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Welcome! This is a region conceived for the libertarian minded - the belief that liberty is the primary virtue of humanity and that the State should be minimized to the greatest possible extent.

Anyone who believes in individual free will is welcome. Here you'll find the cure for stateholm syndrome.

Please endorse our regional WA Delegate, The Motors of Lincoln Sydney

Liberty is not a means to a political end. It is itself the highest political end.
- Lord Acton

The ideal Government of all reflective men, from Aristotle onward, is one which lets the individual alone one which barely escapes being no government at all.
- H.L. Mencken

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Laissez Faireholm contains 31 nations, the 430th most in the world.

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Friends, after less than a year, Gay has passed another milestone in membership: overnight we passed the 300-member mark! Please send a TG to help us celebrate this momentous time (or if you would prefer a short visit, that would be most welcome, too)!

Regional Community News: Issue #15 The Rain Down of Madness!
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In a choice between three people. Who came first, second and third in Iowa.

Someone who really does want smaller government (5 less Federal Government Departments and 25 less Federal Government Agencies).

Someone who just wants to be a "better manager".

And someone who thinks that things have only gone wrong over the "last seven years" - and that government was about the right size under President Bush.

There is only one reasonable choice out of these three candidates (the candidates who have a chance to win) for a pro smaller government person.

If you have any submissions for The Regional Community News, please send them now to me, The Defensive Republic of Noladea via telegram.
You have till this Friday to submit/make something. :3
Archive: page=dispatch/id=505134

Well the fix is in - Social Gospel Methodist Hillary Clinton will face Social Gospel Roman Catholic Marco Rubio in the elections (the round-the-clock attacks from Fox News are undermining Ted Cruz - the establishment will not tolerate him). Both Clinton and Rubio will run on a platform of government "helping ordinary people" and "compassion for the poor".

Bankruptcy - economic, social and cultural.

Looks like the anarcho capitalists here were correct - the elections are a waste of time.


hasn't there literally only been 1/50 done yet

Regional Community News: Issue #16 Timely Updates and More!

According to David Stockman (Ronald Reagan's budget director - OMB) President Reagan was not really interested in cutting government spending. Ted Cruz is - even Rand Paul's people in New Hampshire accepted that.

But do the VOTERS really want less government? After all Donald "Juan Peron" Trump and the (leftist) Governor of Ohio won by a mile.

True Ted Cruz spent very little money in New Hampshire - but 12% for smaller government (5 less Federal Government Departments and 25 less Federal Government Agencies) is not good.

South Carolina faces a choice.

"Promise them anything" Trump, or cut-the-government Cruz.

Most bets are that Trump will win - and the Republic will continue to decline.


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