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I don't support rioting but, what else can be done? Protesting does nothing, the media doesn't care, and the public won't care. Many blacks are sick and tired of being shot and killed, they're sick of the way whites treat them. I'm not black but, **** I see the way they treat them here. Lot of whites are ultra racist, lot of people here view any blacks just a bunch of ghetto thugs. People don't understand what else can be done?
Whenever blacks attempt to protest, they get a dozen whites saying "well about us?", or dismissing them as being stupid and shifting it towards whites. it's funny that when whites riot it's not that big of a deal but, when a blacks riot over a justified cause it's stop the media presses a bunch of "thugs" are burning their city down.

The Federal Drakan Republic of Obito wrote:I can't voice my opinions on Nationstates RMB because the administration will block a lot of my language and rights to free speech. If you're curious about my feelings, look at the forums. I'm very vocal about how I feel there. But what I can say is that many of the blacks in Baltimore are thugs and using the death of a man in police custody as justification for destroying their city and looting and rioting. It's despicable. I absolutely stand by the police and hope all of them and their families are safe in this horrible time in the city of Baltimore.


I'm assuming it's going to be ultra racist, isn't it? maybe if the Police stopped using lethal force we wouldn;t have these situations.

A bit late to the party, I see.

Racist? No. But it would be very conservative minded pro law enforcement and pro police, and nothing you'd want to hear.

But maybe I'm a bit bias, as I work with police officers every day


@Argo- And what rioting achieves exactly?
It's not like blacks couldn't mobilize themselves and vote for good mayors, governors...

Britarvia and Senecah

Banning guns would be a good start to rebuilding your society on less violent foundations.

The Union of Free States of America wrote:I will take the silence as an admission of defeat.
We invite Tunasaian representatives to discuss terms of surrender and their new Free States of Tunasai flag.

Come at me bro, we have enough money to build our giant fans. Dat smoke ain't comin' near

Tuna - 1 FS -1

Since FS politicians love bribery so much we will send some Tunis your way to 'guarentee' your government be bogged down. Your move... hehehe

The Republic of Libertarian Washington wrote:Tuna my dear friend! *Hides Lord Mordicie mask behind back*

LW! Nice to see you!

As for mordicie, bring me that mask, I think I can decorate it with my lighter

@Tuna- The trouble is that we are richer, so we can bribe your own government more than you can. FS 2 - 1 Tuna.

@Hollister- Guns are banned in Brazil and we have 60,000 homicides per year... Good luck with that. hahaha

Banning guns does not = less gun related crime.

Even Harvard agrees.

Sweden has the 9th highest gun population in the world, and we barely has any gun related crimes at all.

It's just your stupid american legislations and fear of regulations that's the cause of your amazing rates of gun crimes.

The Union of Free States of America wrote:@Tuna- The trouble is that we are richer, so we can bribe your own government more than you can. FS 2 - 1 Tuna.

@Hollister- Guns are banned in Brazil and we have 60,000 homicides per year... Good luck with that. hahaha

Try again, we aren't corrupt like 'dem FS boys.

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