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Founder: The Grand United Federation of The Campbell Nation

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Welcome to the Allied States of The Campbell Nation.
This region was for a small group of friends, formerly Invite Only, but as of June 2012, we're now open to everybody. A safe haven for nations of all types. We strive to be democratic and active, but will leave you in peace to run your nation if you choose.

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    The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation contains 17 nations, the 721st most in the world.


    Today's World Census Report

    The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation

    These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

    As a region, The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation is ranked 14,983rd in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

    #NationWA CategoryMotto
    11.The Protectorate of West Campbell NationFather Knows Best State“For the continuing safety and stability”
    12.The Nomadic Peoples of ValestenFather Knows Best State“We are together”
    13.The Campbell Nation Subdivision of South Campbell NationIron Fist Consumerists“We shall defend our new land!”
    14.The United Socialite Republics of Free RadakaieFather Knows Best State“All power to the Socialites!”
    15.The Federation Territory of CampbelotInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Glory of the Federation”
    16.The Federation Jurisdiction of RadakaieInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Towards the rising sun sun, we stand”
    17.The Grand United Federation of The Campbell NationDemocratic Socialists“Boredom is counterrevolutionary! ”
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    Regional Happenings


    The Allied States Of The Campbell Nation Regional Message Board

    So, for like minded nations that have (or desire) significant nuclear arsenals, I give you:
    The NationStates ThermoNuclear Weapons Association

    There are nukes. Lots of nukes. A Defcon server may also be coming soon, and an RP thread, which is bound to be exciting because… well, nukes. If you have a M.A.D. passion for weapons of mass destruction, come check it out.
    I'm thinking of starting a local chapter on our offsite forums. Ya' know, to help spread the wonders of nuclear technology to some of the less advanced nations around here.

    Disclaimer: Any wars; loss of territory, strategic assets, cities; injuries sustained to population, military forces, government; or likewise any damage done to nations in NS Thermonuclear Warfare Association and its subsidiary thread(s) shall not count towards official in character capabilities.

    In case anyone was wondering: We do have a regional newspaper with the NS++.
    For those of you who I've just confused further, let me explain. There is a browser extension for most browsers that aren't mobile devices that you can download, and it does all sorts of cool stuff like enabling a regional newspaper. As founder, I also set up the regional newspaper. Now, because I don't use an actual computer to access NS 90% of the time, I haven't written any articles, so it doesn't matter. But we do have a regional newspaper, and if people are interested they can submit articles.
    What should you write about? Stuff that happens in the region. Your nation is part of the region, so you can start there.

    Hey, look! We have an NSWiki Page! There's already one for the region, and computer-generated ones will be rolled out soon for individual nations. I've already written a page for my nation, rewriting large tracts of European and World History in the process. Fun!

    Also, we should have a map soon. I already have a map on my computer, I just have to get it properly labeled for the countries I control, and then some computery stuff before I can get it up. But I can give you this: its a blank copy of a real world map. I'm taking up most of Northern Europe. Try to give some thought to where your country will be.

    And... We have a map! Look, shiny provinces to help you carve up the world. You can now join in on the race to claim the remainder of the planet earth. You can post in the thread on the forum for territory and I'll add it as quickly as possible.

    Post self-deleted by The Campbell Nation.

    Post self-deleted by The Campbell Nation.

    Totally fair poll there.

    Our early warning satellites and radar stations are detecting high levels of sarcasm in the Eurasia - Federation border zone.

    Post self-deleted by The Campbell Nation.

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