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This is a New South Hell experimental region.

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Regional Power: High

Ideology Testing Inc contains 18 nations, the 594th most in the world.

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As a region, Ideology Testing Inc is ranked 17,497th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The United States of ITI H HarmoniousNew York Times Democracy“Be harmonious”
12.The Rogue Nation of ITI P PsychoticIron Fist Consumerists“Be psychotic”
13.The Federation of ITI C ConservativeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Be conservative”
14.The Oppressed Peoples of ITI N NastyCorporate Police State“Be nasty”
15.The United States of ITI W HarmoniousInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Be harmonious”
16.The Republic of ITI M SensibleNew York Times Democracy“Be sensible”
17.The Caliphate of ITI O OppressiveIron Fist Consumerists“Be oppressive”
18.The Democratic States of ITI R PopulistInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Be populist”
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Ideology Testing Inc Regional Message Board

Compassion, or Corruption? The choice should be obvious.

ITI S Compassionate

Democratic Socialists
Historical: Democratic Socialists
Tax rate: 100%
Economy: Imploded
Private sector: Lemonade stands
Compassionate Enlightened Benevolent
Well-being: -3 (impoverished)
Extremism: Dangerous (left-wing)
Ideological priority: Equality
Spending priority: Welfare
Negatives: Crushing taxes, no private enterprise, etc.
Bans: Advertising, fur, tobacco, etc.
Evils: None

ITI B Corrupt

Capitalist Paradise
Historical: Capitalist Paradise
Tax rate: 0%
Economy: Frightening
Private sector: Powerhouse
Commercial Plutocratic Advanced
Well-being: -3 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Fanatics (mercantile)
Ideological priority: Enterprise
Spending priority: Commerce
Negatives: Toxic wastelands, massive corruption, etc.
Bans: Marijuana, prostitution
Evils: Human sacrifice, slavery, child labor, etc.

No taxes, nothing, and I mean nothing, banned, and more freedom than you can handle. What could be better than that? Certainly not holy war and mortification of the flesh!

ITI F Libertarian

Historical: Civil Rights Lovefest
Tax rate: 0%
Economy: All-Consuming
Private sector: Powerhouse
Bourgeois Bohemian Pluralistic
Well-being: -0 (borderline)
Extremism: Fanatics (libertarian)
Ideological priority: Property
Spending priority: Commerce
Negatives: No social security
Bans: None
Evils: Cannibalism

ITI O Oppressive

Psychotic Dictatorship
Historical: Psychotic Dictatorship
Tax rate: 98%
Economy: Weak
Private sector: Powerhouse
Devout Autocratic Brutal
Well-being: -6 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Dangerous (right-wing)
Ideological priority: Toughness
Spending priority: Law & Order
Negatives: Crushing taxes, no free elections, etc.
Bans: Pharmaceuticals, meat, fur, etc.
Evils: Unprovoked war, torture, secret police

My cycle gangs can lick his brownshirts!

ITI A Anarchic

Civil Rights Lovefest
Historical: Civil Rights Lovefest
Tax rate: 0%
Economy: Fragile
Private sector: Lemonade stands
Liberated Bohemian Lawless
Well-being: -4 (unpleasant, unsafe)
Extremism: Fanatics (libertarian)
Ideological priority: Liberty
Spending priority: Welfare
Negatives: No fair trials, no public schools, etc.
Bans: Insurance, advertising, guns, etc.
Evils: Child labor, cannibalism

ITI V Fascist

Iron Fist Consumerists
Historical: Corporate Police State
Tax rate: 100%
Economy: Frightening
Private sector: Powerhouse
Militaristic Autocratic Brutal
Well-being: -5 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Fanatics (militarist)
Ideological priority: Toughness
Spending priority: Defense
Negatives: Crushing taxes, no free elections, etc.
Bans: Marijuana, guns, pornography, etc.
Evils: Slavery, unprovoked war, torture, etc.

Technocracy vs aristocracy, progressive vs regressive. Need I say more?

ITI T Technocratic

Liberal Democratic Socialists
Historical: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Tax rate: 77%
Economy: Imploded
Private sector: Powerhouse
Pluralistic Secular Advanced
Well-being: +2 (comfortable)
Extremism: A little odd (left-wing)
Ideological priority: Democracy
Spending priority: Education
Negatives: State atheism
Bans: Cars, advertising, guns
Evils: Cannibalism

ITI I Aristocratic

Compulsory Consumerist State
Historical: Corporate Police State
Tax rate: 28%
Economy: Frightening
Private Sector: Powerhouse
Militaristic Bourgeois Primitive
Well-being: -4 (unpleasant,unjust)
Extremism: Fanatics (right-wing)
Ideological priority: Property
Spending Priority: Law & Order
Negatives: No public schools, no social security, etc.
Bans: Computers, video games, Internet, etc.
Evils: Slavery, feudalism, child labor, etc.

They saved the best (and the worst) for the last. +4 (comfortable) vs -8 (miserable). Whatcha think? (And if you're wondering why I don't have "crushing taxes" as a negative, it's because every time the people complain, I lower them a little. Until they ask for new benefits, anyway.)

ITI G Pleasant

New York Times Democracy
Historical: New York Times Democracy
Tax rate: 91%
Economy: Powerhouse
Private Sector: Powerhouse
Cultured Humane Benevolent
Well-being: +4 (comfortable)
Extremism: Disturbing (left-wing)
Ideological priority: Non-violence
Spending priority: Education
Negatives: No prisons
Bans: Guns, prostitution
Evils: None

ITI N Nasty

Corporate Police State
Historical: Iron Fist Consumerists
Tax rate: 95%
Economy: Thriving
Private sector: Black market
Autocratic Nasty Evil
Well-being: -8 (miserable)
Extremism: Fanatics (repressive)
Ideological priority: Discipline
Spending priority: Admin
Negatives: Crushing taxes, toxic wastelands, etc.
Bans: Pharmaceuticals, art, sports, etc.
Evils: Geronticide, human sacrifice, slavery, etc.


Post by Nuteopia recruiters suppressed by ITI H Harmonious.

Nuteopia recruiters

Fellow NationStatesians! Come to the nation of Nutetopia for fun, war, friendly-players, and amazing role-players! Here in Nutetopia, we have designed our very own system of war for anyone to use at the assistance of neutral-partied moderator! Come join the nation of Centira, the founder, and the nation of Turmash, the WA Delegate.

The featured region traveller

Hello, I am The featured region traveller, a lovable nation that travels the featured regions of the world.

The international space station

Day 15 of our mission!

Be Peaceful!

I think not! *Prepares missile barrage*

Kuat shipyards

Hello citizenry!
The Kuat Shipyards have undertaken a massive sales expansion and is reaching out to you! Please take a gander at the factbook for and abridged menu of items. If you have any special requests, please just send a telegram.

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