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The Internationale is a broad alliance of anarchists, socialists, communists, and other left-wing nations and communes.

The Internationale opposes the exploitation and oppression of the people by the forces of capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!"

"No real social change has ever come about without a revolution. Revolution is but thought carried into action."

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The Internationale contains 501 nations, the 23rd most in the world.

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191.The People's Republic of Undivided BengalWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Proletariats of the World Unite ”
192.The Republic of RopaniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“From each according to his ability, to me”
193.The Socialist State of Camel landDemocratic Socialists“All hail the Father Camel”
194.The Free Land of MacdromidaLeft-Leaning College State“Sacrifice Immigrants”
195.The People's Republic of ArlliaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Built Upon the Ashes of The Former PRUAW”
196.The United Socialist States of VissergradTwoWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Workers' Councils and a National Plan ☭”
197.The Democratic Grand Duchy of NowydhkernowLeft-wing Utopia“Kernow bys vyken”
198.The Red Superpower of Soviet AzastanDemocratic Socialists“We are a nice nation with a nice goverment!”
199.The Socialist Republic of Kwa-ZululandLiberal Democratic Socialists“Worker's of the World, Unite!”
200.The Democratic Republic of AquetariusLeft-wing Utopia“Wokers of the World, Unite!”
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Well this isn't good.

Russian warplane shot down near Turkey-Syria border

Turkey says it has shot down a Russian-made warplane on the Syrian border for violating Turkish airspace.

Two Turkish officials told Al Jazeera the plane was shot down on Tuesday by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement.

Reports said the plane crashed in Syrian territory in Latakia's Yamadi village.

A Turkish military statement said the plane violated Turkish airspace in Hatay province and was warned "10 times in five minutes".

"Our two F-16 planes on air patrol duty intervened ... on November 24, 2015, 9:24am, according to the rules of engagement," the statement said.

Rebel forces have told Al Jazeera that bodies of both pilots have been recovered. It is also reported that Russian helicopters were searching for the pilots close to the Turkish-Syrian border.

The Turkish president's office identified the warplane as Russian-made.

The Russian defence ministry acknowledged that an Su-24 fighter jet crashed in Syria as a result of fire from the ground.

The ministry was quoted by TASS Russian News Agency as saying: "A probe is in progress into the circumstances of the Russian plane crash."

It said the plane had stayed within Syrian airspace and that "objective monitoring data confirm this".

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman called the downing of the warplane a "very serious incident", but said it was too early to draw conclusions.

NATO urges calm after Turkey downs Russian jet

[i]NATO has called on Turkey and Russia to show restraint as tensions rise in the wake of the downing of a Russian jet near the Turkey-Syria border.

The Russian warplane was shot down for violating Turkish airspace on Tuesday morning, Turkish officials said, angering Russia's President Vladimir Putin, who likened the incident to being "stabbed in the back".

According to Russia Today, Russia's defence ministry has announced that it is suspending its military cooperation with Turkey following the incident.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday night that the military alliance stands by key ally Turkey, but urged both sides to try to calm the crisis.
"Today's loss is linked to a stab in the back delivered to us by accomplices of terrorists. I cannot qualify what happened today as anything else," Putin said in televised comments.

"Our plane was shot down over the territory of Syria by an air-to-air missile from a Turkish F-16 jet. It fell in Syrian territory four kilometres from the border with Turkey. Our pilots and our plane did not in any way threaten Turkey."

Republic of Durullah

The Etchi People's Jamahiriya of Daburuetchi wrote:Most of the eps have a very patriotic American undertone. Like i remember one takes place on an alternate earth between two tribes that are the remnants of Asian communist and Americans and Kirk says the US constitution (or some similar doc) is the greatest document ever. In another one where Kirk proclaims some WW2 era peace activist a visionary for stating that one day all the money that goes toward private interest will go toward public good. Well that presupposes a supply constrained economy i.e. state planning but they act like somehow capitalism will magically cure poverty if we give it enough time. From the eps i've seen it mostly likes like a bourgeois utopian conception of socialism seeing how they like to pretend that a revolution is not needed and given enough time we could be living in utopia.

I'm more of a the next generation person, Kirk was a classic 50-60's anti-communist


Post self-deleted by Quovvonia.

The United Socialist States of Quovvonia wrote:You know how Islam is supposed to get 72 virgins (or something like that) if they die for the religion, imagine that they get cheated and get stuck with all the nerds.
Hi, my name's...snort...Irwin

Yeah making fun of a religion (or rather a bullshit hadith) central to the national identities of many oppressed peoples isn't hype


Is there a reason why my nation suddenly changed from democratic socialist to Scandinavian liberal paradise?


how about them co-ops?

The United Socialist States of Quovvonia wrote:Is there a reason why my nation suddenly changed from democratic socialist to Scandinavian liberal paradise?

because you're allowing your citizens to walk around with no clothing articles to cover their frames.

The Theocracy of Cymai wrote:so...........
how about them co-ops?

They are of limited usefulness in capitalist society and they are mostly confined to the small local market and to the manufacture of articles serving immediate needs, especially food.

The Weird Midori Worshiping Mess of Godless Monkey wrote:-snip-
tl'dr turk missiles can shoot russian planes

I think I remember that Erdogan once said in 2012 that jets commonly pass through national borders because of their speed, and that this is commonly accepted.
-_- Erdogan manages to annoy me more and more. I say, has anyone looked at the sources of energy in Turkey recently? Ataturk must be spinning very, very fast indeed...

The People's Republic of Aufrechte wrote:I think I remember that Erdogan once said in 2012 that jets commonly pass through national borders because of their speed, and that this is commonly accepted.
-_- Erdogan manages to annoy me more and more. I say, has anyone looked at the sources of energy in Turkey recently? Ataturk must be spinning very, very fast indeed...

A US official told Al Jazeera that the penetration of Turkish air space by the Russian jet lasted "only a matter of seconds" as it crossed a roughly 3km wide section of Turkey that took only 20 seconds to traverse.

An alleged (not confirmed) accidental 20 second airspace violation that crossed a 3km wide jut of land. Certainly worth the two pilot's lives. And Certainly worth creating an international incident over, potentially involving all of NATO.


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