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71.The Dictatorship of WeltrathiaCorporate Police State“Do unto others before they can do unto you.”
72.The Dictatorship of Germane Third ReichInoffensive Centrist Democracy“On One's Orders”
73.The Nomadic Technocracy of DeminisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aptare Vel Mori, Sed Non Mortem Timemus”
74.The Kingdom of Olden DaysWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“The grass is always greener when it isn't burnt.”
75.The United Equestrian's of Independet State Allied ForcesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The night shall guide us to victory”
76.The Forbundsrepublikken of SkallenDemocratic Socialists“Dette Vil Stå!”
77.The Theocracy of GalestormCivil Rights Lovefest“Let faith be the wind beneath your wings”
78.The Southern Pony Commonwealth of Equestria-PonylandPsychotic Dictatorship“Friendship is Magic”
79.The Free Land of World BuilderLiberal Democratic Socialists“Now we're awoken, we're taking back control”
80.The Megaplex Arcologies of Maxim Heavy IndustriesWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Bringing you tomorrow's heavy weapons, today!”
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Season 3 all over again!!!

The Great Pony Empire of Arcanium of Mars wrote:I think we have either hackers or inside people working in hasbro that are doing this.

Nah. The broadcast order is different from the animation order, and the episode that they made 15th in animation order (but was supposed to be aired 21st in broadcast order) was accidentally uploaded to their official distribution channels instead of what was supposed to be the 15th episode in broadcast order. They realized their mistake and took it down fairly quickly, but in that time some people had managed to download it and start distributing it.

The Queendom of Our Town Renewed wrote:01, 1337 h4xx0rz 4r3 7h3 b357.

Thanks... I'm working on a total surrender treaty... care to help?


Aww, the geese didn't stay.

Well. Who wants to buy these 25 billion luxury nests we just finished building?

The Principality of Trotterdam wrote:Aww, the geese didn't stay.
Well. Who wants to buy these 25 billion luxury nests we just finished building?

Ill buy em for 16 billion

Well, this is interesting. Apparently, regional offices are now (or soon will be) a thing: page=news/2015/10/11/index.html

We could, of course, ignore this, and continue to be the Absolute Ruler you've all come to know and love. However, I founded this region for all of you to have fun in. If there's interest in appointing regional officers, we'll appoint them. Presumably we'll need some sort of electoral process rather than our just handing them out in exchange for bribes or some such.

It could have been useful to appoint some regional officers with Border Control authority for zombie apocalypse duty only, if it didn't cost influence to use those powers, which it unfortunately does even if the founder is the one who granted the powers. My comments to this effect in the thread have been repeatedly ignored.

Other than that, I nominate myself for Polls authority.

It would probably be a good idea to give someone who's keeping track of forum RPs to Appearance authority, to update the links in the WFE.

Communications authority seems pretty pointless, and voting on our embassy policy would be more useful than just voting on who excercises that policy.

The Pony Principality of Magical Equestria wrote:Presumably we'll need some sort of electoral process

I guess someone announces a nomination, someone else seconds it, and if it's seriously contentious we can run a poll?

It seems like a rather boring topic for a poll, though, so I wouldn't want too many "Appoint X? [Y/N]" polls. If multiple people run for a position we can just have a "which do you want" poll, which seems more relevant for the Appearance authority (should be a trusted person actively involved in the roleplay community, but we don't really need more than one) and less to for the Poll authority (which could be fun to spread around - I'd let our delegate have it at the very least!).

Post self-deleted by Trotterdam.

So, I've seen Crusaders of the Lost Mark now. And I decided to keep a running commentary of what I was thinking as I was watching. This is all 100% honest typed at the point of the episode listed, I didn't go back and change anything after seeing more of the episode, at all. I don't often use spoiler tags, but this warrants it.

Comment at 1:18 mark:

Well, if any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders is good at campaign managing, I'd say it's Sweetie Belle.

Also, her levitating Pipsqueak to join in the hoofbump was sweet.

Comment at 3:30 mark:

Diamond Tiara seems a lot less savvy at subterfuge than she was in Flight to the Finish, or even Twilight Time. Most politicians understand that even if you're an egotist who only cares about yourself, you're not supposed to say that during your election campaign.

