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Welcome to NSFW Stories with Conservative Idealism (and Friends)! (And also the IRU.) We are a region mostly composed of libertarian/conservative view points, but any and all are welcome here! If you enjoy talking about NSFW material and video games with the occasional political discussion, welcome home!

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International Republican Union contains 31 nations, the 434th most in the world.

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11.The Allied Reptiles of Chicago HeightsRight-wing Utopia“Urbsss in HISSSSSSSS”
12.The People's Republic of R a n iLibertarian Police State“Motto”
13.The Federation of Democratic Socialists FederationLeft-Leaning College State“Liberal”
14.The Armed Republic of KennediusWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Excelsior ”
15.The Armed Republic of Free YangNew York Times Democracy“We are devoted to the International Republican Union”
16.The United States of MURICA the GreatCapitalist Paradise“Woooooooooooooooo Merica USA USA USA Ronald Reagan”
17.The Constitutional Monarchy of The Independent CarolinaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Audentes fortuna iuuat”
18.The United States of The Republic of American FreedomCapitalist Paradise“In God We Trust”
19.The Advocate of a Free World of Conservative IdealismCapitalizt“Government as a partner, not a ruler.”
20.The Allied States of McAddenFree-Market Paradise“Democracy Is Non-Negotiable”
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Can we just go back to talking about masturbation now?

The Dual Monarchy of Aedruvo-Arstania wrote:Can we just go back to talking about masturbation now?

Sure. I had a pretty good wank the other day.

Aedruvo-Arstania and The Republic of American Freedom

The Constitutional Empire of Bueno Sol wrote:Sorry to step into your debate, I do not want to interfere. Nevertheless, I must confess that this is the kind of logic I really strugle to understand. So to say, it stops in midstream. Either one argues that "something" inside a woman can be dealt with however she wants to, emphasizing absolute freedom of choice for her and denying any rights to the baby, or one believes that "it" has inherent and inalienable rights that no one may violate. Thus, the time factor is unimportant, since at 1, 2, 13 or 35 weeks, it is still the very same being, just like between 1, 2, 13 or 75 years of age, one might change considerably, and yet, one remains the same person, with similar dignity. Imagine two people who want to have an abortion: on the one hand, the first one has been pregnant for 11 weeks and 6 days. You are bound to approve of her behavior, deeming it legitimate since she is still having an abortion in the first trimester. On the other hand, a second woman's baby might be just one day older. If she has an abortion, you will consider her a murderer, since she has failed to abide by the first trimester rule. Now, this scenario might be somewhat exaggerated, yet it highlights that the time criterion concerning abortion proves to be, in the end of the day, hypocritical and legalistic. Why would you, why would I, why would anyone be entitled to arbitrarily define at what point a baby is to be granted full protection and at what age it is to be considered as merely medical waste. Therefore, in my view, it all comes down to an either-or alternative: is the baby inside the mother fundamentally worthless, which means that it may well be dealt with by means of knives and needles even at 8 months of pregnancy, or is it a living human being who is to be provided fundamental rights and protection. I cannot see how there could be a compromise between these two stances, but at the cost of sacrificing primary logical coherence.

Now you just raise the issue of whether we take rights away from women or unborn fetuses. It's a catch 22.

The Five Boroughs of Alderney and Liberty City wrote:Now you just raise the issue of whether we take rights away from women or unborn fetuses. It's a catch 22.

Huh?! A catch 22?

The FOX-Hound of Poptropia wrote:Huh?! A catch 22?

A dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

Hmm... listening to Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" again, I'm getting sort of a white-knight-y sort of feel from the lyrics. Anyone else?

Should I privatize the Military?

Privatize the entire state

Heck, privatize the private sector. And then privatize it once more for good measure.

The Advocate of a Free World of Conservative Idealism wrote:Privatize the entire state
Heck, privatize the private sector. And then privatize it once more for good measure.

Let's just hope Liquid Ocelot doesn't purchase all the PMC's amirite?

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