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Founder: The Grand Red Architect of Cygnus Proxima

World Factbook Entry

For over a decade, Illuminati has been Created, Built up, and Destroyed. It has been managed greatly at times and abused quite a bit. Its been a colony, a wasteland, a weapon, and a home for many people.

In honor of our decade of existence: Illuminati is relaunching! Come early and witness the rise of this ancient region once more.

Want to Help Out? We need:
-Experienced forum administrators, designers, and coders,
-Coders for NS-related features.
-Image designers.
-Youtube Video creators.
-Website designers.
-Recruiters or those willing to donate stamps.

Embassies: The Atlantic Federation and The Global Syndicate.

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ILLUMINATI contains 4 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Defense Forces in ILLUMINATI

Nations ranked highly spend disproportionately large amounts of money on national defense, and are most secure against foreign aggression.

As a region, ILLUMINATI is ranked 3,458th in the world for Largest Defense Forces.

#NationWA CategoryMotto

Regional Poll • Do you think CASS will be effective?

Poll called by The Grand Red Architect of Cygnus Proxima

Voting opened 1 day 14 hours ago and will close in 1 day 9 hours. Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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ILLUMINATI Regional Message Board

Glory, Glory, Illuminati
Glory, Glory, Illuminati
We'll Kick your ass in chess and Karate
All the World shall fear me.
Glory, Glory, Illuminati

Glory, Glory, Grand Chancellor
Glory, Glory, Grand Chancellor
Heads will be hurled from wall to floor
No one is higher than our Madam or Sir
Glory, Glory, Grand Chancellor

Glory, Glory, Round Table
Glory, Glory, Round Table
No one more willing or able
To steal your wifi or cable
Glory, Glory, Round Table

Glory, Glory, Dear People
Glory, Glory, Dear People
Smoke to be cheery and gleeful
Higher than the tallest church steeple
Glory, Glory, Dear People

Lord of Brightness and the night
A hidden eye the ancients praised
The fallen star that still shines bright
With heads bowed and both hands raised.

Mentor, teacher, leader and priest
We shall work until darkness falls
When all is done then we shall feast
Drink and be merry until the dawn calls.

When all is said and done this day
When all the work and toil is done
The people will call out and say
All will know you, all, save no one.

The Endless night and eternal dreams
Our home built here shall end all anguish
An eternity to build, forever it seems
To unite the world in a new living language.

Hark to you as well there Vanishing People!

The Citizens Automatic Setup System (CASS), Is nearly complete, once done so, I will open up the Illuminati Forums for viewing during the Construction process. (Although registration will be opened at a later date once the Essential set up is complete). But, I thought it important to let everyone know just what CASS is.

CASS is a method of setting up a forum, that is designed to fast-track a new registered member and advance them through a simple three-step process. The three steps are the signing of the Illuminati Oath, Guild Registration, and Nation Introductions. The system is automatic, in that when you register, your only available option is to sign the Oath. Only when complete a new forum pops up, indicating you to sign up for a guild. Once that is complete, Nation Introduction. When all three steps are complete, you get automatically masked as a Citizen, and can immediatly begin your political career in Illuminati, open or change a guild, run for office, request an embassy, etc.

I designed CASS for three reasons:
1. Ease and Efficiency. Gone are the days where brand new members are confused on what to do, the process is clearly explained as it happens, quick and easy. No other region in the NS world (or no other known Zetaboard forum for that matter) uses this technology. Illuminati is the first.
2. Security. Gone are the days when a nation registers on the forum, and never makes a single post. This system locks the forum down so that you must complete the three steps in order to view it, eliminating lurkers, bots, and the generally lazy. It also eliminates the need for the government to figure out what people on the forums are eligable to vote or participate. When you complete CASS, we know you have all the rights of everyone else.
3. Adventure and Promotion. Remember when you were new to a forum? You joined and couldn't find ANYTHING. Everything was confusing, everything was a blur? Remember when you finally did discover the things you needed, but they seemed to be placed in illogical places? Gone are those days, CASS is the most new user friendly system there is to date. When a nation graces us with their willingness to join our forum, they know we value their loyalty, their participation, and their personality (Oath, Guild, Intro). We get these things out of the way first, without all the distraction of the rest of the forum. When I tested this feature, I found that people enjoyed for its efficiency, and the 'adventure' of it. CASS can also be used as a major selling point when we promote our region through recruitment and word of mouth.

Lastly, the beauty of CASS is that its a one time feature. You only ever see it when you first join the forum and go through the process. After that, it blends into the rest of the forum completely. New nations can take comfort in knowing that they are on the fast track to success with Illuminati and experienced nations can rest easy knowing that we here in Illuminati take care of our new members in the most efficient manner available.

cool. that actually sounds very useful. I can relate and cant wait to see it in action.

And I do hate when you join a forum and cant find stuff!!!

Fascinating, this should be interesting to see.

Yes. I hope this turns out well.

This Zorja wishes both Fledgling Nation and Fledgling Guild luck of the upmost goodness. Godspeed, and Glory unto the Syndicate.

This Zorja wishes to correct its statements. It meant Region, not Nation.

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