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11.The Constitutional Republic of Alternate Universe 912WA MemberAnarchy“From many, one more”
12.The Kingdom of United PacificaDemocratic Socialists“Democracy and freedom for all”
13.The Holy Smokers of Ron PaultopiaCapitalizt“Give Me Liberty, or a Bran Muffin”
14.The Incorporated States of Ron Pauls ToupeeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Economic freedom”
15.The Kingdom of AggmarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Orbis non sufficit”
16.The Free Land of AnonymradeLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty and equality for all”
17.The Jingoistic States of The Eat Sleep ShoppeAnarchy“Eat, sleep, shop, repeat.”
18.The United Socialist States of ParagonnInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freethought is key.”
19.The Council of FJK RantsCivil Rights Lovefest“Use the Force, Trust your instincts”
20.The Republic of Oregon-ColumbiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Free Land, Free Labor, Free Men”
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Welcome I've never chatted with an An-Syn but I have talked to An-Coms & alot of them are dicks.

The Most Serene Republic of Umwahwah wrote:Welcome I've never chatted with an An-Syn but I have talked to An-Coms & alot of them are dicks.

Anarcho-Capitalism is an oxymoron and they can't stand when they're wrong. I'm a nice guy haha

How is it an oxymoron?

He is saying traditionally anarchism has been anti capitalist but there definition of capitalism resembles crony capitalism/Corporatism. Many subscribe to what is called the Freed Market except for An-Coms but that is essentially what An-Caps support.

Anarchism rejects all hierarchy.

Capitalism creates social hierarchy.

Does it mean that under anarchism there would be no competitive sports? After all, someone who wins first place is higher in sports hierarchy. In fact, because he won first place, he would be so respected, that he would be of high social hierarchy (gets more chicks, etc.) than someone who spends his entire day arguing on internet and eating bacon.
Anarchism is about rejecting state coercion. If there is no coercion involved, and actions are mutually agreeable to all parties involved, why should it be a problem from anarchist perspective?
If I trade a pen for an apple, and person I trade with agrees to exchange voluntarily, why should anarchist have any problem with that?

Spot on Snifkowoland, as far as I understand they claim that the people are wage slaves hence they are coerced into working for bad wages. So capitalism perpetuates wage slavery, hence why they seek to abolish capitalism.

That's untrue,

Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies often defined as self-governed voluntary institutions,[1][2][3][4] but that several authors have defined as more specific institutions based on non-hierarchical free associations.


I'm familiar with the concept of a society based on non-hierarchical free associations, but there are some things I don't understand, such as:

1) How would one determine what is and isn't a hierarchical relationship? In some cases it will be obvious common sense, but in other cases it might not be. How would the dispute be resolved?

2) If some people want to form voluntary hierarchical relationships, what happens? Obviously people could choose to shun them, but what if the dissenters decide to form their own communities interspersed with anti-hierarchy communities?

Syndicalism was dealt with by Ludwig Von Mises (almost as an aside) in his work "Socialism" and by Murray Rothbard in "Man, Economy and State" (yes I do not always disagree with Rothbard).

As for the word "capitalism" it means the private ownership of large scale "means of production" (land, factories and so on). For example as Josiah Wedgewood built up a big business in the 1700s or Jon Huntsman (senior) did in our own day.

A "community" that attacks large scale property on the grounds that having lots of employees is "wrong" may call itself "anarchist not socialist" and follow a Black Flag rather than a Red Flag - but it is still collectivist.

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