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Founder: Briutannia

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Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! This region proved no match for a charge by The Black Riders!

Occupied by LinkThe Black Riders! Our lair can be found Linkhere

Into the battle rode the following riders:
General Halcones

Embassies: The Black Riders.

Tags: Featured, Founderless, Minuscule, and Recruiter Friendly.

Imperial Council contains 2 nations.


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As a region, Imperial Council is ranked 4,341st in the world for Nudest.

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OOC: Welcome *The Grand and Holy Imperium of Macraterra* May your stay be a joyful one.


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*Al Andalus, imperial Senate Halls*

Senator Al' Quixus from the Al Quir Dai System raises his voice:"Dear Proconsul, since a long time we have not received any word of the Imperial Council. The Dai Coon Ree Navy is stretched thin to protect our borders and we still not see any Merchant ship or any craft of the old Council. Do you still belive it exists?"

Murmur is heard.

The Proconsul gets up and speaks out loud:"It might be indeed that a dire shadow has come over the Council and yes its troublesome that we have not received any word from the Heart of the Council. But Dai Coon Ree will not fall! Highliners are send to the very last reamaining Members of the Council to establish communication and to get word spread that we are all but dead."

Murmur is heard again.

The Senator of the Mantabura System speaks:" But Proconsul? We have send so many messanger boyes, our merchant ships have approached ports so desolate? It seems the Council has died and no one even cares?"

After a moment of thought the Proconsul answers:" This is not right at least one Star System has answered our call *The Grand and Holy Imperium of Macraterra* has acknowledged our call, this might be little but it is at least one?"

Murmur is heard as the Senate discusses future steps.



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*IKS Hyperion, deep outside the known Space*

The IKS Hyperion and her escort fleet are bound to seek lifesigns of what once was the great Imperial Council. Many month have passed as they only seen inactive communication boyes, empty space stations and lost planetary installations. Great sadness befalls the fleet as the IKS Hyperion moves on.

"Will there be nothing left? Is this how our great Council shall end? I can not belive this..." the Grand Admiral says to himself.

The CO of the Hyperion enters the vast Arboretum were the Grand Admiral stands:" We have captured a little Voice coming from Macraterra. Sensor probes have shown a lively Sector within this desolate void?"

The Grand Admiral smiles as he orders Messenger Probes to be send to this System...



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*IKS Hyperion, near the borders of Macraterra*

The large battleship lies silent in deep space as many support craft swarm it like bees. Star Destroyers control the perimeters as Cruisers observe the in and outgoing traffic. On his vast Bridge the Admiral looks outside this barren System and waits. A COM Officer enters the Bridge and reports...

"Admiral, Sir the boyes we send have not received any message nor our messages seem to have been received. I am sorry Sir but it seems either our sensors were mistaken or the same grim evil has befallen what we know about Macraterra."

The Admiral nods silent and dismisses the young Lieutenant.

"Captain Kin' Tares? Make sure we depart this Sector within the next 3 hours. Nothing is here which deserves our time. I want to be at Arctura in 2 days. See to it!" the Admiral commands. "We wasted 6 Days for any answer so send a Report to Al Andalus that as well here nothing but silence rules!"

The gargantuan Fleet of Battleships enters jump formation as the Admiral stands still on his Bridge...

"Our Council has become dead...How long will our Proconsul deny this proven fact?"



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*Al Andalus, Dai Coon Ree Throneworld*

Many merchant ships leave and enter this dazzleing world, life on Al Andalus means luxury and joy. Large Corporations make Trillions of Solari each year. The gentle climate of Al Andalus attracts visitors from all over the known Universe. Dai Coon Ree Highliners roam deep within the Galaxy and science craft discover more and more ressources every day.

*Imperial Senate*

"Dear Proconsul, would you not agree to send fleets to all Council worlds just to make sure they not fall into enemy hands? I mean not only these are our main tradeing partners they be part of what we hold dear?" Senator Quill' Dorak asks.

After a moment of thought:"Are you out of your mind? You really belive that Dai Coon Ree shall invade our very own allies with occupation forces? What should be the reason? Not being participating in Imperial Council matters? You must be simple out of you mind Senator Quill' Dorak. I wish you not to speak of such anymore. WE will wait and see. This Council is still magnificent and we only observe..." the Proconsul answers.

Murmur is heard in the large Halls of marble while the Preatorian Guards make sure their Weapons are in all order...



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its getting worse---we are an endangerd species...

The Imperial Council has been reclaimed from Communist forces.

Signed Emperor Daniel I of the Imperial Council and Briutannia.

I have a question, are we allowed to subjugate other regions?

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