But then, caring about other ponies' feelings has never been a strong point of hers.

Comment at 4:30 mark:

Oh, she's trying blackmail now. She's not totally incompetent after all.

Also, nice song. (Previous song was nice too.)

Comment at 5:30 mark:

Diamond Tiara actually doing something nice for somepony!? I mean, sure, she's just faking to earn votes, more like bribery really, but still, that's a shocking move from her. (Granted, we've seen that before when she suddenly made nice with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Twilight Time.)

And yes, the song is still going.

Comment at 6:00 mark:

...Seriously, Diamond Tiara? You make a stupid blunder like that now? You were winning! I actually liked your singing!

Comment at 6:35 mark:

That song was 3:05 minutes. The last one was 0:35 minutes. And we're not even that far into the episode, I'm expecting several more musical numbers at this rate.

Comment at 7:40 mark:

Okay, that's the moment I'm actually cheering for Silver Spoon.

Strictly lesser-of-two-evils, I assure you.

Comment at 8:00 mark:

And that's pretty awesome of Apple Bloom too.

Comment at 8:35 mark:

Okay, it's too early to judge where this is going yet, but I am totally not going to buy if Diamond Tiara was really a nice pony at heart who only acted like she does because of her pushy mother.

Comment at 8:55 mark:

Another song! Called it.

Not the topic I was expecting, but maybe I should have in hindsight.

Comment at 9:12 mark:

Diamonds are hard, but they're also brittle. A strong impact can break them more easily than a softer but tough material like steel.

Comment at 10:25 mark:

Okay, song over (that one was 1:30 minutes), but while I cautiously approve of giving Diamond Tiara more character development, I really can't believe that none of what we've seen of her so far was really her. Being rude comes far too naturally to her, even when nopony except her victim is watching, or when she's talking to her friend and fellow rich filly.

Comment at 12:50 mark:

Oh, good. That's the Diamond Tiara I know.

Comment at 14:45 mark:

These songs just keep getting better. This one was 1:50 minutes. (I do admit to occasionally needing to check the transcript to understand what they're saying, but that happens to me a lot.)

Comment at 15:35 mark:

Okay, I still don't see the sense of trying to develop one total jerk to be more sympathetic just by introducing a new total jerk to take her place, but that was still pretty cool of Diamond Tiara to tell her mother off like that.

Spoiled Rich can't be totally friendless, though, since she must have somehow managed to marry Filthy Rich. I wonder what he sees in her, since he did seem to be an at least slightly more decent sort, even if he does use some shady business practices.

Comment at 17:05 mark:

Okay, having Diamond Tiara take those "freaky" traits she tried to blackmail the foals about before and show them they're not something to be ashamed of by showing how they can be put to good use was a really awesome touch.

Comment at 17:11 mark:

Hey, they got Princess Twilight Sparkle (behold, behold) to help with the playground refurbishment!

Comment at 17:45 mark:

End of a 1:15 minute song, and just in time to see whether Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara reconcile!

Comment at 18:45 mark:

Well. That happened.

Yes, that. The thing.

I was right! I've always said that the Cutie Mark Crusaders would only earn their cutie marks once they stopped actively trying to earn their cutie marks, and would be surprised about it when it happened, and I was right!

They're less personal than I was expecting (come to think of it, none of the three Crusaders have really been demonstrating their personal unique talents this episode, despite it previously being made clear in The Show Stoppers they have them), and really I was going into this episode expecting to complain it's improbable that they would all three earn their cutie marks at the same time (even after both The Cutie Pox and Bloom & Gloom showed that it wouldn't hurt their friendship if they didn't), but you know what? I won't. That was awesome.

And the common theme is great. I've long noticed that the Cutie Mark Crusaders' friendship seems to be closer than even that of the main 6 (who wield the weaponized power of friendship), since they do almost everything together, while the main 6 often have individual focus episodes and only occasionally all join up for a grand adventure. That could have been written off as the Cutie Mark Crusaders being young and so having fewer career-oriented responsibilities to get between them, but whaddaya know? Friendship is their cutie mark!

The charges on the shield were a bit generic (Apple Bloom has an apple, who'd'a thunk?), but simple and to the point.

Also, I'm calling it now: there HAS to be a song to celebrate this victory. There are still a few minutes of the episode left.

