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Grand Chancellor: Rhyphix
Director: open
Dynasty: 5
Session: 3
Elected Chamber: Open, Open, Open
Selected Chamber: SaintsEmpire, Open, Purple Nexus,
Appointed Chamber: BrazC, The Tribe of Issachar, Pheonix Land,
Founded: Dec. 19, 2014

Daily Note: Be sure to vote in the elections for Director and two of the elected Scribes!

What's Next?
Director Selects Scribes to Chamber.

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    Universal Codex of Illuminati

    FactbookLegislation by Rhyphix 82 days ago. 473 reads.

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    How the Chamber is Chosen

    FactbookPolitics by Rhyphix 82 days ago. 180 reads.

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    Useful NS sites and Utilities (updated: 2/12/2015)

    MetaReference by Nullarni 42 days ago. 9,775 reads.

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    European Society

    FactbookCulture by Rothschild 1 year 3 days ago. 80 reads.

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Embassies: Unknown, Glorious Nations of Iwaku, the Rejected Realms, Werewolves of the Flame, Realm of Juno, Anoir, Aurelia, The Hellenic Empire, The Union of Fellow states, The Glorious Companion States, The All seeing Eye, The Illuminati, World Socialist Alliance, Doll Guldur, Freecomunism, Unified Coalition of Nations, and 109 others.The Democratic Nations of the World, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, La La Land, Inter Arctica, DVC ISLAND, Dragonspyre, The Empire Of Oppression, The World that Never Was, Mexicaztlan, Ozymandium, The Hurdy Gurdy Region, Pandandia, The American Empire, One Nation Under God, Star Trek United Federation of Planets, Petria, Warzone Australia, The Confederation, Idabakeh, The Soviet Invaders, POLATION, The Cherry Alliance, Erudite, The Land of Biodegradable Matter, Realm Infinituum, The Liberals of America, The Dystopian Bloc, United Samson Republic, Japan, Gerben mini nations union, The Kettering Town coalition, The Covenant of Shrek, Mysterium, United Socialist and Democratic Nations, New Brannack, United Socialist Nations of Zandalari, The Dark Continent Alliance, Menzoberranzan, Geopolity, Britantion, Carmarthen, United Cookies, Alliance of Democratic Social Republics, Priory, The Great Holy Qthilic Empire, The United Protective Empire of NFA, Conference of Eastern Republics, Akiirik, Artisan Conglomerate, Terlia, The United Northern Countries, United Poland Union, The Disappointment Isles, The Holy Empire Of Daggerhiem, Emeraldise, The Alliance of Dictators, The Red Raiders, Multireligious Region, Omega Synopolis, The Fatherlands of Allemannir, The Galactic Empire Est 20 ABY, Land of Fjords and Serenity, Union of Socialist Confederate Republics, Dune, Warzone Asia, Verres, The New Confederate States of America, Skivx, Bellatrixia, Firefall, PolandBalls United, Draenor, Northern Emirates, The Sentient Hub, Edom, The Empire of Wilhelm, White Gold Concordat, The Gleaming Solar Citadel, Lucenazione, The New Axis Powers, The Spiral Arm, Novean Oceania, International Union, The Customs Court of Elderly Peoples, The Land Of Magnificent Mistic Mountains, Greece, The Average Confederacy, Palace of Versailles, THE HOLY LAND OF INDIA, The EUH State, Southeastern Wisconsin, New Roman Republic, The Draco Omicron Galaxy, The Union of Capitalist Meritocracies, Earth 2022, Larthinian Enslaved Nations Army, Union of Armed Nations, The Olympus Project, The Steele, Kyrzbekistan, Confucius, No region, The Underwood Nations, Union of Libertarian States, Dudeism, The Second European Empire, Regiondiner Swanky, United Free Nations, and Equinox.

The embassy with The New Confederate States of America is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days 9 hours.

Construction of embassies with The Global Syndicate has commenced. Completion expected in 9 hours.

Tags: Offsite Forums, Communist, Anarchist, Neutral, Game Player, Map, Independent, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Steampunk, Recruiter Friendly, and 13 others.Regional Government, Democratic, Capitalist, Free Trade, Socialist, Theocratic, Role Player, Imperialist, Anti-Capitalist, Gargantuan, Religious, Serious, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Illuminati contains 609 nations, the 18th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Nicest Citizens in Illuminati

World Census sociology experts studied citizens from various nations to determine which seemed most friendly and concerned for others.

As a region, Illuminati is ranked 13,571st in the world for Nicest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Farublic Nation of BreadlandsWA MemberLeft-Leaning College State“Hail, bread!”
22.The Empire of WeeksiaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“It's better than nothing”
23.The Republic of The Great Nation of DeanistanWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“Fish and people can co-exist peacefully”
24.The Republic of ShIsAwWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“We Walk In Integrity, Progress In Power”
25.The Kingdom of MontegerioniDemocratic Socialists“In the end, at least you made an attempt at all.”
26.The Constitutional Monarchy of Africa 2WA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bearshark wants you”
27.The Empire of The Aryan Tribal AllianceWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“True Spirit, True Vision, True Intention, True Act”
28.The Democratic Republic of Pheonix LandWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“May the ashes ignite new fires”
29.The United States of BusterXlistaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Buster Will Prevail”
30.The Democratic States of ZxcvbnmplmoknWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Insert motto here.”
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Regional Happenings


Illuminati Regional Message Board

The Dystopic Amusement Park of Rhyphix wrote:SaintsEmpire: You were elected Scribe and selected Scribe. Which do you choose?
The Tribe of Issachar: You were appointed Scribe and Selected Scribe. Which do you choose?

I was elected by the people. It is only right I serve out my term. Put me in ELECTED.

The Republic of RockNation10 wrote:This is the most confusing alliance ever too many weirdos

Alliance? Wtf.

Ivy Land

So gc anyone? Seems like only Ivy wants be it.

The Tribe of Issachar

Post self-deleted by Rhyphix.

BrazC TG'd me, I feel special (BrazC doesn't speak to no one....NO ONE)


The Theocracy of The Tribe of Issachar wrote:BrazC TG'd me, I feel special (BrazC doesn't speak to no one....NO ONE)

No one u know about.

The Tribe of Issachar

Isaac reaches over and puts his hand on BrazC's shoulder, "Your just a producer, your just a producerman".

Ivy Land

Like the vibe guys

Guys, anyone know, when does Director gonna actually come to power, and will we have the GC elections as well in the Chamber?

The Empire of Ivy Land wrote:Guys, anyone know, when does Director gonna actually come to power, and will we have the GC elections as well in the Chamber?

I think Rhyphix mentioned that he wants to stay GC.

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