The Nation of Nations and Friends RMB

WA Delegate: The Galactic Empire of Aaron (elected 11 days ago)

Founder: The Technopolis of Domernicus

World Factbook Entry

Oh No! The Raiders have attacked! Alas Domernicus own lethargy has gotten the better of him. For now he will just watch and fix the things later.

Embassies: Ecco, Aaronian Space, Oceanside, The Ascendancy, the Land of Power, New Coalition of Nations, The Empire of Friendship, Nintendo, The United San Diego States, World Alliance, The Misty Realm, Coalition of Democratic States, United Empire of Islam, The Commonwealth Of Furry Peoples, Black Mesa Islands, Genuan Rebirth, and 20 others.League of Christian Nations, The Darwin Allied Republics, The Luxan Empire, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, New Ibechia, Sasktelatown, Lower Canada, Ivory Tower, Wyndia, Smiley Faces, Nexus I, The Revolutionary Council, The Land for Everyone, Imperium of the Wolf, The Illuminati, The Remnants of the Mian Empire, The Infinite Alliance, Celestanodyne, Dred freedom fighters, and Ministreyl Union.

The embassy with Nexus I is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days 6 hours.

Tags: Surreal, Modern Tech, Featured, Medium, Steampunk, Silly, Casual, Post Apocalyptic, Future Tech, Outer Space, Fantasy Tech, Past Tech, and 5 others.Role Player, Post-Modern Tech, Religious, Serious, and Magical.

Regional Power: Moderate

The Nation of Nations and Friends contains 36 nations, the 336th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Highest Drug Use in The Nation of Nations and Friends

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

As a region, The Nation of Nations and Friends is ranked 12,672nd in the world for Highest Drug Use.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Dominion of Kristoff BjornmanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ice is my Life”
12.The 30th Nation of Nation 30Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Yay, 30!”
13.The Rogue Nation that Sells Fish of The Soviet Democratic Republic KingdomInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You buy Fish? Real cheep.”
14.The Federation of SingieFather Knows Best State“för lamadjur vi ska dö!”
15.The Free Communist-Hating Lands of McCarthyismFather Knows Best State“I gotta list o' commies, and detergent ain't one.”
16.The Kingdom of Happy Go Lucky Blood ElvesCompulsory Consumerist State“Betrayed the Alliance? We should burn in the Firelands.”
17.The Often Trapped Fleet of The Admiral Ackbar BrigadeNew York Times Democracy“It's a trap!”
18.The Industrial Telegraph Hub of Sam the telegraph workerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Your call is important to us. Please hold.”
19.The Borderlands of Kun-Lai SummitCapitalist Paradise“Friend of the Grummles, what's your luckydo?”
20.The Scientific Laboratories of Island of the ElementsFather Knows Best State“All your elements belong to us.”
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Last poll: “The Monolith: What to do with it?”

Regional Happenings


The Nation of Nations and Friends Regional Message Board

As if you do Aaron?

Someone must have tipped of the Geronians to the Monolith's existence. It was only in the other system for a few hours and I was there the entire time. It was of utmost secrecy. Therefore someone must have told them about the ship at its core. Someone who was at the meeting in the Bowling Alley. And I know who it wasn't...

I do not own the hulk. It is impossible to own something like that. Bippa can stay for all I care as long as no one enters unescorted. If you assist in retrieving the ship I will share the findings with you once it is properly studied.

OOC: Bippa did not land first. I believe it was Elements followed closely by Aaron, or vice versa.

I'll send some teams!!!

I'll pass.
I wanted a resources. Whether you or I get the tech... Well its gonna go through BOSS, and thus shared...
All Domernicus wants to do is mine the Monolith. We'll maintain the Shelter then. I will not go with you guys.

Ill start building the Crayon factory then. I plan to make it out of Popsicle sticks :D

And what evidence do you have of that, Deathwatch? You claim to have landed here first, but what PROOF do you have? We only will accept your claims of sovereignty if you can present hard evidence that you indeed discovered this Monolith in another system. Until then, it will be assumed that there is NO team inside a hostile enemy landmass and that you are LYING to obtain this God-Ship first!
We will NOT let you pass, until you can verify your claims of priority!

Elements conceded ownership (i think) to the Bidoofs. I'll back down tho if Elements claims it.

My proof is the 10 Marines inside the hulk in suspended animation. They are in a location that is secure for now, but if I don't reach them soon, they will be found by the genestealers and slaughtered. And if even one of those warriors dies, I will take a toll of blood from your pathetic hide. If you attempt to stop me with your antique ship, I will wipe it and you from the face of the galaxy!

Not that it matters, my forces will reach them soon enough. And I don't think I'll share the Monolith's bounty with any of you worthless rabble. All you have done is get underfoot and bicker over land rights! You are all idiots and it would be a favor to the galaxy to remove you all from the genepool.

Oh? What a feisty front you're putting up. But your rants are still no proof. Present evidence that you really have a team inside, or we will continue to block you from entering!

The Heart of Aaron charges it's ion cannons and then takes aim at the Deathwatch ships... You will share the technology with everyone or at least me!

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