Comment at 18:55 mark:


Comment at 19:45 mark:

Just noting that song was 0:50 minutes.

Comment at 19:50 mark:

Oh look, Pinkie Pie suddenly appeared. My Pinkie Sense tells me there is going to be a party soon.

Comment at 20:05 mark:

Hey, Rainbow Dash has a song for her sister where Applejack didn't. Clearly Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler.

Comment at 20:25 mark:

Okay, Applejack joins the song too, but only as a chorus. Rainbow Dash and Rarity both had solo parts, Applejack hasn't yet.

Also, I observe that Fluttershy is now the only pony who hasn't made at least a minor appearance in the episode. Okay, maybe she was in the background somewhere in a crowd scene and I didn't notice, but even Twilight's (so far) non-speaking role at least had a few moments of direct camera focus dedicated to her. Let's see if she still appears later.

Comment at 20:37 mark:

I'll call that song 0:35 minutes. And no, Applejack never did get a solo line. But they did include "sing it loud" in the lyrics, so yay for self-referential musicals.

Comment at 21:25 mark:

Oh wow, another victory song (0:40 minutes). Well, this is a really really big moment for them. Also, cameo from both Celestia and Luna.

Also, cool group photo. And yes, Fluttershy's in it. She still hasn't done anything.

Comment at episode close:

Okay, first some bookkeeping. Those songs totalled 10:20 minutes between them, approximately half of the episode (which is 21 minutes not counting the theme tune and credits). That beats Magical Mystery Cure (which I counted at 9:15 minutes), and... uh oh. I don't have a record of Pinkie Pride. No, that won't do. OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE REWATCH GO! Back. I counted 9:20 minutes. Yes! CUTIE MARK CRUSADER GRAND CHAMPIONS!

So. Some more stuff I forgot to say about those cutie marks at the 18:45 mark. Another thing I've been saying for a while and turned out to be right about is the the Crusaders' marks aren't just exactly what was foreshadowed all the way back in The Show Stoppers, like a lot of fans had been assuming, because that would be too easy: there's a reason they didn't earn their cutie marks back then, and that's because, despite aptitude, that wasn't really what they wanted to do with their lives. But I was still expecting their eventual cutie marks to be some variation of their foreshadowed talents, just with some unexpected twist. Pretty much none of that made it into this episode. They didn't even have any separate characterization to speak of, they acted as a trio with one mind for almost the entire episode. Considering the other stuff they've been shown at doing, having all three of them be full-time... counselors, I guess?... seems a bit underwhelming. Still, this episode was awesome, so let's see where they take it.

It's a shame that Silver Spoon hasn't had another speaking line after the climax. Other than some vague visuals, the matter of her friendship with Diamond Tiara has remained unresolved.

Oh, and one more thing? After Twilight Sparkle ascended into a Princess in Magical Mystery Cure, while waiting for the next season, I predicted that, and I quote: "Since they've shown they're willing to shake up the status quo and show real progress, it's quite possible that we will see other characters gaining closure, such as the Cutie Mark Crusaders discovering their true passions, Rainbow Dash joining the Wonderbolts, or Rarity becoming nationally famous and/or finding true love (with Spike or otherwise).". And I was a season early, but I as of now, almost all of that has happened! Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo (they deserve to be called by their names occasionally) have all earned their cutie marks, Rainbow Dash has flown with the Wonderbolts in a public show, and Rarity has opened a successful branch of her boutique in Canterlot. The "finding love" part is the only one that hasn't come true yet, and that was a longshot anyway.

I don't know what might come next. Rarity and Rainbow Dash have always been the most ambitious members of the cast, with goals that they've established very early on and had been repeatedly shown working to during the four-and-a-half seasons of the show's run. Twilight Sparkle never even wanted to be a Princess anyway, but she got it anyway and she's suited to the job (or would be, if the deus ex mapina didn't make her redundant). Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie seem fairly satisfied with their lives - sure, they have occasional problems, but mostly they just want to continue going at their current careers without fearing outside interruption.

As of now, pretty much all characters have gotten what they wanted. Triumph.

(I had to repost because it turns out the game doesn't like nested spoiler tags. Yes, I mean it. Don't open until you've seen the episode.)

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