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The Phoenix sees according as the people see; the Phoenix hears according as the people hear. Therefore the people are the most important element in a nation; the spirits of the land and the grain are the next; the sovereign is the lightest.

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Please endorse the Daughter of Fčnghuáng: Harmoneia, Grandee Secretary: Benevolent Thomas, and Grand Advisors: Amerion, Courlany & Loftegen

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Spammers or Adspammers (or worse, both) will be fed to our abundant green trouts, also known as the largemouth bass.

Embassies: The FRA, the Rejected Realms, Renegade Islands Alliance, Taijitu, Spiritus, 10000 Islands, the South Pacific, The North Pacific, Hippy Haven, Communist International, The Communist Region, Lone Wolves United, One big Island, United Kingdom, Mordor, The Commonwealth of Crowns, and 15 others.The International, The Red Fleet, The Pollaetorian Guard, Wintreath, the West Pacific, The East Pacific, Warzone Asia, Equilism, The Internationale, Osiris, Peoples Federation of Qandaristan, New Hyperion, Equinox, The Coalition of Democratic Nations, and Hell.

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Lazarus contains 4,177 nations, the 6th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Lazarus

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 8th in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
3101.The Dictatorship of Kitten countyCorrupt Dictatorship“Kittens fit in mittens”
3102.The Most Serene Republic of SaraslovakiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Seek not perfection but happiness.”
3103.The Dictatorship of Atlantis KingdomsCorrupt Dictatorship“Defeat Or Be Defeated”
3104.The Republic of FabtropolisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The queen has arrived”
3105.The Rebirth of EffectionDemocratic Socialists“We keep it civil, we keep it safe.”
3106.The Democratic States of LasingiDemocratic Socialists“To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.”
3107.The People's Republic of OrbanisstanFather Knows Best State“Orbánistan performs better!”
3108.The Federal Republic of FodmodmadtolFather Knows Best State“One United”
3109.The Federal Republic of Socialistic Polish StatesDemocratic Socialists“All people should be equal!”
3110.The Kingdom of GelkahnDemocratic Socialists“Make the most of what you have or live an unfull life”
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Regional Poll • Why is there something rather than nothing?

The Daughter of Fčnghuáng of Harmoneia wrote:Explain your answer below in not less than two (2) sentences.

Voting opened 70 minutes ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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My main account is Lancer Kingdom, which is also the same on CN

The Jingoistic States of Powthran wrote:Some of the most tasty hamburger I have had included pork. Though I guess Pork is still a meat.

In Treadwellia, all food oinks. Then again, some would say that the people do as well, including the Benevolent Tubbius, Mrs. Tubbius, and Baby Tubbius.


The Benevolent Tubbius of Treadwellia has emphatically announced, "Mmph mmph MMPH mmph! Mmph mmph! Mmph!" while making sweeping gestures with his pudgy little arms and setting his great belly bouncing.

Translators have deciphered his communication as "It's perfectly all right to 'oink!' So says Tubbius!"

Lake Flotillas

The Dictatorship of Mein Korea wrote:I'm here with my other account, so I thought I'd move my new crazy account here. Not liking how uptight NPO is

Kinda what happens with political changes, though I don't really have an opinion on the NPO.

Welcome to Lazarus. :)

The Daughter of Fčnghuáng of Harmoneia wrote: The Democratic Republic of Zurgonia, The Kingdom of Lightbulbs, The Union of Popular Movement of Izonno, and The Holy Kingdom of Toronina shall all be burned at stake.

The Red-Federation of Ngotongpagia however, should be sought after. This nation might very well be my soulmate!

You mean burnt at the steak?

The Holy Violet Zombie of The Church of Satan wrote:I'd like to order one murder please, a half pounder. Oh and can you find out if it had any family? :D

I never figured you for the type to eat crow. Today is full of surprises.

The Jingoistic States of Powthran wrote:Some of the most tasty hamburger I have had included pork. Though I guess Pork is still a meat.

Best burger I've had recently is buffalo. There's a few farms in Ireland raising them now.

Kangaroo is an excellent meat.

The Holy Purple Fridges of Llananas wrote:Kangaroo is an excellent meat.

I disagree. A bit sour!

Guys, no cheating on our next poll!

That's no fair. I have no idea who any of those people are.

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