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We've got ponies, therefore your argument is invalid.

Welcome to NationStates' original My Little Pony-themed region. Anyone wishing to RP a nation based on any part of the MLP franchise is welcome to set up shop here.

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Pony Lands contains 137 nations, the 76th most in the world.


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The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Pony Lands

As a region, Pony Lands is ranked 17,354th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
61.The Grand Duchy of FlandremondePsychotic Dictatorship“Dum Vastati Sumus”
62.The Principality of Star Swirl the BeardedCorrupt Dictatorship“From one to another, another to one.”
63.The Element of LaughterNew York Times Democracy“The Element of Laughter”
64.The Special Autonomous Region of KrazelyaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Once We Hoist the Sail, We Shall Not Turn the Tail”
65.The New Canterlot Republic of LittlepipNew York Times Democracy“Littlepip is best pony.”
66.The Lunar Equine Race of Bat PoniesAuthoritarian Democracy“Flying High in the Night Sky”
67.The Earth Pony of Bon-BonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bon Bon is Best Pony”
68.The Rabbit of CaerbannogBenevolent Dictatorship“Beware of the Rabbit of Caerbannog”
69.The Pegasus Pony of CloudchaserDemocratic Socialists“Cloudchaser is Best Pony”
70.The Federal Republic of GermaneyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“German Ponies FTW”
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"Every time I see a stupid rich kid having an easy ride of life with money they did nothing to deserve, I go into a jealous rage and start punching walls," says economically disadvantaged individual Chloe de Jong. "Abolish inheritance entirely! If the government takes the inheritance then we can spend all that cash on things that make ordinary people's lives better, like education, social welfare, and attack helicopters."

Wait, since when did my people call 'Defense' 'Attack helicopters'?

The Animal Federation of Lolloh wrote:Probably. Though sometimes I don't read stuff because I just don't like it. The fanfic on which your nation is based, for instance: It was so damned depressing I gave up after the 2nd chapter.

Same here, like your unnecessary remark for example.

http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Herdite_Foreign_Legion anyone wants to apply for an unit? TG's are welcome if you are interested :D

The Animal Federation of Lolloh wrote:Probably. Though sometimes I don't read stuff because I just don't like it. The fanfic on which your nation is based, for instance: It was so damned depressing I gave up after the 2nd chapter.

The 'depressing and fighting in this horrible world in the name of hope' is the whole point. The world sucks and is depressing and they make it better by killing people.

I have a Foreign Legion thread up in FNI if anyone thinks that their nationals would join. Kind of a cool way to sort of flex your muscles culturally and show what your citizens would be predisposed towards on a voluntary basis. viewtopic.php?f=23&t=306024

The Eternal Pony Republic of Urmanian wrote:http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Herdite_Foreign_Legion anyone wants to apply for an unit? TG's are welcome if you are interested :D

So what information do i give

The Eternal Pony Republic of Urmanian wrote:http://iiwiki.com/wiki/Herdite_Foreign_Legion anyone wants to apply for an unit? TG's are welcome if you are interested :D


I'm not sure how you even arrived at "agricolterra", unless it's supposed to be some sort of pun between "agriculture", "colt", and "terra". It's neither the correct Latin nor Italian form of "agriculture" or "agriculturer".

I'd also prefer to be a little more generic in what "earth" entails for earth ponies. They're not all farmers. There are other earth-or-plant-related professions, like miners, and not all earthbound ponies even have those.

And "volacontrol"? Pegasi fly and control the weather, but calling them "flight control" (or something that vaguely resembles it) is stretching it...

You even got your English wrong. It's "pegasus pony", not "pegasi pony". Even in the plural, it's still "pegasus ponies", not "pegasi ponies", just like it's also not "unicorns ponies" or "humans rights".

Really, I'd advise against overcomplicating things. When the common word for something is already (based on) valid Latin, like unicornis, you're better off using that.

I went with unicornis for unicorns and terrestris for earth ponies. Simple.

For pegasi, there's various ways to say "flying" in Latin - volans, volatilis, volatica, volucris, pennata/pinnata... - so it's a matter of which sounds best (so probably not the volatilis one). Alternatively, pegasus is also a perfectly valid Latin word (which was already used to denote a species by the Romans at least as far back as 43 AD, even with Pegasos orginally being a single being in Greek) - it would break the symmetry with pegasus being a noun while terrestris is an adjective, but that happens in English too (pegasus vs earth ponies), and it has the benefit of familiarity. And yes, pegasus is masculine (though it has no feminine form), but ICZN code article 31.2.1, nouns don't have to match genders, only adjectives. (Yes, I looked it up. Yes, that was a dry slog even for me.)

And then for alicorns. Their defining characteristic is having the strengths of all three pony types, supposedly in equal balance (this includes earth ponies, everyone keeps forgetting that!), so I wanted an epithet that highlights that. My first instinct was "trifecta", but it turns out that even though that sounds Latin it actually isn't - it's a pun on Spanish "perfecta". Though given how many real-life species names are puns, that's not necessarily a show-stopper. If not that then maybe something like "triqualitas"? I don't think that's quite right.

But that's just the subspecies. What about the important part?

