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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Israel, a small but diverse region that is home to a fascinating array of cultures.
The history of Israel, the Holy Land, goes back thousands of years, with the rise and fall of numerous empires and cultures. Its heart was always Jerusalem, Israel's eternal undivided capital.
It is also where the Jewish people rebuilt its home, after almost 2,000 years of diaspora.

Jews, Christians, Muslims and all others are welcome here, and you must respect the beliefs of the inhabitants. Understand, however, that this is a Zionist region.

This region was freed by the NationStates' Mossad after years of Nazi occupation.

The regional password is "I love Israel. I am a Zionist."

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Tags: Independent, Modern Tech, Democratic, Password, Anti-Fascist, Medium, and Serious.

Regional Power: Moderate

Israel contains 19 nations, the 634th most in the world.


Password required

Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in Israel

These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

As a region, Israel is ranked 2,325th in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Democratic States of TzionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sh'ma Yisrael”
12.The Kingdom of JudahCorporate Police State“Yerushalayim Shelanu”
13.The People's Republic of Israel AmbassadorIron Fist Consumerists“Ambassador from the CSSR”
14.The Empire of Holy Land of JudahCompulsory Consumerist State“Capitalisto Paradis”
15.The Holy Empire of Greater Zionist IsraelCapitalist Paradise“We are Marching to Zion”
16.The Republic of Yad VashemMoralistic Democracy“Righteous among the nations.”
17.The Community of Softie GoldieLeft-wing Utopia“Legen....wait for it”
18.The Holy Empire of Saudi IsraeliahCompulsory Consumerist State“עֲגָלוֹת, יִשְׂרֹף בָּאֵשׁ.....מַשְׁבִּית מִלְחָמוֹת”
19.The Armed Republic of New Spartan StateInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Either With Your Shield Or Upon It”
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Last poll: “Who do you think is responsible for the failed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians?”

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Shabbat shalom!

I was going to make cheap and difficult to understand joke (as most of a my jokes are) where I ask H to be my Valentine, but then I realize that is probably bad idea.

So instead, I make comic of what would have probably happened!:

If say that quality is horrible, then I hit you over the head with vodka bottle and cry political immunity

Hey agent H, sorry for not replying back. Yeah I do enjoy being around.

LOL IA. Love it!

Here's a great youtube video for y'all to enjoy. . Great production.

Short but powerful lives!

תרנגולות הן כריות גדולות

See! I say "How is everyone". Can of speakings the Hebrew!

I've created a new poll: "Who do you think is responsible for the failed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians?"

Please vote.

@The Holy Republic of Restored Israel: Congrats on becoming our Delegate.

Thanks to all who voted in the poll. There's still time to cast votes...

It seems that Secretary Kerry blames Israel... I think he's being unfair. The Palestinians refused time after time to commit to the continuance of negotiations, and filed several requests to the UN as a State - a clear violation of agreements, not to mention their refusal to make ANY meaningful concessions in the negotiations themselves.

Thank you for your trust. I will endeavour to represent in the WA with honour

The Holy Republic of Restored Israel wrote: I will endeavour to represent in the WA with honour

Ouch! This British spelling hurts my eyes :)
Good luck.

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