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-~- Welcome to the Osiris Fraternal Order -~-
- The Desert Star of NationStates -

Please endorse the Acting-Pharaoh The Imperialist States of Ikand!

Osiris is home to a cosmopolitan community of various ideologies and beliefs, you'll be sure to find something that interests you on our LinkRegional Forum! Why not pay a visit to our IRC Channel? We're Link#osi on LinkEsper.net!

Please endorse the Guardians of the Atef: Revert and Detective Figs. The Guardians have a cap of 50.

Other nations have an endorsement cap of 20. Do not go above this cap unless you want to be deported to the Rejected Realms for 12 Hours.

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Regional Power: Very High

Osiris contains 3,589 nations, the 8th most in the world.


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The Best Weather in Osiris

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Osiris is ranked 12,610th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
2661.The Imperial Magocracy of The Tevinter ImperiumIron Fist Consumerists“Na Via Lerno Victoria”
2662.The Apocalyptic Wasteland of KentslandFather Knows Best State“The End Is Just A New Beginning”
2663.The Decent Sniper of InFaMoUs Clan Official-ICO-DiNastyCompulsory Consumerist State“Check Out Our Youtube: Infamousclanelite”
2664.The Republic of ZopsCorporate Bordello“Cry me a river”
2665.The Kingdom of ElipsumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Resach for the stars or die trying”
2666.The Republic of Goblins and TrollsCompulsory Consumerist State“If we keep sacking cities, we'll have hyperinflation”
2667.The Armed Republic of Soviet RuskarovDemocratic Socialists“Glory to Our Country”
2668.The Free Land of The Free Land UnitedInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Together we can do it”
2669.The Protectorate of JinndiemCorporate Bordello“발해의 승리에 과 대한 세상의 악화”
2670.The Dictatorship of BabbalitzIron Fist Consumerists“NEVER SURRENDER!”
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O.K, here it is: The Osiris patriotic song. (Some of the details are inaccurate)

Osiris Patriotic song
((CHORUS: From Memphis through to Karnak, good people gather near,
And listen to a message, a song that you can hear!
We’re sending out a message, we’ll raise the hue and cry!
Be mindful of the bonny blue flag that bears the holy eye!))

On nineteenth of October, our fair country was born,
twas like a bouncin’ baby, that bright October morn!
‘Twas built to solve a problem, a situation hairy,
Solution to the problem was Osiris by Max Barry!

‘Twas then clear that the country, it had a fearsome flaw!
For where then would Osiris be, without a code of law?
The settled on a bookin’, though it was oft misread,
The title of the bookin’ was the bookin’ of the dead

If you must know, this next chapter, I shudder to relate.
The forums of Osiris became quite full of hate.
‘Twas then that Pharaoh Zaolat, his patience wearing thin,
Nigh on destroyed the forums, to everyone’s chagrin.

After, there came George Holland, and he was not a quack.
He was missing his sanity, he called himself Mad Jack.
‘Tis true that Pharaoh Holland, helped make the region whole.
He’s gone now from Osiris, Osiris rest his soul.

And then there were more Pharaoh’s, some people small and big,
Among them a detective who is rather fond of figs.
The good land of Osiris, she strived to stay ahead,
But many tragic flaws were there in the bookin’ of the dead.

Then some people called Empire, we shudder to recall,
Took over our fair country, and so oppressed us all.
Some good folks they discredited, and some they disemboweled,
The good land of Osiris was fast becoming fouled.

And then a man called Venico, from the distant land of Malice,
Took issue with these goings on in the Osiris royal palace.
He then contacted Cormac, and told him what they’d do:
The wishes of the many, would overthrow the few!

And then, of course, there was a fight, ‘twas really quite intense
The evil foes from Empire could not mount a defense.
And when at last ‘twas over, in victory not narrow,
The traveler called Venico became the warrior pharaoh!

But Venico was noble; he had no wish to troll.
The triumph of democracy had always been his goal.
He set up an election; and with his work complete,
Returned back home to Malice, a raiding land elite

Then our Pharaoh Ravenclaw, he did not run or hide.
He stood for the election, and won in a landslide.
And he leads us with confidence, he leads us ably,
And he has said thought we’re not frat we’re a fraternity!

And now there is a good Deshret, a parliament, you know,
A body to decide the law by voting yes and no.
Our very own Treize Dreizehn is Keeper there, you see.
He looks like Charlie Chaplin did in nineteen-twenty-three.

And now our free and good land is finally at rest,
Of governments that we could have, the OFO is best.
Tell Congress and the President, and tell the gods on high,
Be mindful of the bonny blue flag that bears the holy eye!
(CHORUS x 2)

I will have to add in new verses due to recent events.

To be known to all That the patriotic song of Osiris post by war wombat is the official anthem of Osiris. Detective figs would you be willing to accept my composition "all hail Osiris" as the hymn of the Osirian Legion?

Wonderful songs. I only wish my late husband King Tush were alive to hear them. :'(

He is in your heart and he watches Osiris with loving grace. Be proud dear widow, he is and always will be one of Osiris Greats.

The Democratic Republic of Begley Commonwealth wrote:To be known to all That the patriotic song of Osiris post by war wombat is the official anthem of Osiris. Detective figs would you be willing to accept my composition "all hail Osiris" as the hymn of the Osirian Legion?

I think yours is probably better. I have yet to finish composing the tune to mine

Let's let the Pharoh decide, but finish your quickly I read it and I am impressed very much your work is amazing :)

Or another idea has come to mind, I can compose the music for the lyrics you composed I may try and see what happens. It's up to you my friend. I'll support you either way :)

Wow that was...beautiful :o

Also my resolution is up for vote if the good folks of Osiris are up to voting FOR. If y'all have any questions just shoot them over here. :)

*shoots a question.....watches it lay twitching on the ground*

Guess that's not what you meant, eh ?

Telegrams typically work better but that works too xD

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by Max Barry

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