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Welcome to Israel, a small but diverse region that is home to a fascinating array of cultures.
The history of Israel, the Holy Land, goes back thousands of years, with the rise and fall of numerous empires and cultures. Its heart was always Jerusalem, Israel's eternal undivided capital.
It is also where the Jewish people rebuilt its home, after almost 2,000 years of diaspora.

Jews, Christians, Muslims and all others are welcome here, and you must respect the beliefs of the inhabitants. Understand, however, that this is a Zionist region.

This region was freed by the NationStates' Mossad after years of Nazi occupation.

The regional password is hidden for the time being.

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Israel contains 18 nations, the 947th most in the world.

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The Longest Average Lifespans in Israel

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, Israel is ranked 4,888th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

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Last poll: “Are we taaking things like the World Assembly too seriously?”

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The Free Zionist Republic of Mossad Agent H wrote:]He did not make comments about hispanics as such, but against illegal aliens. It's not racist if it's based on illegal behavior.
And his comment on banning Muslims was taken out of context.
Not true. You need to re-check your facts and not base them on leftist pundits.

The AP: It's fact.

Even so, his economic policy with regards to China is, frankly, as stupid and naive as his childish insults and bragging.

Post self-deleted by Mossad Agent H.

The Jewish Democratic Republic of Alkzine wrote:The AP: It's fact.

No no no. It may be a fact, but it's exactly that, A fact. One fact. If you base an argument on that one fact, which they picked, then it becomes a biased argument.

They picked one exact point in time that fits their argument, just before a massive bull market. But why pick 1987-2015? If you compare 1986-2009 the answer would be completely different. Same if you choose 1972 (when he started) to today...


"Donald Trump beat the S&P 500 once you factor in taxes, or start the math from a more equitable date than the beginning of a massive S&P 500 bull market."

And the S&P is not the right index for comparison. Especially not in hindsight. Everybody would win in the stock market in hindsight, but we know many lose.

Okay, let me tell you all something most of you don't know.

I am Mexican-American. Chicano. Grandson of an illegal immigrant. (I know I made myself out to be Polish, that's because I'm half Mexican and half European. European side is split into German and Polish). Culturally I am exactly that, Mexican-American. I live in Los Angeles County which as you can imagine is dominated by Hispanics.

I have never head Donald Trump make a single racist remark towards Hispanics, only against illegal immigrants and that is NOT racist. Any sane nation secures its borders.

The Free Zionist Republic of Mossad Agent H wrote:You can't judge someone based on some of his supporters.

The Jewish Democratic Republic of Alkzine wrote:The vast majority of his supporters are rednecks and Confederate-sympathisers, who are quite anti-Semitic

His supporters are Conservatives. Many of whom are adamant Zionists. Being Pro-Israel is generally part of Conservative beliefs. On the topic of racism, "redneck" is a derogatory term for Southern white people. Just pointing that out.

Mossad Agent H

Vote IA for delegate because I'm a Mexican! #IA2016

The Jewish Democratic Republic of Alkzine wrote:How is banning Muslims from America not racist?

Because Muslims are not a race and never have been?

Israel Ambassador

Hey, I ran my fist poll, and got 4 whole answers...
The question was "Are we taking the World Assembly too seriously?"
One yes, two no, one don't know, and one cheese doodle...

Israel Ambassador

Today is Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day in Israel.

We will never forget the six million of our people who were murdered in Europe.

We will never forget the 1.5 million children who were murdered.

We remember the righteous among the nations who helped save the lives of Jews, at an enormous risk to their own lives and the life of their families.

But we should also never forget who did this, who helped them, who stood aside and let it happen.

We remember the refusal of the allies to bomb the rail lines that led to Auschwitz, or the gas chambers, or any of the Nazi genocidal efforts. And we shall never forget Britain's refusal to allow Jews to flee into the land of Israel before, during and after that hell.

Anti-Semitism has been with us since the Biblical times, and unfortunately it's still here. The sad fact is, when we don't take care of our own defense, no one does. The good news is that today we have a strong Israel to defend Jews all around the world.

Never again!

Sea Dolphin Lovers, Alkzine, and Israel Ambassador

At last, H, something we can agree on.

I have a lot to say on the other stuff, but will delay it to tomorrow.

The UNSSR Ambassador of Israel Ambassador wrote:, "redneck" is a derogatory term for Southern white people. Just pointing that out.

Thank you. I should never have said that. I have deleted the post and will never use that term in future BN.

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