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The Internationale is a broad alliance of anarchists, socialists, communists, and other left-wing nations and communes.

The Internationale opposes the exploitation and oppression of the people by the forces of capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!"

"No real social change has ever come about without a revolution. Revolution is but thought carried into action."

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Regional Power: High

The Internationale contains 245 nations, the 51st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Shortest Average Lifespan in The Internationale

Citizens of nations ranked highly tend to die earlier, whether from poor health, crime, accident, or government encouragement.

As a region, The Internationale is ranked 17,675th in the world for Shortest Average Lifespan.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Commonwealth of ProchnastMoralistic Democracy“What can YOU do for your people?”
22.The International Revolutionary of ProleskyLeft-wing Utopia“Permanent Revolution!”
23.The Borderlands of Man With The Red HatDemocratic Socialists“This machine kills fascists”
24.The People's Republic of DeratiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Workers of The World, Unite!”
25.The Allied States of DSA Ambassador to The InternationaleLeft-wing Utopia“Democracy, Equality, Solidarity, Freedom”
26.The United Socialist States of Upper MidwestDemocratic Socialists“L'Étoile de l'Ouvrier / The Star of the Worker”
27.The Kingdom of The Mustache Man-Liberal Democratic Socialists“He's a king dust demon with an icepick smile.”
28.The Incorporated States of OraikeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Flee, Flee for your lives”
29.The Internationale of Illa PassifloraLeft-wing Utopia“Ⓐ☭♥ En Solidaridad Camaradas ♥☭Ⓐ”
30.The Kingdom of Imeyte-mezhdu-lyudmiFather Knows Best State“Live, Breathe, Die for the King”
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Regional Happenings


The Internationale Regional Message Board

Federated Communes of Folkvangr- VETO- This region is incredibly small and doesn't merit association. With two nations, it may in fact be one ancom Norse-neopagan-fetishist.

Assembly for a Socialist International- VETO- This region is similarly small, and as Godless Monkey pointed out, it's redundant and delegitimizes our position as a unifying region on the left. Furthermore, the founder nation is listed as a "capitalist paradise" and is noteworthy for having no social welfare.

Federation of Anarchist Communes- ABSTAIN- I understand that we accept anarchists, but I also don't particularly care for the ideology. As such, I don't feel it's my place to vote either way.

Republic of Durullah

The Apatheist Simian Thumbocracy of Godless Monkey wrote:The Federated Communes of Folkvangr ABSTAIN - "Heathenry"/neo-paganism is often associated with white supremacist movements. I am not saying that this is what this region is advocating, just a note.

Assembly for a Socialist International ABSTAIN - Appears to be a redundant region. Its "mission statement" is already fulfilled by this region (TI).

Federation of Anarchist Communes ABSTAIN

Same here

Federated Communes of Folkvangr: ABSTAIN

Assembly for a Socialist International: ABSTAIN

Federation of Anarchist Communes: FOR

Post self-deleted by Seatlle.

Have you guys read the Bernie Sanders AMA on Reddit? The man looks like a very good progressive. I don't think he'll be encouraging a seizure of industries by workers or any nationalizations of industry any time soon even though he describes himself as a democratic socialist, but what do you all think of him?

he's the most progressive politician in America with visibility, that's for sure, but he's really just a social democrat who is still in favor of most US imperialism and chauvinism. I think he's certainly a good man in most respects, however, and is the best candidate running for president. I'm just really not a person who believes in the American political system in any capacity

The United Socialist States of Tharsha wrote:Have you guys read the Bernie Sanders AMA on Reddit? The man looks like a very good progressive. I don't think he'll be encouraging a seizure of industries by workers or any nationalizations of industry any time soon even though he describes himself as a democratic socialist, but what do you all think of him?

I'm no fan of him, personally. I'm not fan of any Social Democrat, for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I love democratic socialism, but to me social democracy has always just been capitalism lite, it's not real socialism because you're not giving the workers any control over the means of production. Not to mention that the high tax rates causes the bourgeoisie to flee to other, more traditionally capitalist states, which is bad if you're trying to run a capitalist economy. The bourgeois aren't stupid, they'll realize what we're doing the second we try to level the playing field. Usually they'll either leave, or cause the state to swing hard to the right, just look at what happened to Britain in the 70s.

I happen to live in what could be classified as a social democracy. The problems that exist in the States exist here too, they're just less visible because people are too busy talking about how equal and free we are to realize that their words don't actually match reality. People still starve on the streets. People still go jobless for months on end. People still struggle to make ends meet.

Now, that's not to say that it's pointless to try to reform. It can be dangerous, even harmful, but I don't think it's pointless. I just don't think we should ever, EVER look at it as the final solution. Not only that, but we shouldn't even put too much faith in it even happening. The last time we had a socialist, and I mean a real, radical socialist, run for office on a national scale, the poor bastard got thrown and jail and died in a mental asylum. He's a cautionary tale, the powers that be don't want us to "rock the boat", and they'll do anything to stop it.

^ agree times 1000. Bernie Sanders is also a nationalistic, Israel-supporting imperialist who wants to strengthen America but hasn't shown a shred of interest in helping poor and third world countries out in any meaningful way.

Vote count - Embassies

Federated Communes of Folkvangr: 4 ABSTAIN 1 VETO

Assembly for a Socialist International: 4 ABSTAIN 1 VETO

Federation of Anarchist Communes: 4 ABSTAIN 1 FOR

Federated Communes of Folkvangr-ABSTAIN
Assembly for a Socialist International-ABSTAIN
Federation of Anarchist Communes-FOR

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