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The Internationale is a broad alliance of anarchists, socialists, communists, and other left-wing nations and communes.

The Internationale opposes the exploitation and oppression of the people by the forces of capitalism, imperialism and fascism.

"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!"

"No real social change has ever come about without a revolution. Revolution is but thought carried into action."

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The Internationale contains 642 nations, the 25th most in the world.

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As a region, The Internationale is ranked 15,093rd in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
191.The People's Republic of TheCCBDemocratic Socialists“By The People For The People”
192.The New Age Feel-Goodery of Southeastern WestoniaLeft-wing Utopia“Where Ideas Can Hang Out...And Do Whatever!”
193.The Grand Marxist State of Greater Soviet ReichLiberal Democratic Socialists“Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all.”
194.The Democratic Republic of ZenxaDemocratic Socialists“Freedom, Unity and Teamwork”
195.The Internationale Wants You of Eugene PottierLiberal Democratic Socialists“Debout, les damnés de la terre!”
196.The Free Land of The Cracker BarrelLiberal Democratic Socialists“I put the Grand Pa in a barrel.”
197.The People's Republic of Primitive DermplingsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Derumpling x9000”
198.The Democratic Republic of New PrograrxstoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Progressive Peace and Justice”
199.The Free Land of Bows MerLeft-wing Utopia“Organize, Resist, Replicate”
200.The People's Commonwealth of AnkuranLiberal Democratic Socialists“Strength in Unity”
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The Armed Proletarian Republic of Free Socialistic States wrote:Comrades,again has my father warned me about ''the curse''.Every year around this time he says how i'll have to,when he's dead,go and lite candles for the living,the dead,the undead,the departed and what not.Because you see,some dude has cursed my family 600 years ago(i kinda dunno the details because i'm''too young'').Man's curse is''may there never be too numbered of thou''...or something like that.Apparently,there can b only one air...heir of my bloodline.Good thing i don't want kids.Anyways,since i'm enlightened by the Lord's light and i don't believe he exist,nor do i believe in curses,how can i explain to my father that it's all a lot of bull$#!% ? Btw,his two brothers and sister died before their 50's,and the talk with my father went like this:''You're gonna ligt thos candls motha%^#@ or i'm gonna kick ur a##.Yo jerk.'' Yup,well educated and well behaving man.With great grammar.Welp,it seems my only option is to climb to that church and pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for salvation.(and no,i'm not trying to bring up the question of religion again).Go in peace,brothers.

Um.... what?

The Techno-Marxist Federation of Khazanan wrote: Um.... what?

I second your reaction.

The Commonwealth of Invernessa wrote:I second your reaction.

I third it.

Sounds very Midwest gothic.

Pretty sure I've seen it in a movie somewhere, just can't remember where...

Between all of the
Sexist sh*t and ramblings, let's
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The Federal Socialist Republic of Asturies-Llion wrote:The United Socialist States of Kropotkinsky
Science is based on empirical results, you can't interpret them if you use a rational way of thinking, so sorry, Science can't be biased. One thing is the biological sex, which depends on how an individual acts in the function of reproduction, and some other characteristics which seem to be related (nothing is absolute). Then you have the gender, which is a social matter, and a social construction.
Claimimg the legimitimity of the biological sex is not transphobic. Justifying trans persecution with it id transphobic.
It is like the problem with biological darwinism and social darwinism, social darwinism is a wrong 'translation' of biological one.

