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- Contact The Countess Elizabeth Báthory of Xoriet if you want to join the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army and become a hero.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

The East Pacific contains 6,591 nations, the 5th most in the world.

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The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in The East Pacific

As a region, The East Pacific is ranked 3rd in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Neo Industrial Chaos of HeadingtoniaCapitalist Paradise“Smile, you're doomed”
22.The Repressive State of DnoticelandWA MemberCapitalist Paradise“Stop whinging, you C*nts!”
23.The Republic of DichaCivil Rights Lovefest“There is nothing impossible to those who try”
24.The Royal Dominion of East DannistaanCorporate Police State“Liberta et Equita”
25.The Dominion of YuggothWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“My place, my rules”
26.The Dictatorship of MettzacanoaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Taxing you to death since 25th October 2013 CE”
27.The 26 of --------------------------Compulsory Consumerist State“The East Pacific”
28.The Community of KallipygistanLeft-Leaning College State“The world stands behind us”
29.The Incorporated States of SonariaCompulsory Consumerist State“Money makes the world go round”
30.The Free Land of ElkenianWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom & Self Dicipline”
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Recent polls: “An Ambush! Elisabeth Bathory (Xoriet) and Semiramis (Aenglaland) have ambushed The Duke of Wellington (The Three States of Fortuna)!”“Another battle has started! Jeanne d'Arc (Ramaeus) is locked in combat with Iskandar the Great (McStooley).”“William Wallace (Severisen) and King Leonidas (Dragonia) are locked in combat. Who will win?”

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The East Pacific Regional Message Board

The La Pucelle of Ramaeus wrote:Hehe. Todd McCloud will be the person to talk to.

Okay, so how does the RP-wise wars work?

Immortan Joe

The La Pucelle of Ramaeus wrote:Hehe. Todd McCloud will be the person to talk to.

Okay. I'll get his attention. I declare "war" on him after paying him £2 billion!


The Armed Republic of DoD-1219 wrote:Okay. I'll get his attention. I declare "war" on him after paying him £2 billion!

Ehh, what??

The Federation of Fernanza wrote:Okay, so how does the RP-wise wars work?

I heard there are some community-made calculators you can use, you put in stats like economy, population, corruption, military, scientific advancement, and some other relevant stats to see who would win.


That sounds like a certain episode of Star Trek: TOS....

I've been on for a few months but I've never actually introduced myself, so...
Hello, all. How are you? Are your countries going well?


The Queendom of Roskman wrote:I've been on for a few months but I've never actually introduced myself, so...
Hello, all. How are you? Are your countries going well?

Hello there, Queendom of Roskman. Fernanza here. Doing well, I suppose, although in an all out war

The Constitutional Monarchy of Arstravia wrote:done

I have got a new issue about sport. I have chosen option 1. Do you think it's gonna influence my clout and my economy or something ?

Option 1 will greatly boost this section of the economy (sports), but will also raise taxes, they're asking you to fund sports.

Option 2 will grant either no boost, or a smaller boost to your economy (pizza, I think), and may lower taxes a little, they're asking you to let businesses fund sports.

Option 3 will probably decrease civil rights, and slightly raise taxes, because they're still asking for government support. I always hate it when they do this, ask you to do something sensible, then spoil it with a cut and paste "but ban everything else", which is lame... may also increase police spending, to enforce the ban on other sports.

Option 4 will probably increase civil rights and slightly lower taxes, because it's asking you to lighten regulations and encourage people, kids especially, to go play outside. Due to this, it seems sensible to assume it will also slightly increase youth crime, because they're being thrown outside and told to "have fun" and that can be anything.

If you're worried about corruption, it's important to note that only the last two options ask you to change sports regulations, if you've passed laws or will pass laws dealing with corruption in sports, neither of the first two will change it, it's just a question of how desperate you are to increase your economy, while the last two are which direction you want to push civil rights.

With RP war, you generally figure out each nation's strengths and weaknesses and learn to exploit them. Don't get too caught up in the tech, vehicles, and the armament. Allow the other player time to react and respond. Talk to him or her OOCly to try and figure out what's kosher and what's not, otherwise they may fire up the ignore cannons on you and the RP will go nowhere.

In reality, no one likes to be obliterated and no one feels totally wonderful obliterating someone else's nation. So it's a bit give-and-take when it comes to war.


This was the end of one of my issues. "We need a whole bunch of new state-subsidised hotels, parks and tourist attractions. Shark-proof ones." This issue has my seal of approval!

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