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Texas, founded in 2002, is a large, proud, friendly region where freedom is one of its greatest resources. It is home to many diverse nations. Texas has a Government, Constitution, and Elections. Come on down!

Lieutenant Governor - The Giantic Frozen Igloo of Studly Penguins
Secretary of State - The Holy Empire of Richard
Secretary of Defense - The Federation of Amandil
Secretary of WA Affairs - The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer

Submit diplomacy requests to the Secretary of State. No one-nation regions, no new regions, and no raiders or friends of raiders.
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Embassies: Wysteria, The Heartland, 10000 Islands, Canada, Yggdrasil, Antarctic Oasis, Monkey Island, Liberty Alliance, North Pacific, The Black Market, Kittens Sanctuary, Malibu Islands, Ulthar, Global Right Alliance, Spiritus, Renegade Islands Alliance, and 3 others.Nasicournia, The Exodus, and Gay.

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Regional Power: Very High

Texas contains 160 nations, the 74th most in the world.

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The Most Avoided in Texas

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Texas is ranked 4,670th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Allied States of AmandilTwoCivil Rights Lovefest“ ”
12.The Republic of AholzCapitalist Paradise“Honey Badger Don't Care”
13.The Strategic Petroleum Reserve of East Texas Oil FieldFather Knows Best State“Black Gold, Texas Tea”
14.The Oh My God It's So Delicious of Texas BBQ Home Delivery ServiceLeft-Leaning College State“Come and Get It!!”
15.The All-Seeing Eye of Sole AmoreRight-wing Utopia“I don't worry about survival;Survival is for old people”
16.The Riemstagrad Top Level Domain of RiNew York Times Democracy“.ri”
17.The Texas Chopperz of BikerzCapitalizt“Texas Radio and the Big Beat !”
18.The Confederate States of Ole DixielandCapitalist Paradise“Deo Vindice”
19.The Federation of MinarchistAnarchy“Live free, or die trying”
20.The Rogue Nation of ApocolupticaCivil Rights Lovefest“Succumb to us”
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Texas Regional Message Board

Fun Fact: If each nation had 500 puppets, we would have a total of 2,040,202,000 nations in nationstates! (Total)

I couldn't keep track of 500 puppets.

Indian Empire

The Bird-Eating Woodpeckers of Indian Empire wrote:Fun Fact: If each nation had 500 puppets, we would have a total of 2,040,202,000 nations in nationstates! (Total)

Half of the nations are already puppets methinks.

Blandings and Fenwick

The Blue Team of Michael J Caboose wrote:Half of the nations are already puppets methinks.

Divide by two, that's still over 1 Billion.

2 nations are more than enough.
some of us actually enjoy role playing the nation to the fullest so more than two and sometimes more than 1 would be a lost of depth youll be motivated to put into your nation

NewTexas and Indian Empire

**** New WA Resolution Notification *****

There is currently a new Security Council Resolution at vote. When expressing your opinion, please note which Resolution it is for. And remember Texans, your individual vote does count!

The new Resolution is called:
"Repeal "Commend Krulltopia"
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal Resolution: SC#111 Proposed by: Jean Pierre Trudeau

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #111: Commend Krulltopia shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Recognizing The Bunny"...

<see page=sc for full text>

Okay, this time the Security Council is trying to repeal the commendation of Krulltopia, the WA Delegate of The Pacific. When this one came around in May, 2013, nobody really knew much about Krulltopia. Texans kind of snoozed through it with a vote of 4 for, 1 against and 1 undecided. As a nation, NewTexas didn't really care and no one provided any info on why to vote against. Well, now the Resolution author has and we agree. Krull is apparently behind, directly or indirectly, behind all the stinkeroo in Lazarus. That is enough for us. As a reminder, the issue here is the REPEAL of the existing law. A vote AGAINST this Resolution means you are in favor of the existing law and do not want it repealed. A vote FOR this Resolution means you want the law off the books. NewTexas will go on record as FOR on this Resolution. This is only the opinion of NewTexas. We look forward to other Texans' opinions and comments on this Resolution. If good arguments to the contrary are made, we will reconsider our position.

The Texas response was flat on the last SC vote -- Condemn Stujenske -- which was passed after gaining 36.08% of the vote. As a reminder, all we are looking for is a simple 10% of Texans to say one way or another. We are a force for change in the WA. Every vote counts! There were 6 publicly-expressed opinions on the last Resolution with the final Texas tally running 5 FOR and 1 AGAINST and 0 ABSTAIN and 0 UNDECIDED. Texans were almost unanimous.

