bowing at the waist. A motion mimicked by the sixty warriors at his back who also echoed his simple prayer. After straightening himself he looked upon the others in the bay, his porous smile diminishing a bit. "Do you represent them all? " he asked Commander James, his eyes judging the others as if he were judging their very souls.

"No. I am representative of Domernicus. Pleasures mine," Dahlia says while doing a small bow.

Commander Brazz looks upon the woman as she approached and bowed. "You speak like one who demands honor without earning it," he said coldly as he looked upon the woman. "Commander James has earned honor, and if he does not represent your people then you must earn your own," he added, the words sounding like a bad taste in his mouth.

Eyes still disinteredted, she asks if magic is permitted? Also if there have any limitations on what constitutes as a weapon?

"You wish to gain the honor of the Three Gods?" Commander Brazz asks the woman, slightly surprised. "If so it shall be a duel of martial skill, not underhanded trickery," he explains as the word "magic" is only known as a cowards tool in Scarankath. He looks over his shoulder to the sixty warriors. "Ash, roe zi kai!" he yells in his native language. A single warrior breaks ranks and walks towards them. "Ash here shall judge your honor," Brazz says to the woman, gesturing to the warrior.

The new warrior reaches up to their helmet and removes it completely, a sign of respect in Scarankath, showing to be a woman herself. A stunning beauty with her sharp features, obviously toned musculature, long pitch black hair and bright purple eyes. "Ish Scar, Rancar, ana Kath, zahn rahn du kell," Ash said to the woman with a slight bow before drawing her vibro sword.

"I shall see. Carter! Come Over here. Dear Uncle, if you wouldn't mind..." Says Dahlia before quickly shooting a bolt at him to which he seems to deactivate. Dahlia quickly scrapes together a suit of armor, and draws out her own weapon, a halberd. She then connects the suit and her halberd together.
She then explains that the armor and her weapon is crafted of Domernican Blood Mythril. When blood is applied it gains new properties. (if you want to know, please ask)

We in Domernicus believe in results no matter the cost. I will not use magic but instead use traditional tools of those in my profession. Will that be a problem? If so, im sure I can find someone in my entourage who is more than willing to honor Domernicus.

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