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Welcome! This is a region conceived for the libertarian minded - the belief that liberty is the primary virtue of humanity and that the State should be minimized to the greatest possible extent.

Anyone who believes in individual free will is welcome. Here you'll find the cure for stateholm syndrome.

Please endorse our regional WA Delegate, The Motors of Lincoln Sydney

Liberty is not a means to a political end. It is itself the highest political end.
- Lord Acton

The ideal Government of all reflective men, from Aristotle onward, is one which lets the individual alone one which barely escapes being no government at all.
- H.L. Mencken

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Laissez Faireholm contains 31 nations, the 493rd most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Green Regency of FerrianonaAuthoritarian Democracy“.”
2.The Motors of Lincoln SydneyCivil Rights Lovefest“Smarter Than Luxury”
3.The Republic of AtlanticatiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Solidarity among individuals”
4.The People's Republic of AlyakiaDemocratic Socialists“A love that crushes like a mace”
5.The Most Serene Confederation of The Merchant RepublicsAnarchy“Omni Homo Est Suum Regem”
6.The Democratic People's Republic of SergeyLeft-Leaning College State“Working Together For a Better World”
7.The Kingdom of TravilleCapitalizt“Do as you wish. Aside from forming a government”
8.The Republic of JibJabCompulsory Consumerist State“In Weslo We Trust”
9.The United Socialist States of MarlencomPsychotic Dictatorship“Munire viam ad Communismum”
10.The Republic of Gyoat IIInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Farm is love, farm is life.”

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Laissez Faireholm Regional Message Board

"State subsidies" to business are a tiny part of the budget - less than 1%.

But O.K. ABOLISH them - no more "Export Import Bank" and so on.

That would not effect the behaviour of "Mon and Pop stores" (the sort of business enterprise that wants to "discriminate") as they do not get these subsidies anyway.

As for "state privileges" - this is the old fallacy that "limited liability" is a "gift from the state".

First most "Mom and Pop" business enterprises are NOT "limited liability corporations anyway - so the people who actually want to "discriminate" do not actually get this so called "privilege".

But it is not a "privilege" anyway - actually limited liability is a voluntary thing (on one has to trade with such a "body corporate").

It is also ancient.

Churches, clubs, societies, colleges (all of which engaged in production and trade) were and are all bodies corporate (one does not sue the individual members) and everyone knowns, in advance, that the only the money belonging to the association (the money in the trading pot as it were) is available for legal action.

A "trust" in Common Law may also traditionally be set up without any permission of the state - people who think that this is a "gift of the state" are just wrong.

And if you really (for example) do not like buying insurance from a limited liability company then go to a syndicate of "names" (individuals who agree to stand by the insurance with their own money) - you will have to pay a HIGHER PRICE - but if you want people to (literally) "risk their shirts" you should expect to pay a higher price.

Next we will hear how roads are really "government subsidies to big business" - as if there could not be private roads or railroads.

And if railroads were the main way of moving around then people and business enterprises would concentrate near them - you would have "Walmart" and so on (so much for big business being the creation of government).

The inventions that transformed industry in the industrial revolution (such as Josiah Wedgewood in the pottery industy) were NOT the work of the state.

The industrial revolution was NOT the work of the state and it was NOT a bad thing.

And paid voluntary employment is not "serfdom to big business" or any of the rest of the nonsense tha "libertarian left" come out with.

The American philosophy of "Pragmatism" the denial of principles of universal objective truth (and reasoning from these principles) and the belief that Strong Leadership can get the people anything their hearts desire (if they want something badly enough) is essentially the same philosophy that led to Fascism in so many European countries. And it is no good just blaming Democrats for this sort of Sorel and Mussolini type thinking (see J. Goldberg "Liberal Fascism") Primary election results show that much of the Republican base is infected by the same Pragmatism.

The denial of principles of objective and universal truth (and reasoning from these principles) and the belief that one can have anything one wants if one wants it hard enough (the "philosophy" of a three year old) is what Donald Trump, and his supporters, are all about.


Regional Community News: Issue #25 LGBT+ Spectrum and Un-hue.
Archive: page=dispatch/id=505134

Even libertarian europeans are now bashing on the US. from another angle of course

dang eurotrash trump 2016

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are Big Government Progressives - the choice between them is no choice at all.

I prefer Austin Perterson to Gary Johnson (for various reasons) - but whoever the Libertarian candidate is they will be a thousand times better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

"But the LP candidate can not win".

I know that - but it is a matter of making a statement for freedom (against Clinton and Trump).


Sarcasm, of course.

Any libertarian would be better than Trump and Clinton.

Times like this make you pine for Ron Paul to come back.


Regional Community News #26: The King Is Gone, Long Live The King!

Hello peoples of Laissez Faireholm! Thank you for allowing me to join your region.


I dedicate this song to NSG:

Regional Community News - Issue #27: The Issue Without Issues

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