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Welcome to NationStates, aiming to become one of the strongest ranking regions. Pro-Economy, Pro-Society, Pro-WA, Pro-Peace; Join our glory! Above all, freedom for all nations to control their own destinies in a region free from war.

NationStates stands AGAINST the Security Council

Endorsement Limit: 22


Regional Embassies signal that two regions have established formal ties with one another.
The NationStates Region remains a Neutral Region ~ Friends With All; Aligned With None.

Today’s Featured Nation:
The United Socialist States of Guernsey Jersey and Alderney

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    Against Security Council Statement

    FactbookPolitics by Mikeswill 1 year 358 days ago. 894 reads.

Embassies: the Pacific, The East Pacific, the West Pacific, The North Pacific, Osiris, Balder, One big Island, Nation States, NationStates 2, Mikeswill, Trav khar, Gatesville Inc, Funen, Atheist Empire, International Western Union, Greater Dienstad, and 2 others.Capitalist Paradise, and Antarctic Oasis.

Tags: Independent, Enormous, Anti-Security Council, Pacifist, Founderless, and Neutral.

Regional Power: Very High

NationStates contains 346 nations, the 25th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Shortest Average Lifespan in NationStates

Citizens of nations ranked highly tend to die earlier, whether from poor health, crime, accident, or government encouragement.

As a region, NationStates is ranked 13,764th in the world for Shortest Average Lifespan.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
321.The Theocracy of Shangri-La RefugeDemocratic Socialists“Lift Each Other Up”
322.The Ja'Snoˇvid'en Free Islands of FeenteeensiiScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Fe'tena S'he h'ee Ja'Snoˇvid Ginçie'he'e ashi 'erˇvaţ!”
323.The Green Kingdom of QuilavalandLiberal Democratic Socialists“Qui Lava Quil”
324.The Constitutional Monarchy of SandybeachWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“A fish is still a fish”
325.The Commonwealth of CadarionWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Per pugnam, et adversitatibus expeditos”
326.The United Socialist States of DaishamaDemocratic Socialists“We are but a piece of this world”
327.The Kingdom of Nmphuong91WA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Tax cut!”
328.The Supreme Dan Tran's Paradise of The Totalitarian UtopiaWA MemberPsychotic Dictatorship“Perfectionem per Controlare”
329.The Grand Republic of Socialist Austrian EmpireWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Liberty, Equality, Justice”
330.The Democratic Republic of Zeldapower666WA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“In the Tri-Force we trust!”
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The Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill graciously extends a warm welcome to our newest Nations:

The Colony of New macu
The Kingdom of Maltium
The Holy Empire of Cuyacucho
The Queendom of Nya Svea
The Community of Poverty Ghost

Our Esteemed Region continues to attract the Most
Enlightened Nations in the JenGov Land.


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The Imperial Dominion of Arithei

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Tuesday, 30 September, 2014 :: 42

The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to all things.

All things have their backs to the female
and stand facing the male.
When male and female combine,
all things achieve harmony.

Ordinary men hate solitude.
But the Master makes use of it,
embracing his aloneness, realizing
he is one with the whole universe.


Greetings, Dear Neighbours of NationStates!

Today’s Featured Nation:
The United Socialist States of Guernsey Jersey and Alderney

”United, From People to People”

WA Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists

Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Good
Political Freedoms: World Benchmark

Guernsey Jersey and Alderney's national animal is the Donkey Crapaud, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Gorint.

Guernsey Jersey and Alderney is ranked 61st in NationStates and 19,101st in the world for Best Weather, with 46 Metres of Sunlight Above Expected.

The Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill

The current WA Resolution, Repeal "The Landmine Convention" has been posted on our off-site forums at:


Repeal "The Landmine Convention"
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#40

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #40: The Landmine Convention (Category: Global Disarmament; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

Taking note of the passage of WA Resolution #40, "The Landmine Convention",

Troubled that the definition of "landmine" used in this resolution includes mines designed to become non-operational after a certain time has elapsed,

Considering that given these landmines do not necessarily pose significant risks to civilians they should not have been prohibited and that this technical flaw undermines the resolution's claims to concern for civilian casualties,

Suggesting that nations with the technical capacity to comprehensively demine mined areas post-conflict may be capable of deploying landmines in a way that poses little risk to civilians,

Recalling that the WA has several times voted to not ban or to repeal bans on chemical weapons and that denying WA members conventional area denial munitions is therefore inconsistent with general international law,

Further aware that WA member nations have many responsibilities in wartime, for the protection of civilians and prisoners of war, and that non-member nations, who outnumber WA members severalfold and have provoked many international incidents of war, hold no such obligations,

Concerned that the occupation of any WA member nation's territories by non-member nations could result in war crimes over which the WA would have no jurisdiction nor ability to arrest,

Therefore believing that any area denial munitions available to WA member nations should be permitted in the defence of their territory from armed occupation by hostile non-members,

Heartened that repeal of this resolution will not preclude future legislation to continue the demining work of the World Assembly Demining Agency:

Repeals WA Resolution #40, "The Landmine Convention".



The Landmine Convention
A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Quintessence of dust

Description: The World Assembly,

Believing victim-detonated anti-personnel landmines to be weapons whose capacity for civilian casualties outweighs any security benefits,

Requires its members to:

1. Define, for the purposes of interpreting these obligations:
- 'landmines' as explosive devices placed on or under the ground and designed to cause injury or death to persons activating the device by proximity or contact,
- 'mined area' as an area in which one or more live landmines has been deployed,
- 'dispose' to be the act of destroying, permanently deactivating, or otherwise rendering non-functional, such as through conversion to command detonation, landmines;

2. Dispose of all landmines within their present stocks as soon as is practicably possible, with due regard for safety, security, and environmental consequences;

3. Immediately and permanently cease and desist the production, deployment, and transfer of landmines, including the rendering of technical assistance in their production or deployment;

4. Seize all undeployed landmine stocks within their jurisdiction for disposal as required by Article 2;

5. Take effective measures to prevent non-state actors within their jurisdiction from effecting such actions as outlawed by Article 3;

6. Conduct prompt surveys to determine the location of mined areas within their jurisdiction;

7. Institute available precautions, as they deem appropriate and safe, to prevent casualties in mined areas, such as:
- restricting access to such areas,
- signposting such areas with clear warnings, using relevant languages as well as easily understood, non-written symbols,
- indicating the limits of such mined areas on maps and charts,
- informing the public of the dangers of mined areas,
- where possible, engaging in prompt and effective mine clearance.

The World Assembly does further:

8. Exempt from these obligations:
- the transfer of landmines for the purpose of disposal, or for the research and development of mine clearance or mine safety, providing such transfers are limited to absolute necessity,
- the production, possession and deployment of limited numbers of landmines for the purposes of research and development mine clearance or mine safety, provided such actions are conducted within secure areas and with the highest regard for safety,
- the rendering of technical assistance aimed solely at reducing the danger of landmines to non-military personnel, such as through conversion to command-detonation;

9. Establish the World Assembly Demining Agency (WADA) with a charter to:
- conduct and aid mine clearance operations, where requested,
- research and develop mine clearance technology,
- instruct civilians on landmine safety and treatment of landmine-related injuries,
- further promote landmine safety awareness through educational and informational campaigns;

10. Compel the WADA to respect the territorial sovereignty of member nations, stipulating that:
- member nations may request assistance for mined areas within their jurisdiction,
- requesting nations must provide all available information on the mined area,
- storage and disposal of removed landmines and fragments is the responsibility of requesting nations, and the WADA may refuse involvement if the requesting nation is deemed incompetent to perform such tasks.

Votes For: 2,766 (66%)
Votes Against: 1,405 (34%)

Implemented: Thu Mar 19 2009

Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill
WA Delegate
NationStates Region

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The Republic of Meet the Press

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What is … ?

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014 :: 43

The gentlest thing in the world
overcomes the hardest thing in the world.
That which has no substance
enters where there is no space.
This shows the value of non-action.

Teaching without words,
performing without actions:
that is the Master's way.


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