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WA Delegate: The Democratic Republic of Pomplamouse (elected 20 hours ago)

Founder: Sedore

World Factbook Entry

Please endorse The High King Pomplamouse

Skyrim is now free of the Raiders! If you have any questions about what just happened feel free to message Pomplamouse or Grantsbourg

Embassies: Lone Wolves United, One big Island, the West Pacific, The East Pacific, Shivering Isles, The Darwin Allied Republics, and The Empire of Tamriel.

The embassy with The Empire of Tamriel is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 14 hours.

Tags: Video Game, Game Player, Monarchist, Featured, Password, Role Player, Medium, Founderless, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: Moderate

Skyrim contains 43 nations, the 194th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Healthiest Citizens in Skyrim

A measure of the general health of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Skyrim is ranked 2,595th in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Kingdom of The Daedric LordsWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Risen from the dark plains!”
12.The Kingdom of The Elder Scrolls of SkyrimMoralistic Democracy“You have failed this city!”
13.The Federation of Las AmericasCorporate Police State“Disarmament is key to controlling the masses”
14.The Madhouse of VanderwekkelandFather Knows Best State“Motto? What's it Motto to you?”
15.The Kingdom of ArnoerWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Illegitimi non carborundum”
16.The Holy Empire of SolgaazWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“War is a Science, as well as an Art.”
17.The Constitutional Monarchy of LexariumWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Light Engulfs The Enlightened ”
18.The Federal Republic of TrakistanTyranny by Majority“Truth Stands Invincible”
19.The Free Land of Fools ParadiseCivil Rights Lovefest“Dying is easy, comedy is hard”
20.The Holy Empire of The Daedric RealmsIron Fist Consumerists“Overwhelmed by Magic”
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Skyrim Regional Message Board

I've seen your tactics on dealing with protest. You promises change and up coming progress but all you do is say these things and then wait months for people to slowly forget then you take it off the regional factbook and continue your reign and when people want to bring it up again or you fear a coup you close anyone out or you try and shift it away.

And finally, under your rule this region was barely anything like Skyrim. The flag had nothing to do with TES an S lighting is more of a fascist symbol. And the government you set up was hardly any comparison to the actual moot concil in Skyrim culture, where were the 9 jarls and one of them as high king? I seen a personal coalition group of your followers and even they under you could not name progress for this region. I never seen any RP or any link about TES and looking at this region without the name Skyrim would have been like looking at a region you wanted but couldn't raise yourself and instead you took advantage of this regions weakness and you kept it down and dieing for change for you were a lead gone or just pushed it away. You had your turn and chance to do something with this historical region but you blew it on wasted time and pointless effort. Now your being replaced for another to try and prove they can lead this region to its true Nord name with our support in doing so.

Attention: I encourage all WA Nations to endorse Jarl Pomplamouse. He will reign as Skyrim's new High King. I will permanently serve as the Military Governor of Skyrim, minus the delegacy and I'll try, to the best of my ability, to keep the Imperial Government out of your local affairs.

1) I was never power hungry and always encouraged nations to endorse whoever they please.
2) I left the flag as it was before.
3) My rule lasted over 700 days. Something I am very proud of.
4) You were in direct violation of cheating. That is why all of your WA nations were ejected thanks to my telegram to proper authority. At least I held my delegation fairly within regulations. This was my last act as Former High King.
5) You and your General Skyrim are now dismissed.

Hail Skyrim.
Death to the Emperor.

PS I may have been deposed...but I was never gone.
We win.

Well, this has certainly been a very interesting couple of weeks! I am glad to say though that Skyrim is no longer under any raider control and I hope that we can become an active region once again. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the region please telegram me! I think this whole thing could be looked at as a chance to maybe put some new ideas out there or any suggestions, so we can start to rebuild the region.

Totally random and on a lighter note: I would like to point out that in my nation more people die from Honey Badger attack then from murder and Im kinda proud of that hahaa

I left a nice message on their board.

A very nice message haha

Just so all of you know, the Emperor of Tamriel wanted me to post this on his behalf. His words, not mine.

"You can say you kicked us or we were frauds and we were raiders but the fact is...
1. You didn't kick us that traitor to the nords feature in this region did, and only cause we were ready to leave anyways.
2. The legion are not frauds cause those were not our legionaries and if I knew about them I would have reported them myself.
3. Next time we'll show you what a raid is as well as a true ooccupation. (We could have cause more damage and stayed longer if we were true raiders and didn't care about our fellow TES fans but your not here for TES your here for your personal power hungry gain on a weak region that need protection from corrupt people like you)
Better keep your boarders locked, cause we got more allies ready to back us even more this time and with better planing."

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