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We've got ponies, therefore your argument is invalid.

Welcome to NationStates' original My Little Pony-themed region. Anyone wishing to RP a nation based on any part of the MLP franchise is welcome to set up shop here.

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Construction of embassies with The Free Land For All has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with United Commowealths of Nova has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Silly, Monarchist, Large, Featured, Fantasy Tech, Multi-Species, Magical, and Serious.

Regional Power: High

Pony Lands contains 76 nations, the 171st most in the world.

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The Most Authoritarian in Pony Lands

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Pony Lands is ranked 11,066th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
61.The Principality of TrotterdamLeft-Leaning College State“The Indivisible Many”
62.The Kingdom of Olden DaysWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“The grass is always greener when it isn't burnt.”
63.The Hippocracy of Pastel PoniesNew York Times Democracy“Peace and Freedom”
64.The New Lunar Republic of The Lunar DomainWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Neben un iilah, pah aal lahniv ko lii ahrk stin. ”
65.The Laser-Wielding Commune of Intergalactic PenguinsCivil Rights Lovefest“Fish, squid and hyperspace transport for all!”
66.The Pony Principality of Princess LunaWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Freedom is Magic”
67.The Theocracy of GalestormCivil Rights Lovefest“Let faith be the wind beneath your wings”
68.The Protectorate of Lyra and Bon BonWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“You are in the care of Lyra and Bon Bon”
69.The Underwater Hordes of SeaponiesCorporate Bordello“SHOO BE DOO! SHOO SHOO BE DOO!”
70.The Armed Republic of TehUnitedStatesCivil Rights Lovefest“Dictatorships and Tyrannical Regimes, Beware...”
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Regional Poll • Proposed Alliance

The Pony Principality of Magical Equestria wrote:Yesterday we received a telegram from The Federal Republic of Sassory, president of the United Commonwealths of Nova region. The UCN has apparently had run-ins with raider regions such as DEN, and is proposing a multi-region alliance to combat them. The alliance, called the Nova Compact, is described in the dispatch from the UCN we've pinned to the regional World Factbook Entry. This poll is to vote on whether Pony Lands should be part of this regional alliance. Because defending against raiders requires WA membership (to oust the invader who has set themselves up as Delegate to seize power), the poll is limited to WA nations here in the region. Please make your wishes known so that we may communicate them to the UCN.

Voting opened 12 hours ago and will close . Open to WA member residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Pony Lands Regional Message Board

speaking of kids with guns,


is there a way we could put DEN in it's place and free that area?

The Theocracy of Silver Field wrote:speaking of kids with guns,
is there a way we could put DEN in it's place and free that area?

DEN left on their own. The founder just needs to clean the place up.

The Covenant Empire of Bulkan wrote:Since you Seem to WANT this to escalate, alright. I'll escalate.
- Bulkar Quantum News -
The Bulkar Wet and Space Navy was deployed to Embargo the Nation of Candy Bottles, blocking all Major ports and terminals. The Military is also now actively jamming all Candy Bottles Orbital weapons.
If a Candy Bottles navy vessel attempts any hostile action, the Bulkan Space navy is tracking all Commercial and Navy vessels on the ocean and is authorized to Destroy the attacker.
As well, as Wet Commercial vessels involved with whaling will be outfitted with military grade Artificially Influenced/Concentrated Magic and Spell detectors.

OOC: Just so you know, Its Blockade, not Embargo. Also, you do realize those spells are designed to hide themselves too, right?

IC: Naval vessels of The Candy Of Bottles have been ordered to go along with the attempted blockade for the time being, while the Orbital Defense Grid has been switched to rotating frequencies to prevent further attempts at jamming, and a statement has been issued reminding the region that the lasers used by the satellites are not capable of use against targets below 20 km above sea level.

Furthermore, a 95% success rate is being reported for the aversion spells preventing the whales from being found, while the crews of two Bulkar naval vessels are on their way home following their rescue from the Great Oceanic Waterfall. Both craft appear to have been attempting to blockade the Steel-Island of Vales, home to the city of Mistyoceans. The vessels themselves were lost.

OOC: Thought I took pictures of the waterfall, but now I can't find them. Huh. Oh well, just take an adventurer out towards Mistyoceans and you should find it. Best theory I have is that the game tried to put the roof of the first cavern above the bottom of the ocean, which resulted in a hole in the ocean floor.

Woo, I finally got another point of happiness! That makes me so happy!

This is what did it:
Following new legislation in Trotterdam, there have been sightings of people walking around dressed in nothing but leopard-skin g-strings for 'religious reasons'.
As usual, this means that they're still wearing more than an average citizen in my nation, and I am quite upset that they're illegally poaching leopards.


The Equestrian Babysitters Club has proven to be a huge relief to stressed-out parents across the nation, kids laugh off vandalism and arson as "just fun", graffiti graces every city's streets, and Magical Equestria's soft-touch approach to diplomacy has made it known as the 'push-over' of the region.

Hmm...I think I may need to take a firmer hoof with my little ponies.

There is a poll up with a question regarding joining a regional anti-raider alliance. Do please read the dispatch on the WFE and make your opinion known. Note that the poll is only open to WA nations here, as they would be the ones doing any defensive actions as part of the alliance.

The Pony Principality of Magical Equestria wrote:There is a poll up with a question regarding joining a regional anti-raider alliance. Do please read the dispatch on the WFE and make your opinion known. Note that the poll is only open to WA nations here, as they would be the ones doing any defensive actions as part of the alliance.

There are currently seven nations in Pony Lands with three valid endorsements or less, and one of those with zero. I'd consider that number of endorsements low enough for a nation to not be tied down, so the real question is weather or not that's enough of a force. I currently have eight, so I'd prefer to hang back even if I did want to get involved in R&D, which I do not.

I don't see how we can possibly be hurt by joining up with this ... protectorate.

Honestly, I don't see that we gain anything by not joining, and we do gain a defensive blanket if we are invaded (which looking at other pony places, is totally possible).

This thing is only as strong as everyone in it. We aught to do our part before DEN does theirs to us.

Just out of curiosity, how many are currently in Nova?

I say no because I believe in an absolutely rigid neutrality in such issues. I have never seen PL get raided or take part in a liberation before, and there's no reason for us to stick our necks out for the axe now...figuratively of course.

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