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Osiris contains 3,894 nations, the 8th most in the world.

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#NationWA CategoryMotto
2711.The Lost Nomads of The Hiigaran CouncilNew York Times Democracy“For the Homeworld!”
2712.The Dominion of Double CrossiaAnarchy“Oh, you're an intelligent imbecile!”
2713.The Republic of CloudstriderCivil Rights Lovefest“We Dance Crazy, Jawa!”
2714.The Disputed Territories of Chrisilinian Controlled TexasDemocratic Socialists“Soule bless Texas”
2715.The Republic of RankeCompulsory Consumerist State“Trust in us.”
2716.The State of TelanganaMoralistic Democracy“Free at last!”
2717.The Ancient Brittanic Empire of Sardatia and MaranicaAnarchy“Half Your World is Ours”
2718.The Queendom of SeryicaMother Knows Best State“Eternal Snow, Light Our Glory”
2719.The Empire of FarsicCorporate Bordello“Facere Fortuna Tua”
2720.The Holy Empire of SolirCorporate Police State“Serving the People and the Light of the Empire”
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The Oxymoron Universe of Twisted Dimension wrote:Question #56
What do you think of commercials?
Sure they're the things that make you're favorite shows stay on but are they really worth it

No ...

There's a little something I like to call government funding that means there's no commercials on the ABC, and I pay for Netflix.

The Holy Kingdom of DACOROMANIA wrote:Please, I need some help, I can not understand this issue:
In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of The Holy Kingdom today ruled that an obscure clause of the Constitution invalidates a government bill reaffirming the ban on same-sex marriage. Two groups have gathered in Zamia, one to protest the decision, the other to applaud it.
The Debate
1. "Could somebody please explain to me why a few unelected codgers in black robes are allowed to dictate public policy?" rants Fanny Wong, the infuriated MP whose bill was overturned by the decision. "Judges are supposed to enforce the law, not legislate from the bench. This is a judicial putsch! A threat to DACOROMANIAN democracy! Tyranny! Parliament was elected by the people of DACOROMANIA and so the only checks to our power should come at the next election, when voters can decide for themselves whether they approve of our policies or not."
2. "Democracy is nothing more than a tyranny by majority without constitutional safeguards," cautions civil rights campaigner Stan Usman, whose amicus curiae was referenced in the decision. "The very fact that the Court is unelected means that they won't be afraid to make bold decisions, while our politicians are busy pandering to the lowest common denominator. All Parliamentary laws should have to be reviewed by the Court!"
What represent each one of these variants?

1 is saying that the people have no say in government until the election, where they can review all laws and policies, while 2 is saying that all the bills passed should be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong

The Republic of Vandtretta wrote:I have proudly displayed my vote in affirmation of repealing WA General Assembly Resolution #286. The topic of abortion is a very sensitive issue that should remain at the individual member-nations authority. We, as baptists, we as catholics, we as christians, jews, and muslims-we as a religious society should not be compelled to authorize abortions, or be forced to take in the children that are the result of anyone's inconvenience of having such child.
Abortion is murder, and murder is wrong. Help me, and help the sponsor repeal this resolution, as it usurps the power of individual member states to make their own decisions regarding such a controversial issue.
Thank you.

I personally agree with this. While I may support abortion in a VERY few rare circumstances, but as a whole, am against it. Rape cases should be given for adoption. Punish the Rapist. Not the child. But the bulk of Abortions have simply been killings for the sake of birth control. Use a damned pill. It's cheaper, less time-consuming, and a lot less of a pain to get than an abortion. Also, there is a bill for religious freedoms that makes it that individuals should not have to choose between their faith or their jobs. But this somehow is always overlooked in the case of doctors and nurses....


The Oxymoron Universe of Twisted Dimension wrote:Question #56
What do you think of commercials?
Sure they're the things that make you're favorite shows stay on but are they really worth it

Yes, I love Commercials here

Post self-deleted by The Crimson Blades.

Bored of answering issues? Weary of writing factbooks? Tired of not knowing what to do with NationStates in general?

Then join our military, The Sekhmet Legion of Osiris, to serve your region!

With plenty of new career opportunities and exciting gameplay, you'll never be bored with NS again!

To enlist, make an application in the following thread: http://w11.zetaboards.com/OFO/topic/11409781/1/

Not a citizen of Osiris yet? Visit this thread first: http://w11.zetaboards.com/OFO/topic/10575655/1/

Hope to see you on the battlefield soon, my friend. If you have any questions, feel free to telegram me.


Lieutenant General Ivo Montresor-Stark
Deputy Scribe of War of Osiris

New Emeritus, Trick Shot, Yokorishi, Degador, and 1 otherTransdavisia

Does anyone know what effects the murder mystery issue has?

The Federated Directorate of Arathaea wrote:Does anyone know what effects the murder mystery issue has?

To annoy me.

Hello Osiris! We will be celebrating The Festival of the Resurrection this year! This is a festival to commemorate the founding of the Osiris Fraternal Order. Most of these festivity's will take place on our forum (you can find that here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/OFO/index) but don't worry we have something fun planned for you here on the RMB also. One of these things is an interview with our founders koth and Cormac (You can find a little more info about that here: page=dispatch/id=523774 ), if you have any questions for them you can telegram me here on Degador, my main nation Kyorgia or our pharaoh/WA delegate Trick Shot. I hope to see a lot of questions coming in :)

hey guys can anyone tell me why people endorse other countries

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