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The Phoenix sees according as the people see; the Phoenix hears according as the people hear. Therefore the people are the most important element in a nation; the spirits of the land and the grain are the next; the sovereign is the lightest.

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    The Lazarene Gazette

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    The Grand Assembly of the Phoenix

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    Welcome to Lazarus

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    The Lazarene Liberation Army -

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    Constitution of Lazarus (Mandate 9)

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Lazarus contains 5,372 nations, the 6th most in the world.

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As a region, Lazarus is ranked 8,028th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
3,161.The Matriarchy of SoenasotlihMoralistic Democracy“While the worst Are full of passionate intensity”
3,162.The Republic of Karl PittmanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hurt in a wreck and need a check?”
3,163.The People's Republic of HenilwegPsychotic Dictatorship“Proletariats Across the Globe, Hear Us!”
3,164.The Empire of PerriasIron Fist Consumerists“Let rise those who fight.”
3,165.The Holy Empire of AventixFather Knows Best State“Meh”
3,166.The United Socialist States of New SokoviaCorrupt Dictatorship“Within New Sokovia & Her states, we shall rebuild.”
3,167.The Most Enlightened Republic of PietrevaDemocratic Socialists“Legis Iustitia Scientia Libertas”
3,168.The Fantastic Foxy Nation of Mr RiketDemocratic Socialists“For makten og herligheten”
3,169.The United States of DussiyaNew York Times Democracy“Magnitudo per informationem”
3,170.The Republic of KarthikkingCorrupt Dictatorship“Something”
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I had trouble with it on Firefox also, but now that I use chrome (for unrelated reasons) it has been working fine.

EDIT: (I should have used a word much less than fine, like barely.) :P

The ✌ Minarchy ✌ of Weed wrote:Endorsing other folks with the hope they endorse you back.

Thats the first level anyway, TG's and RMB requests also help but bugger that.

The Republic of JaimePewtersmitt wrote:I believe in today's culture, I would be be what they call "roasted".

I'll check you into the burn ward.

JaimePewtersmitt and Ghanimaso

Weed should be legal.


Did anyone just see that?
A bunch of nations have just ceased to exist, are they mods targeting Lazarus?

National News Broadcast, Paoga, 6th May 2015:
A brief explanation of the events which have occured in the past few months, after the Sudan-Eritrea conflict in December 2015:
5th of January, 2016: Eritrean troops move are dissipated and moved out of Sudan, due to sanctions imposed by the African Security Committee.
16th of January, 2016: Eritrean leader, Isaias Afwerki is found dead in his apartment. Country descends into riots due to unsolicited media gossip.
7th of February, 2016: Sudan strikes back into Eritrea, pushing borders tightly and killing many. Riots continue, civil war ensues.
19th of February, 2016: African Committee moves in and takes control of Eritrea, electing Mfundo Gwembeshe as the new leader.
6th of March, 2016: Fighting in Eritrea stops. Sudan is now on the verge of a hostile invasion from the UN due to their previous actions.
25th of March, 2016: UN and Eritrean troops invade Sudan alongside the aid of the African Committee.
3rd of May, 2016: Sudan's government implodes and collapses upon it's citizens, essentially disbanding the nation.
4th of May, 2016: The African Committee elects a socialist commune into the ruined area, naming it Paoga.
Present day, 6th May, 2016: African citizens and the entire world is left devestated at the events. Looking back upon the past three months, over 5million innocent citizens were killed, 2million of which were soldiers. Cuba, as always, is acting compassionately, sending foreign aid money to Paoga. The citizens of Paoga are scared, and thus rally together to support each other. Activist movement groups roam streets, and the police force is almost null. The country needs work - therefore the commune will work, progress, and move forth through these turbulent times to resolve their problems, and enforce a utopian society amongst the nation of Paoga.

We thank you for reading, and hope that your travels are safe, your intentions good, and your nations free from corruption.


The Republic of Adytus wrote:Weed should be legal.

I'm fighting a weed infestation...oh you mean that weed.

The City of Utopiana Island wrote:Did anyone just see that?
A bunch of nations have just ceased to exist, are they mods targeting Lazarus?

Ceased to exist because it's update.

Utopiana Island, Werpdrarg Alpha, and Adytus

The Musician of Libetarian Republics wrote:I'm fighting a weed infestation...oh you mean that weed.
Ceased to exist because it's update.

I haven't been online at this time ever I think :p No wonder, thanks!

-=[ The Introduction ]=-
Malorr Kafel stands on a podium wearing a sharp suit, and adresses the world.
Dear Lazarus and the World,

I'm sure most of you will have seen the news which has been spread across our RMB concerning Paoga and it's birth amongst the quavering mountains of Sudan and some of Eritrea. We are glad that a communist nation has risen in it's ashes. We are happy that the governments of the world have embraced the entity, and that we are recognised as a fully fledged nation, ready to improve and revolve around the precepts of communism.

We are not part of the WA, for we have just emerged from a plentiful war, and we are not yet ready to be immersed into the issues of other nations, no, for that would distract us from our own citizens. But we ask you for your hearts, and your support for the citizens of Paoga, for they are the true heroes - surviving the Sudan-Eritrea conflict is a great feat in itself, and we wish to honour their will to survive through such horrendous pain with a two minute silence every year, on the 5th of May.

Now I would like to pass over to my good friend and comrade, Uando Malfi.

Cheers fill the previous eery silence as the decorated citizen stands onto the podium, and Malorr leaves.

Hhhello. Mm. I'm not very good with the English, you'll have to excused me.

Laughter ensues, but quietly.

When I first came to Paoga, I thought "god, this really is just a nation in a sinkhole, waiting to drown in dog crap", but now, I see it flourish in a matter of days. The madness has stopped, and prosperity roams the lands - it's not really a bad place. I lost all hope when I stood in the doorway and watched my family get brutally murdered by a soldier... A Sudanese officer.

You want to know what happened to him, right? A pause, Uando wipes his face. He's still alive. That's the worst part. Alive and kicking. We brought him into custody just a few hours ago...

I want you all to drop your weapons. Every single one of you. What is the goal of war? What is the goal of violence? What do you god damn achieve, people? There is no end to this serpent's cycle! Stop this, and help your comrades to rise up against the dictatorships and malevolent regimes that overpower us. We are one - and we are forever united from this day forwards.

A brief silence before loud cheers and cries.

Thank you.

Uando exits the podium, and the camera blacks out.

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