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Founder: The Mother Empire of Retro Lyra

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    "Sunlight for All"
    [ Our Recruitment Thread

    This is a region for all those scalies, bronies, zoophiles, and furs whose interests were deemed by many a user too "odd" for NationStates. People of all conflicting fandoms are accepted as well. People of all interests are welcome! Come forth, misfits.

    Contrary to the name, we tend to play rough.

    Warning, unexpected changes in weather may occur due to error by pegasi. Umbrellas and sleepover plans with a friend are recommended.

Embassies: Equestria, Orbital Friendship Cannon HQ, 00000000000000000000000, Vissella, Angels of Derp, New Lunar Republic, Carnival of Souls, SideWalk Zone, New Dinosaurtopia, Minecraftia, Dreamworld, Pony Lands, Puppet Park, The Nation of Nations and Friends, Cat Burglars, The Ascendancy, and 6 others.The Epic Pony Region, New Egypt, Yerushalem VI, New York, Unicornia, and Friendship.

Tags: Silly, Social, Casual, Neutral, Fandom, Snarky, Fantasy Tech, Medium, Multi-Species, and Magical.

The Empire of Friendship contains 11 nations, the 971st most in the world.


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The Largest Soda Pop Sector in The Empire of Friendship

As a region, The Empire of Friendship is ranked 2,149th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

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11.The Mother Empire of Retro LyraLiberal Democratic Socialists“Boni Amici, Boni Libri, et Conscientia Somnolenta.”
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The Empire of Friendship Regional Message Board

The Mother Empire of Retro Lyra wrote:It would be wrong of me to persuade you otherwise, but I understand. You would have to be the oldest citizen in this region at this point.

Oldest citizen here, and still not a WA delegate?

I could essentially write my fanfic here...

The Cha0tic Di5harm0ny of Disc0rd wrote:Oldest citizen here, and still not a WA delegate?

I think you would need the Republic of Sangre de Christo to endorse you to be the regions WA delegate (as you both are the only WA members here).

..a Discord fanfic? Sounds rather a terrifying concept to imagine :D

I mean, I have an amazing idea, and a rough outline. I could maybe type it here, bit by bit, before I legit post it somewhere?

case in point, the lack of replies on this chat board.

Well sorry, we aren't what we used to be back in the day.

I only log in once a day or so :/

But if you wanted to post a bit here; perhaps someone(s) could provide a bit of feedback for you?

(Well, the concept is essentially an achronological order, so the plot is not laid out in any particular order of time. hence, the narration itself is discordant, rather than the story. Some of my friends think this is a bit tedious so i want to hear what other people think.)

Post self-deleted by Disc0rd.

(Also, I write in very short chapters with limited detail, so it's fast paced I guess?
Let's begin! I'll post a chapter every once and a while.)

Pony Tales (Yes, it's a lame pun for a title I know.)


___"What did you do?!?" Spike was in complete shock at what he saw- or rather, what he no longer saw. He had momentarily left to get a spellbook for Twilight upstairs. He came back to see that all six ponies and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were gone. All that was left was a certain cyan, cape-wearing unicorn staring sheepishly at the now-slightly-burned spot where the ponies once were.
___"The Great and Powerful Trixie! ... " Trixie began boastfully, but then remembered the situation, "...erm, might have accidentally burned Princess Twilight and her friends to a crisp..." Given the current situation, it was understandable why Spike was panicking. However, Trixie sounded genuinely sorry, which might have kept Spike a bit more calm than he would have been. Or not. I don't know, he was really panicky.
___"Oh no oh no oh no oh no..." Spike continuously muttered as he paced back and forth across the library. "This is bad, this is REALLY bad. How am I going to explain this to her brother, or Princess Celestia? YOU JUST KILLED THE PRINCESS OF FRIENDSHIP!" Spike tripped over a book on the ground.
___Trixie cocked her head to look at the book. She had not noticed it there when she had accidentally "burned" Twilight and her friends. As she began to study the pages, she slowly understood what had happened.
___"AHA!" She exclaimed "Silly Purple Dragon, the Great and Powerful Trixie has not burned your friends!"
___Spike wasn't listening. He continued to panic
___"How could this happen to me?" he moaned
___"Didn't you hear me, Purple Dragon? I said-"
___"This is the worst thing ever!"
___Trixie rolled her eyes and casted a spell. The book floated from the floor and hit Spike squarely in the head.
___"OW! What was that for?" Spike rubbed his forehead.
___"If you can cease your worrying for just a moment, the Great and Powerful Trixie will tell you what really happened!" Trixie seemed really confident in her new discovery. She picked up the book she had thrown at spike and showed him the cover. "Apparently your good friend Twilight was looking through this powerful book, Pony Tales."
___"Yeah..." said Spike suspiciously. "What does that have to do with anything? It's just a storybook."
___"Ah! But that's where you're wrong, Purple Dragon! For you see, the Great and Powerful Trixie has spent a number of years studying this book. To a simple eye, it looks like a silly storybook, but in reality... It's a magic book!" Trixie studied the burn marks around the ground. "According to the patterns on the ground, it would appear that your friends had discovered this the unfortunate way. They have not been burned, but teleported!"
___"Really? So they're not burned to a crisp?" Spike looked relieved. He was also surprised. Normally he would have expected Twilight to have reached this conclusion. But then again, Twilight was currently missing, so he needed to place complete faith in Trixie and hope she is right. "How did you get all that from a few burn marks" He asked, just to be safe.
___Trixie grinned smugly. "Your friend Twilight isn't the only unicorn in Ponyville who studied magic in Canterlot!"
___Spike wasn't satisfied with this answer, but it's the best he got. "Okay, then, Trixie, where did they go if they've been teleported."
___Trixie lost her smug look and became serious. This made Spike worry. He realised that the only other time he had seen Trixie this grave was when she had worn the alicorn amulet. He hoped that the situation they are in right now was not as bad as then.
___"That's where the Great and Powerful Trixie is confused," She began, "since she can only see so much from these marks on the ground. It would seem that they have been separated from each other in that world, but they are not far apart."
___"That world?" Spike was confused. "wait... you don't mean they've teleported into the book?!?"
___"No... and yes." Trixie seemed to be choosing her words carefully. "No pony has ever figured out if the stories in Pony Tales are true or not. It could be lost history, or a lost nation, or even another world. However, there have been rumors that all the stories in that book take place in the same setting, which is where your friends are."
___"But how will we ever get them back?" Spike began to panic again.
___Trixie began to grin again. "Not to worry, Purple Dragon, for the Great and Powerful Trixie knows what to do! Twilight should have been able to teleport back by now, but since she is still missing she must have not found the return spell. In the years that Trixie has studied this book, she has discovered the same teleportation spell and can teleport us to the same place as your friend Twilight!"
___"Really? Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Spike seemed very excited.
___"The Great and Powerful Trixie sees that the Purple Dragon is very courageous in getting his friends back, and she respects that." said Trixie as she nods approvingly.
___This made Spike hesitate. "Courageous? What do you mean?"
___"Huh? Haven't you ever read the book, Purple Dragon?"
___Spike shook his head.
___"Well, never mind then, we need to rescue our friends!"
___"Also, my name is not Purple Dragon."
___"You keep calling me 'Purple Dragon'. I have a name, you know. It's Spike."
___Spike rolled his eyes. "Whatever, let's go"
___Trixie began to concentrate her magic on the book. The book slowly rose from the ground and got brighter and brighter. It began stirring up wind, creating a strong gust, knocking a lot of books of the shelves. Spike braced himself.
___The book sent a beam of light at Trixie and Spike. In a white flash, the room was empty.

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