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International Republican Union contains 17 nations, the 655th most in the world.


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Did I claim that they hated you?

The Republic of Oltrandy wrote:Did I claim that they hated you?

Poor response to an argument.

It's not a response--I am clarifying the point in which his argument was founded upon.

The Republic of Oltrandy wrote:Did I claim that they hated you?

What I meant to say is that they're likely not to disagree, or at least do so with your level of fervor.

I hereby renounce citizenship.


That activity was fun while it lasted

That was some... wow

The Libertatem government is reviewing it's options and discussing a course of action following the recent character attack issued by the International Republican Union's government. President Pevvania is likely to address the damaging blow to regional solidarity directly or through a Libertatem press release.

It has been a while since I expressed my opinion on the IRU's RMB about Libertatem's raids on socialist states.

As some of you may know, the leader of REATO raids is the WA Delegate of Libertatem. Yet this alone is something that I do not object to at all. But one thing that I do object to is Pevvania's insistence to raid 'commies'. The reason I disagree with his line of thought is because he doesn't have evidence to back up his reason(s) to fight these 'commies'.

I think I should also add that there is a lack of definitions on the REATO treaty, therefore leading to confusion between signatory states and the people within those signatory states as well. If REATO were to be amended so that it would define many controversial words like 'totalitarian' (in the context of the treaty), it would sort everything out.

I would also like to point out to REATO that one cannot crush the ideology of another. That ideology would just carry on especially on NationStates. This will need an amendment that I will present on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

While I may fear for our ally Libertatem in the far future if they continue (if they persist on raiding 'commie' regions and therefore anger the inhabitants). I do wish them wish the best of luck (even if Pevvania put me in his 'Adversaries List') especially for Humperia's presidency campaign and Pevvania as an ally. I hope that the alliance between the IRU and Libertatem (and other REATO signatory nations) will get stronger as we start to turn REATO to a more pacifist and idealistic haven for those in need of protection.

But if REATO turns out to be a political weapon against 'commies', I will not be happy and would advise my region to withdraw. But if it doesn't, that's up to the Founder of the IRU to decide its future path with the IRU. We've withdrawn from REATO before, so I don't think we would hesitate to do it again if such event occurs.

On another note, I would suggest that we should follow the recommendations of the regional traveler as well as setting an alliance influence map, an alliance anthem and maybe a new flag (the current flag is of the real micro-nation; Minerva).

As I was saying, we need to start to observe a non-interventionist policy (credit to Oltrandy from IRU) which would be set so that we would protect freedom-loving regions, not seeking revenge (unless it is necessary with evidence to back up reason(s) for doing so). But, if we must use war, let us wage war against The Black Riders, The Eternal Knights and Raider Unity.

Yours Sincerely,
President of the International Republican Union
Representative of REATO for the International Republican Union

Post self-deleted by Right-winged nation.

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