Science advances, like atomic models for example, provisional truths until they detect new "abnormalities". Main economy in our universities is mostly capitalist and marginalist (or mixed they say, because it's not 100% private), not socialist (maybe with a special teacher), and it claims to be a science; in my notes there were falsehoods about communism. First of all, they think communism are all the states claimed to be communist, they don't distinguish between socialism or communism. Second, they think that there isn't innovation because there isn't competition between enterprises. And third they think it's dictatorial because all the production is commanded by the state and all property is public, included the personal one, like a car. They don't talk about the economic calculation problem and how to solve it, or how they failed by external pressures, bad designs of the political system or the bad calculation based on the labour theory of value. So they blame on bad calculation countries (all the socialist states). They are based in a model in which if you expropriate something of the producer (who own the means), the consumer (also worker) gets poorer. They don't distinguish between the bourgeoisie and proletarians, they just say producers and consumers. They also say China is a model in which communism and capitalism are mixed. When I asked the teacher in private, the teacher told me: "I don't know because I wasn't there so I have to trust what I read, if something close I'll have to explain how the kibbutz work but I'm not going to do it because we are teaching other thing (basics, principles of economy) and it's hard". Plus, in the next subject of economy with other teacher entered and said: "Hello, do you remember your last subject of economy? Well, this is the criticism of that subject", which debunked a lot of claims, but it wasn't enough, and it still didn't address the problem of economic calculation and distinguished between capitalist and socialist countries (North Korea as the more socialist, which is controversial). About the history of economics, the conclusion was the capitalist system was a unstable system (all teachers aren't the same). But look, even worse, Huerta de Soto (claimed anarchocapitalist), he gives lessons in the UCM (Madrid university), his videos are online, and you can see how much he manipulates; he teaches economy of the Austrian school, the worst (there's even a video of Masa in Youtube debunking some claims). Also, the criticism of Hayek in "Road to Serfdom" is only applicable to central planned economies with the problem of economic calculation.

The Democratic Republic of The Rom Jay wrote:There is a reactionary defense for the existence of sex. It's something called physical existence and valid observation. One could viably and correctly observe physical distinction, between male, female intersex etc and therefore the distinction exists regardless of whether or not you choose to accept it. The reason it exists is simple, it's because it quite simply physically exists,and there is no way around it, it simply exists. Unlike gender or class or hierarchy it is NOT a social construct, it is a legitimate part of reality, and denying that honestly just sounds ignorant. By your logic we might as well deny the fact that we have legs, because by your thought process any distinction or quality that is useless should be regarded as non existent, which I find to be completely blasphamous.

I've been taught this in biology when I was younger, but after searching I see that XX and XY are not deterministic, so that's why that science is outdated and sex is a social construction even when we take just these chromosomes as the definition of sex, since we would have to update the sex definition to include all the chromosomes that form sex; I posted a quote before about this. Also, Lemurian Outpost and Kropotkinsky agreed on debate since Lemurian just wanted to determine sex, separating sex and gender so we can choose between our preferences, making sex and gender inclusive and really scientific words, while Kropotkinsky was more optimistic about abolishing these terms because they are exclusive and we can live without them.

The Federal Socialist Republic of Asturies-Llion wrote:Is there a sex which can understand gender issues better since gender is not related to sex?

Autonomous Masses was referring to women, men aren't so prone to detect the oppression because they (we) aren't oppressed in the same way. The oppressed ones and the ones who realized it through education (that gender isn't related to sex if the term is fixed), doesn't mean that the one who is suffering is more prone to realize and act against it, it's like f I had a personal experience and realized about it, then someone came telling me with statistics that it's false when I'm living it. Imagine this but as a structure. Even feminist men could be called (passive, not active) oppressors when they are pushing equality, since for example, if the people had to choose between a man and a woman in an election; the people would choose the man just because he's a woman, and that's passive oppression.

Apart from all this, did you hear about the Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP)? I wanted to help building a system of direct democracy based on cryptoanarchism (allows net anonymity) but these are bad news since if we can do it in a block we will have to target the countries with these weapons first (also the ones with nuclear bombs), or our socialist bloc with the cryptoanarchist system would be destroyed with this technology when the capitalist bloc is dying and it desperately tries to survive. So at least, we would have to convince first the US citizens to accept our ideas or this kind of system wouldn't survive in war.

Post self-deleted by Askietic.

Post self-deleted by Askietic.

The Synthesis of Askietic wrote:Apart from all this, did you hear about the Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP)? I wanted to help building a system of direct democracy based on cryptoanarchism (allows net anonymity) but these are bad news since if we can do it in a block we will have to target the countries with these weapons first (also the ones with nuclear bombs), or our socialist bloc with the cryptoanarchist system would be destroyed with this technology when the capitalist bloc is dying and it desperately tries to survive. So at least, we would have to convince first the US citizens to accept our ideas or this kind of system wouldn't survive in war.

I'm not sure if we can counter this, I don't know either if we can counter satellite weapons.

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