The first thing is to figure out how to say "little pony" in Latin.

The use of "little" here is what linguists call a "diminutive" - a cutesy epithet often used to denote affection rather than little size. This is also seen, for example, in Fluttershy calling the manticore in the pilot "little". Many languages have formalized constructions for diminutives, rather than just slapping on an adjective. English has some informal diminutive-forming capability as in "horse" -> "horsie", but that doesn't work with "pony" (which can in a sense already be seen as a diminutive of "horse"...). Latin, though, has a grammaticalized diminutive that applies to just about everything.


The Latin diminutive for "horse" is equulus/equula. (Wiktionary also mentions the irregular variant equuleus/equulea without explanation. Apparently there's a constellation named that. And a torture rack.)

So, equula sounds like a good starting point for pony-naming.

Besides that, Latin has a number of adjectives meaning "small" or "little", of course (just like English does). Ones I've found include parv- and paul- as the most basic ones. Though not being a native Latin speaker (who is these days?), I can't tell whether each of those suggests "little" more in the sense of "cute" or more in the sense of "puny" to a native speaker. Parvus is also listed as meaning "cheap" or "unimportant", so perhaps not that one. And paulus seems to be very distantly related to the word "foal", if Wiktionary is to be believed (there are some contradictions in there).

So that makes something like (paul)equ(ul(e))a, where the parenthetical parts represent degrees of freedom. I'm still partial to just equula, though.

Thing is, though, we need [b]two[/i] names. A genus and a species name.

Real-life horses have been dubbed Equus caballus, where Equus is the Classic Latin word and caballus the Vulgar Latin word for "horse". Given that equus is the one that gets used poetically on the show ("draconequus", "Equestria"), I'd rather have something based on that as the species name for ponies specifically (rather than the genus name, as real life does it). On the upshot, caballio apparantely does mean "pony", though I'm not sure how they got that because it isn't how diminutives are normally formed in Latin.

So, it's messy, but I'm at least still favoring equula as a species name for now.

But then that raises the question of what to call the genus which includes ponies, donkeys, and zebras. Unfortunately, neither Latin nor any other language I know of has a word that means "equine" that isn't directly derived from a word for "horse", which is annoying.

Basically the options for the genus and species binomial are:

  1. Use something equ-based for one and something caball-based for the other.

  2. Accept having similar-sounding genus and species names (both use the equ stem, with or without extra elements). A bit boring for a binomial name to say the same thing twice, and not entirely accurate since donkeys aren't horses.

  3. Make one name in Greek and the other in Latin. (This is a common trick for scientists, for example Ursus arctos.)

  4. Have the genus name be descriptive in some way that's not directly referencing equinity, such as "fancy-colored" or "cutie-mark-bearer". That latter one, in particular, pinpoints the peculiar feature that species of this genus share and little or nothing else does, but I've hard a hard time finding a way to phrase it in Latin (or Greek).

So I'm still having a hard time deciding what to do with the genus name.

The other two species epithets are easier. Donkeys are easy, they're just feminized to asina for consistency (I think that word actually sounds pretty good).

I've had a surprisingly hard time finding a good word for "striped" in Latin - vittatus is the best I could find - though zebra also sounds convincingly Latinish (and conveniently ending in -a), even though it probably wasn't used by the Romans. (Meanwhile, creating a brand-new genus allows us to cheerfully ditch the silly technically by which the real-life zebra is now considered Equus quagga despite not being the quagga.)

So Zecora is probably a ___ zebra terrestris. Now to fill in the blank. I still can't make up my mind on that one.

Moral of the story: Trotterdam is crazy.

What about other beings we've seen?

For changelings, the best I have is Equimima perforata. Equimima means "horse mimic", and is a relatively common construction in real life for naming animals that resemble other animals (not through shapeshifting, of course), but it sounds rather bland. I'm much happier with the perforata part, it's hard to beat that. (Also, I did just explain that they're not subspecies, but if we're going to name them anyway, queen is regina and worker is operaria.)

For griffons, I'm favoring Greek: Aetoleon (you can figure out what that means). Haven't come up with a second half. If we're going by the "half eagle, half lion, and all awesome" bit then that would be Aetoleon deinos or something, but I'm not prepared to take Gilda's word on the "all awesome" part. Of course, you could also do something obvious like Gryphon gryphon, but that's going to confuse people about spelling (the fancy "gryphon" spelling is the most accurate to the original Greek, but the show uses "griffon" in the episode title).

For diamond dogs I'm confident on Fossorcanis adamantis. Fossorcanis means "digger/miner dog" (I'm not 100% sure if that's the best way to fuse the two words together but it sounds good), and adamantis means "of diamonds", as well as "unbreakable" referring to that species' size and strength.

Dragons are hard. Spoilsport scientists have already wasted the obvious genus name Draco on a puny lizard, though the Greek from Dracon/Drakon seems to still be free. Also, if you're planning to use these in a NationStates RP you'll inevitably run into another nations with dragons that don't follow the same rules as yours at some point, which is something that scientific naming would have to account for.

I did find out, though, that the Latin word fax means "torch" or "fireball". I guess that explains Spike.

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