NewTexas has already voted on this Resolution in advance of publicly expressed opinions. We did this at the urging of many leaders in the World Assembly. As we have been saying for years, Texas is a force in the WA. Many feel that Texas can influence the overall vote if it votes first. There is an observed "lemming effect" that occurs during voting. Apparently a large number of votes are cast based on whichever side of the issue is leading when voters vote. Therefore, to get the most impact from our vote, we are now voting first. We will re-evaluate our original vote at midnight prior to the current vote. As always, we are open to suggestions on how we should vote on this Resolution to most accurately reflect opinion of the populace. Comments are welcome from all nations, both WA Members as well as those who are not. Please make your voice heard on the current issue either on this message board or on our offsite message board. But, by all means, please vote on the WA Page!

If you would like to take part in shaping the world you live in, please vote. Voting is a right and a privilege, please consider using it. And, if you are not a member of the World Assembly, we strongly encourage you to join.

All WA Member nations please vote. Please make your opinions known in Texas by 11:00pm Sunday and in the World Assembly voting booth by 11:00pm Texas Time on Monday the 20th. Current voting in The World is running - Votes FOR: 7713 Votes AGAINST: 1334

Big Tex

PS: Remember, be sure to vote at the World Assembly too!

When will the results for the first elections of 2015 be posted?

The Galactic Empire of Gig em Aggies wrote:When will the results for the first elections of 2015 be posted?

I think sunday, but don't quote me on it.

Blandings and Fenwick

***** Texas Saturday Breakfast *****

WooHoo, Saturday Breakfast Redux! Today is Breakfast Sandwich II Saturday! YeHaw! We had so much fun whipping up one-handed breakfasts last weekend, we are doing it again. Let's kick things off with a Pancake Pounder - two rich, saucer-sized, buttermilk pancakes holding an equally impressively-sized, freshly-ground, maple/sage sausage patty. The whole shebang is generously spread with fresh, whipped honey/maple butter. Man, this sucker is a one pound beast of breakfast goodness. Want to go funky? No problemo - try our Green Eggs and Ham Hoagie! We take genuine Texas, farm-raised Grade A Jumbo Eggs and scramble them up with enough parsley, cilantro & chives to make them more green than yellow, smear them on a short loaf of French Bread lightly seared up in butter until golden brown. We then top it off with a slab of Texas smoked hickory ham lightly-simmered in Red Eye gravy. WooHoo! Get decadent by adding Longhorn Jack cheese! Not so hungry, no prob with the Crepettes - light, tender, egg-y crepes filled with your choice of Cinnamon Apples, Poteet Strawberry Jam or Banana & Chocolate Chips! For the Good Ol' Boys, we have the Beefy Hungry Texan Breakfast Sandwich made with a couple of thick slabs of golden Texas Toast glistening with butter wrapping a pair of hard-fried eggs topped with mini-Filet Mignon, grilled to order, and slathered in chili con queso and finished with homemade bacon bits. It doesn't get much better than this Pardner! We are having so much fun with these suckers, we may have even more all-new Breakfast Sandwiches next week! By popular demand, we will keep open the Juice Bar with all the standard juices - Orange, Apple, Grapefruit and Tomato. New to the lineup is homemade Vey Ocho! Guess all Ocho and win a free case of cans to take home. Try "The Suicide" - we dare you! It doesn't get much better than this! Start your day off the right way, munch out and go back to sleep. Of course, The Never Ending Urn of Coffee is full and ready to help you wash it all down. Come on down and start your day right Texas. You know you want to!

***** Texas Election Reminder *****

In Texas Election News, the First Trimester 2015 Texas Election Week is almost over. If you haven't voted yet, shake a leg and head to the offsite and make your voice heard! http://invisionfree.com/forums/Texas/index.php?showforum=260 Let's go Texas! Election Week closes Sunday at Noon! Let's go Texas!

***** Texas Chat Reminder *****

The Texas Weekly Chat Session will be Saturday (TODAY) at High Noon Texas Time (CDT) ***Saturday*** in the Chat Forum on the offsite forum. We have an all new Chat Site this year that is much better than the old one. It is here if you want to go straight there: http://texasregion.net/blab70/login.php This is a great opportunity for nations old and new to Texas to find out what is going on! We chat, we debate, we talk about the weather, we talk about stuff we like, stuff we hate, random stuff and more stuff. But, it is never stuffy. Usually, it is about meeting your fellow Texans and talking about the latest and most interesting stuff in NationStates at the moment. But then again, sometimes NationStates does not even come up. It is wide-open chatting with peeps from around The World both IRL and NS. Texas Chat, 535 weeks and running! For the math-challenged, that is over 10 years! Check it out! Good stuff!

Indian Empire

*carefully looks over the breakfast foods supplied by big Tex.....flies away*

Indian Empire

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