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WA nations are required to endorse the Pharaoh: Tim Stark and the Vizier: Ainocra

Please also endorse:

Guardians: Ikand, Revert, Zaolat, Torshavn, and The Almighty Jesus Whale

General Endorsement Limit: 50
Guardian Endorsement Limit: 100
Vizier Endorsement Limit: 110

Exceeding the endorsement limit may result in being sent down the Duat..

No advertisements on the RMB. No exceptions. Violators are thrown to the cobras. Survivors are thrown to the crocodiles.

In-game embassies are granted only to regions with forum embassies or consulates.

Breaking News, Your Pharaoh has won the Triple Crown!

Embassies: Balder, The East Pacific, Albion, The Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Inquisition, Europeia, the Rejected Realms, Spiritus, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Mazeria, The New Galactic Empire, The Brotherhood of Malice, Caprecia, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Equilism, Glass Gallows, and 17 others.International Democratic Union, Islamic Republics of Iran, La France, Lone Wolves United, Mordor, NationStates, The North Pacific, Warzone Europe, the West Pacific, Antarctic Oasis, Kingdom of Alexandria, New Hyperion, Monkey Island, The Pollaetorian Guard, Veysail, The Sekhmet Legion, and Lazarus.

Tags: Democratic, Anti-Fascist, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, Social, Game Player, Independent, Featured, Role Player, Founderless, Gargantuan, Regional Government, and 2 others.Sinker, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

Osiris contains 3,722 nations, the 8th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Average Tax Rates in Osiris

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, Osiris is ranked 4,389th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
2711.The Republic of JinshanLeft-Leaning College State“...”
2712.The Egypt of General SisiFather Knows Best State“The Lion of Egypt”
2713.The Republic of Carabel gravyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Quick and with wit”
2714.The Federation of Alpha TernIron Fist Consumerists“Dissent's only recourse is annihilation.”
2715.The Confederacy of LukyrDemocratic Socialists“Like the panther, we prowl in the shadow.”
2716.The Republic of LinsLeft-Leaning College State“Do unto others...”
2717.The Borderlands of Firelight BastionFather Knows Best State“Be Spiky, My Echidnas”
2718.The Dictatorship of WalyvokiaCorporate Police State“Taxation for power”
2719.The Oppressed Peoples of IijosavakCorporate Police State“Смерть , Позор и атомному осень отъезда”
2720.The Grand Duchy of Wakia unionLiberal Democratic Socialists“NOTHING”
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Wait, who's sole? My soul, Bearclaw's soul? Figs' soul?

Fun fact, I used to own Figs' soul, in a way. I owned the nation for a time ;P

I'm going to use that for the title of my next novel; "I Used to Own Figs Soul". Look for it on the NYTBSL. I'll give you credit.

Bear soul? I'm a Raven. Chirp.

Well then, I haven't been active on this RMB.... >_>

The Meticulous Osiran Physician of Dr Ivo wrote:Well then, I haven't been active on this RMB.... >_>

Should be more active :)

Nations of Osiris

Do you want a say in the governance of your region? Do you want some input on the decisions that affect your nation? Then the Deshret of Osiris is right place for you my friend, as it is open to any citizen in good standing who wishes to join. Just to clarify, the Deshret is your Regional Legislature.

By joining the Deshret you get a vote on the important issues that face Osiris. Your opinions will be heard, your vote is essential, your home needs you!

Become a Citizen today!
Once you have become a citizen then apply to join the Deshret!

Don't want to join the Deshret? Well then the Hedjet might be the place for you!
The Hedjet (the Executive Cabinet) is composed of the various ministries of the government and can always use another set of hands willing to help out!
Right now we have openings in almost every cabinet department!
After becoming a citizen just fill out this Executive Service Application!

Also, lets take a minute to Endorse your Pharaoh (WA Delegate) The Pharaoh of Tim Stark

Your Vizier (Vice Delegate) The Candidate for Pharaoh of Ainocra
And any of your Guardians (Security Councillors) that are below their endorsement cap of 100!
The Vigilant of Zaolat, The Commonwealth of Torshavn, The Error-Prone Scholars of Revert, The Imperialist Conglomerate of Ikand,The Heavenly Emperor of The Almighty Jesus Whale

And I hope to see you on the other side!

The Deshreti Keeper of New Emeritus

Ohai, I can actually post with my main here. Snazzy.

Indeed you can sir :)

far too long has it been since we haz had Koth on the RMB

Ah yes, a whole 4 hours ;P

But yeah, I getcha.

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