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White anglo saxon protestant america

7 days ago

Hello everyone I'm new here

Um, what happens in your nation if you're not white?

Zen Beatitudes

The Amerikanisches Reich of ThinkPads wrote:Um, what happens in your nation if you're not white?

In AU912, constitutionally, governments are not permitted to discriminate based on race. It is legal for private businesses to discriminate, but discriminatory businesses are subject to boycotts by both governments and private citizens. As a result, overtly racist groups tend to be concentrated in small enclaves that tend to keep to themselves.

Paul Marks

The United States of Chelodian wrote:Hey, how are you guys? I came from the Beach. I like liberty and small government.


The Australian mistake was to accept "registration" - the government swore (over and over again) that registration would not lead to confiscation.

But once the government knew who owned firearms - it knew who to confiscate them from.

As for the cry "we do not have guns - but we still have freedom".

The Andrew Bolt case - Mr Bolt pointed out that some white people were obviously not aboriginals, yet were engaging in political activity and claiming advantages on the basis that they were.

Mr Bolt was taken to court and fined - as was his newspaper.

So much for "freedom of speech" in Australia.

No Second Amendment means, in the end, no First Amendment either.

Andrew Bolt is a far right wing imbecile whose job is to be a hateful dick to people. Which is unfortunate, because as a rule, aussies don't like people being dicks. He is a rabid fringe dweller whose racist and offensive crap is given airplay purely as an organ for big media ownership. He's been taken to court several times and his employer always pays the legal bill cause being a wanker is what he's paid to do. It's called slander.

We don't have this insatiable need to have guns for whatever reason either mate, so please don't go hoisting the American arguments on us. You can still own a rifle, there's a process for obtaining one- the availability of firearms is only involved in the American idea of freedom. The rest of the world does ok as a rule without involving lethal instruments in our social fabric, and seriously, if it means that cops feel the need to go around blowing unarmed people away on a daily basis for fear they have a weapon, you can keep that version to yourselves.

I'd also pint to the fact that every county has a constitution. Yours is not special though I know that's unfathomable to many Americans.

The US Constitution is special in that it our Bill of Rights is an acknowledgement of rights not a granting of them by governmental or monarchical fiat. The Soviet Union's constitution for example had freedom of the press except where it would interfere with national security and exercising that right was a threat to national security so no freedom of speech. As for guns I take a great deal of pride knowing that close to half of the world's legally owned small arms are in the hands of the American people, I believe that stat is via the UN and I not sure it's trustworthy. Yes, I really am proud that Americans are that heavily armed.

And that's cool man, but I was a bit annoyed at being told some universal American brand of freedom and how as Australians, we fell short of that well armed ideal.
Pity you won't use them do defend against a corrupt government, as per the intention of the 2nd amendment.

It's been said that it's too late to fix the system, but too early to start shooting at the bastards. An analogy to American history might be it's 1760ish.

The Armed Republic of Notonthemapistan wrote:The US Constitution is special in that it our Bill of Rights is an acknowledgement of rights not a granting of them by governmental or monarchical fiat.

I beg to differ. Whatever the original intention the Bill of Rights is a now granting of rights as opposed to acknowledgement, that the US government may revoke or alter at any time like any other government in the world.

The people are beholden now to the government's whims, whatever it's persuasion, be it Republican or Democrat, unless they choose to stand up for their rights as originally enshrined in document.

The Patriot Act should be the heads-up that America is not as free as the people like to think it is.

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