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WA Delegate: The Osiran Pharaoh of Tim Stark (elected 49 days ago)

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Welcome to the Osiris Fraternal Order! Now pillaging your villages!

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WA nations are required to endorse the Pharaoh: Tim Stark and the Vizier: Zaolat

Please also endorse:

Guardians: Ikand, Revert, Ainocra, and Torshavn

General Endorsement Limit: 25
Guardian Endorsement Limit: 75
Vizier Endorsement Limit: 85

Exceeding your designated endorsement limit may result in being sent down the Duat..

No advertisements on the RMB. No exceptions. Violators are thrown to the cobras. Survivors are thrown to the crocodiles.

In-game embassies are granted only to regions with forum embassies or consulates.

Featured Region of the Week: The Cuckoos Egg

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    Welcome to Osiris!

    MetaReference by Ikand 125 days ago. 309 reads.

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    About the Osiris Fraternal Order

    MetaGameplay by Tim Stark 24 days ago. 139 reads.

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    Endorsement Limit Information

    MetaGameplay by Tim Stark 11 days ago. 28 reads.

Embassies: Balder, The East Pacific, Albion, The Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Inquisition, Europeia, the Pacific, the Rejected Realms, Spiritus, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Mazeria, The New Galactic Empire, The Brotherhood of Malice, Caprecia, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Equilism, and 16 others.Glass Gallows, International Democratic Union, Islamic Republics of Iran, La France, Lone Wolves United, Mordor, NationStates, The North Pacific, Warzone Europe, Warzone Sandbox, the West Pacific, Antarctic Oasis, Kingdom of Alexandria, New Hyperion, Monkey Island, and The Pollaetorian Guard.

Construction of embassies with Lazarus has commenced. Completion expected in 1 day 12 hours.

Tags: Democratic, Anti-Fascist, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Forums, Social, Game Player, Independent, Featured, Role Player, Founderless, Gargantuan, Regional Government, and 2 others.Sinker, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

Osiris contains 3,871 nations, the 8th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Healthiest Citizens in Osiris

A measure of the general health of citizens in each nation.

As a region, Osiris is ranked 3,583rd in the world for Healthiest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Situationist Society of WTF PWNEDCivil Rights Lovefest“Denounce the Spectacle.”
12.The Rogue Nation of HumdingervilleIron Fist Consumerists“Do As We Say.....Or Else!!”
13.The Republic of DoggylandoniaLeft-wing Utopia“How ya like dem apples?”
14.The Radiant Empire of RoaniaIron Fist Consumerists“With Faith in Our Ancestors”
15.The Largely Ungoverned Territory of OneiroLeft-wing Utopia“Posession is imprisonment.”
16.The Altrienian Administratum of Useful DaveiaDemocratic Socialists“Administratus, Arise!”
17.The Commonwealth of Bungling BadgersIron Fist Consumerists“I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”
18.The Dominion of 4UCorrupt Dictatorship“Phones?”
19.The Fiefdom of 6MFather Knows Best State“Call me”
20.The Calamitious State of KrastoviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“DAAAAAAAA”
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Regional Poll • Rock, Paper, Scissors!

The Osiran Pharaoh of Tim Stark wrote:We're playing Spiritus in Rock, Paper, Scissors. The goal is to beat them! You can check what Spiritus is voting whenever you want, and the goal is for us to pick the option that beats them at the end of four days. Go Osiris!

Voting opened 1 day 14 hours ago and will close in 2 days 9 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “What's your favorite type of cheese?”

Regional Happenings


Osiris Regional Message Board

The Corporate Nation of Imperialistic States of Howa wrote:Shouldn't there be a way to hide the polls from outsiders? I just think that it somewhat takes away from the competition if we can cheese the vote in someway.

The point of the whole competition is for each region to be able to work together to swing their vote to beat the other region, in an exercise of region unity and such. Anonymity takes the fun out of it! :P

The Borg Collective of Elysium Of Heroes wrote:Nothing in my game is "Omnipotent" fully, there are close attempts at it, such as Thoth's books, but no full omnipotence and All knowing power, except for me, the DM. I do like the ideas of Quasigod and Intermediate deity though, I tend to avoid the Divine blood though, because when I actually thought about it, Most Deities have the capability of finding a perfectly suitable Godly partner. They shouldn't have to go to mortals, and I thought further, and realized that no smart Deity would leave themselves open to traps and tricks of another god by visiting a Mortal no? Otherwise they wouldn't survive. I know in mythology there is a lot of Children of the gods and whatnot, but my campaign takes place when the gods are a bit more mature and smarter. Ex. I remember reading a myth of a cunning man who captured Hades, that would not happen in my game AT ALL haha

Divine blood was just my reasoning on why certain people in myths tend to be awesome. Also why why Kings and Emperors would claim that Hercules or Perseus was their ancestor. It just means that a Demigod or Quasigod is a parent/grandparent/or great-grandparent of the individual.

To answer your other part about why gods would interact with mortals; I would assume either boredom, infatuation, or some kind of narcissism.

The Osiran Pharaoh of Tim Stark wrote:The point of the whole competition is for each region to be able to work together to swing their vote to beat the other region, in an exercise of region unity and such. Anonymity takes the fun out of it! :P

Oh, well I feel stupid now. Thanks glorious leader.

The Corporate Nation of Imperialistic States of Howa wrote:Oh, well I feel stupid now. Thanks glorious leader.

For answering my question I mean. Rereading my post makes me sound like I was blaming you for something. I wasn't, I was just trying to thank you for explaining the situation to me.

Haha, no worries! I understand where the confusion was coming from, it was my first reaction to it too.

The Osiran Pharaoh of Tim Stark wrote:Haha, no worries! I understand where the confusion was coming from, it was my first reaction to it too.

Thanks a lot. I'll have to pay more attention to my post from this point on.

It's fine, post what you want! :)

So did anyones info get leaked?

If we want to win rock, paper, scissors we shouldn't lean so heavily towards one choice.
Spiritus is keeping all of them tied (5-5-5), so they can shift the outcome very easily. That's a good strategy.

Tim Stark

Farm-raised Ugandan chameleons aren't as good as genuine wild-caught chameleons from southeastern Madagascar.

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