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The Council of FJK Rants wrote:can we get back to current affairs please? U 2 with your angst! it is like you're married! (please excuse my lame attempt at humour.)
Brexit and the EU. What of the future? My initial thoughts, from stuff, are the follows: markets seemed to have steadied today, which was expected. The 2nd referendum is no longer on the to do list. So will a Conservative leader step up and leave? I don't know. I dont think anyone does. But! If someone does, given that about (roughly)300 billion USD of imports are going into the UK per year, that is a hard amount to give up. hence, most likely a free trade deal.

Sadly the Nazis are current affairs - as the ex member of this region sadly showed.

For decades the left have claimed that American conservatism is a front for racism and Fascism (the desire for a Strong Ruler who would ignore the principles of law) and people such as myself have DENIED all that. Then the Trump Campaign comes along and large numbers of utter vermin (real Nazis) crawl out from under their stones. It is like watching the last series of the television show "Banshee" - which I would rather was totally fictional.

I really did not believe there were many such people - I was wrong. And they have corrupted some people who might have been decent - had the Trump campaign been crushed at the start as it should have been. It has appealed to the worst in people - corrupting them.

Still back to British Independence - there was a a Nazi element here, but it was very small and the "Vote Leave" organisation dealt with it (froze them out).

The European Union is a means where a unelected group (the Commission) can impose any regulations they like controlling most aspects of life.

The United Kingdom is well rid of it - and all other European nations should free themselves of this additional layer of government.

If people feel the need for an European trade organisation - there is EFTA (the European Free Trade Association).

Defence is a NATO responsibility - it is nothing to do with the E.U.

As for who the next Conservative Party leader will be - I do not know.

It really is all to play for at this point.

To all it may concern - the name of this Region is "Libertarian" not "Nazi".

Nazis are not welcome here.

FJK Rants

Those who wish to understand the principles of the Rule of Law in a Common Law tradition context should study such things as the judgements (against both King - and Parliament) of Chief Justice Sir Edward Coke and Chief Justice Sir John Holt (of 1688 and all that).

As Edmund Burke would point out - this is nothing to do with "activist judges", as the judges themselves are bound by the principles of the Rule of Law (of natural justice).

Whether one is a Republican such as Cicero or a monarch such as Marcus Aurelius (see his "Meditations" - the first few pages) the principles are the same.

Perhaps the best short statement of the basic principle of natural justice is "The Law" by Frederick Bastiat.

In a specifically American context study the judgements of the "Four Horsemen" on the Supreme Court of the 1930s - they maintained (sometimes successfully sometimes unsuccessfully) the traditions of the Founders.

Of the "Four Horsemen" perhaps Justice Pierce Butler was best because of his courage in "Buck V Bell" in the 1920s.

The "liberal" Justices rejected the idea of limits on the ECONOMIC powers of government, but they certainly did not reject the idea of Civil Liberties limits on the power of government (this was especially clear from 1938 onwards).

Mr Donald Trump (and even more his supporters) reject any limits on the power of government - either economic or civil liberties restrictions.

Mr Trump is trying to be the Juan Peron of the United States.

This will not happen.

Just to be be clear: Did you just call me Nazi?
Care to explain what you seem to think that I believe that wouldn't mean you'd have to qualify everyone like Louis XIV, Tsar Alexander III, Metaxas, Churchill, Franco, Pinochet or virtually any pre-Nixon right-winger a "Nazi"?
Because placing someone in category that implies you believe he has secret desire to gas Jews and murder Slavs is accusation that requires rather high burden of proof.

Question is for both July 1st and Paul Marks.

"Just to be clear" - do you support the Rule of Law?

Do you even know what it is?

As for your idea that Louis XIV (the Sun King) was a conservative.

Well you are wrong.

I said that Donald Trump was not a Nazi.

It was YOU Snifkowoland who said he would ignore the Constitution - and even use physical violence against judges who ruled against his violations of Civil Liberties.

You (not me - you) Snifowland said that you would SUPPORT such conduct from Mr Trump.

If so (if that is really your opinion) then, yes, you are Nazi scum.

But it is "if".

I repeat - anyone, including Snifkowland (if he chooses to go that way), who supports using physical violence against judges who are trying to defend Civil Liberties - is scum.

If if for such people to put themselves in this group - or not. Their choice.

Utter and complete scum. Mr Donald Trump is obviously going to lose (that goes almost without saying) - but he should still formally reject such "support".

The fictional characters of the tattooed "club" in the last series of the television series "Banshee" needs to be kept - fictional.

They do not need to be brought into real life.

And Mr Donald Trump needs to consider if he really wants the "support" of people who would, for example, send his own daughter (who is married to a Jew and has converted) to the gas chambers.

Juan Peron destroyed Argentina - he did not save it.

I only wish that people, such as Mark Levin, who are now explaining that Populism is the OPPOSITE of conservatism had done so at the start of the campaign.

The Donald Trump campaign should have been stopped at the start - instead it was allowed to fester and spread, like a plague.

Although, I repeat, I do NOT believe that Donald J. Trump.

Mr Trump is just a conman (a crook) who has got in over his head.

But he has released dark forces - forces that must be destroyed.

Conservatism is about limited government and the Rule of Law.

People who do not know what the "Rule of Law" is (who confuse it with every arbitrary COMMAND of the state) have no business here.

The followers of Thomas Hobbes (and other "Legal Positivists") have no business here.

I remind people of the name of the region.

The name is "Libertarian".

I remind people that this conversation started with the question of Patrick Buchanan.

Patrick Buchanan is an evil man (the word "evil" is meant) - who pretends that Treblinka was just a "transit camp" and so on.

It was DONALD TRUMP (only a few years ago) who correctly described Mr Buchanan as a "Hitler Lover".

Now Mr Trump accepts the support of people such as Mr Buchanan - people who should have the Mark of Cain upon them.

At the start of this conversation it never occurred to me that people such as Snifkowland actually shared such Nazi opinions that physical violence should be used against judges who would see to defend Civil Liberties (indeed the Rule of Law itself) against the actions of the Executive.

If anyone had told me that Snifkowoland shared these opinions - I would have denounced that person as a liar.

I am very sorry indeed that Snifkowoland has gone that way.

And I hope, indeed pray, that in time he repents of his conduct.

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