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Welcome to Osiris! Walk like an Egyptian! Link

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One of the largest and most powerful regions in the game, Osiris is home to an active, Ancient Egypt themed community and is proud to be the largest raider region in NationStates. Make sure to check out our regional forum Linkhere and introduce yourself on our Regional Message Board here.

Please join the World Assembly and endorse the Pharaoh: Cormactopia II, and his Heir Apparent: Neo Kervoskia.

Please also endorse our Guardians: Adytus, The Dourian Embassy, Gradea III, Ikand, and Tylope.

Embassies: Balder, The Brotherhood of Malice, The Communist Bloc, The East Pacific, HYDRA Command, The Invaders, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Lone Wolves United, Unknown, Ainur, The Allied States, Antarctic Oasis, Auralia, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, Eientei Gensokyo, Equilism, and 20 others.Equinox, Europe, Gay, Glass Gallows, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, International Democratic Union, Monkey Island, NationStates, The New Galactic Empire, New Hyperion, New Warsaw Pact, the Pacific, Paraguay, Philosophy 115, the Rejected Realms, Warzone Europe, The Western Isles, the West Pacific, Yggdrasil, and Eternal Scholars.

Construction of embassies with The EU has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Featured, Offsite Forums, Sinker, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Invader, Regional Government, Gargantuan, Founderless, Social, and Game Player.

Regional Power: Very High

Osiris contains 4,879 nations, the 7th most in the world.

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The Largest Agricultural Sector in Osiris

World Census bean-counters on horseback guided herds of cattle to slaughter in order to determine which nations have the largest agricultural sectors.

As a region, Osiris is ranked 7,112th in the world for Largest Agricultural Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Federal Republic of TalaseaCivil Rights Lovefest“Ex Astris Scientia”
12.The Republic of EVERDELLVIAScandinavian Liberal Paradise“ONE GOOD TURN GETS ALL THE COVERS!”
13.The Federation of Dimension of PlanetsIron Fist Consumerists“You Will Be Assimilated”
14.The Benevolent Corpocracy of Sovereign IncorporatedInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strive for the best, or fail like the rest!”
15.The Fiefdom of LavallinaIron Fist Consumerists“Work and Work for the King's Pleasure”
16.The Trade Federation of Arachis hypogaeaCorporate Bordello“Make profit, not war”
17.The Republic of ----Kenny----Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“ ”
18.The Empire of The Empire Of DavtoniaCorrupt Dictatorship“We Can Do Anything As Long As We Stay United”
19.The Empire of UzushioLiberal Democratic Socialists“Thats the spirit! A suicidal spirit but one nonetheless”
20.The Theocracy of Vault001Democratic Socialists“Open Arms To All”
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Osiris Regional Message Board

I lieu of a national anthem, Vespeterium Major has adopted a tune played upon an accursed fiddle that compels its listeners to dance until they die as its national song. That is all.

East Melaka

The Commonwealth of Vespeterium Major wrote:I lieu of a national anthem, Vespeterium Major has adopted a tune played upon an accursed fiddle that compels its listeners to dance until they die as its national song. That is all.

As long as you don't play that anthem in my country, then it is fine.. >.>

Post by Vintony suppressed by a moderator.


Post by United oceinia suppressed by Cormactopia II.

The Free Land of Vintony wrote:Fellow nations of the world,
A great crime has been committed and the people of the NS world deserve to know about it, if only to guard themselves against future misfortune. The founder of the region Illuminati, The Eye of Rhyphix, has threatened to release the personal information of a number of players if they do not give in to his demands. Such action cannot be tolerated in a community such as this and this person is fully deserving of official reprimand though the nature of his crime prevents official action from taking place.
A few days ago there was a tense exchange between The Eye of Rhyphix and a nation known as The Blissful Tyranny of International Mastermind (IM). IM had left the region Illuminati amidst scandal and arrived in Exodus where he hoped to find refuge. The people of that region treated him coolly, with some accepting his arrival and others remaining aloof; treating him with suspicious eyes because of their personal history with the account holder. At any rate, he did not represent the people of Exodus.
On September 24th, IM reported a post Rhyphix had lodged on the Illuminati message board to the site moderators who removed the post and banned Rhyphix from posting for a period of time. Proceeding this, Rhyphix had lost his rights to send telegrams in a separate incident.
Last night, September 25th, 2016, the nation known as Rhyphix delivered a threatening ultimatum to the elected leader of Exodus. His message was thus:
“…we've decided to label any region that harbors Mod Terrorists to also be terrorists themselves. That means (Using the GOD List, every major region in the game will be given full contact, email, IP, and all known Illuminati intelligence on Mod Terri at and those who harbor them. I'm going to effectively immobilize that player anywhere in the game (of significance)
I don't want Exodus to be included in that list naturally, So if he
[IM] is still there and your going to take a stand against him, now is the time.”
The people of Exodus will not tolerate such blatant threats. The founder of Illuminati delivered this message using an offsite chat service but if his threat is followed through it will jeopardize the security of numerous players whose personal information he has collected and mar the reputation of this website. Rhyphix has done this before as the nation Roma Qochasiva (although that offense was a decade ago) and has harassed players onsite for years under a number of aliases.
The people of Exodus have accepted their fate. Regardless of our opinions of IM, we will not be threatened so bluntly by a man such as this. We ask for the support of the world community in opposing Rhyphix. We understand this is an inherently political situation and the evidence we have to support our claims is weak at best. Hopefully, the day will never come when Rhyphix proves us right but if such a situation does occur we ask the site moderators to have as little mercy for him as he did for us.

How does he know the information?

P.s. ill harbor him just tekegram me i have a region for him to hide in

The Free Land of Vintony wrote:<snip>

Accusations such as these, regarding harassment and doxxing, should be reported to NationStates Moderation by filing a Getting Help Request, if the behavior occurred on-site. If the behavior occurred off-site, off-site authorities responsible for maintaining the venues in which the behavior occurred should be contacted. Those are the appropriate ways to deal with the kind of behavior you're alleging.

The Osiris Regional Message Board is not the appropriate place to be discussing this. We don't appreciate having dirty laundry from elsewhere dragged into our region and text walls about it posted on our RMB. These are serious accusations you've made, and splashing them all over other regions' RMBs without any evidence is irresponsible, at best, and isn't going to solve any problems. I have suppressed your post. We don't have any relations with the region Illuminati anyway.

I have also suppressed the subsequent post made by United oceinia, because it quoted the offending post. Apologies for that.


I wonder, if the security council proposition was defeated, does this mean that the confrontation between the two is over?

The Democratic States of The Dreamliners wrote:I wonder, if the security council proposition was defeated, does this mean that the confrontation between the two is over?

Unfortunately, no, it just means we've scored a diplomatic victory against them.

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The Phunky Phresh Pharaoh of Cormactopia II wrote:Unfortunately, no, it just means we've scored a diplomatic victory against them.

Whats the recent news on their actions?

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