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Welcome to Grand Central! Our motto is: Success Rests in our Members!
Originally Founded: 03/31/2009
Second Founding: 10/01/2014
Featured Region: 1/16/2012 and 12/12/2015

Please endorse Conductor Stavelot-Malmedy.

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    Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Social, Featured, Libertarian, Regional Government, Invader, and World Assembly.

    Regional Power: High

    Grand Central contains 401 nations, the 29th most in the world.

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    The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Grand Central

    World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

    As a region, Grand Central is ranked 7,963rd in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

    NationWA CategoryMotto
    11.The Republic of Final heavensDemocratic Socialists“Live Free or die Hard”
    12.The Free Land of KendrallDemocratic Socialists“Not Today.”
    13.The Grand Duchy of This sort of just happenedDemocratic Socialists“I see a red door and I want it painted quack...”
    14.The Republic of FidisiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vis vobiscum”
    15.The Socialist states of KravonijaFather Knows Best State“Undefeated Kravonija”
    16.The Administrative Sector of ArondyteCorrupt Dictatorship“Divided we stand. United we conquer!”
    17.The Dig Site of Sealands Little BrotherCivil Rights Lovefest“DINOSAURS!!!!”
    18.The Royal Federation of MordakiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“With opportunity comes a culture averse to luck”
    19.The Democratic Republic of LibateDemocratic Socialists“Pax et Progressio”
    20.The Rogue Nation of ScaloriaDemocratic Socialists“With scales more resilient than steel”
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    Post self-deleted by Banes Legion.

    And I just accidentally lodged a message three times. Just great. I swear I better not accidentally lodge this more than once.

    95 block, The Ginger Ninja, and The Ghost of Festavo

    You have a hand delete button on each offending post. Please use it.

    95 block

    hi hi hi hi

    95 block

    Signing out guys. My dad's taking me too cut my grandma's giant tree she has in her yard. I'll just leave and stop talking to myself.

    95 block, Lios Tuathail, The San Diego Gulls, and The Ghost of Festavo

    The Empire of Banes Legion wrote:Signing out guys. My dad's taking me too cut my grandma's giant tree she has in her yard. I'll just leave and stop talking to myself.

    please give an offering of human fingers from me to the great tree.

    95 block and The San Diego Gulls

    Maidin Maith Grand Central! Let's all give a great big welcome to Vurgalis, Port de la Liberte, Edoma, Banes Legion, Krimsonia, Polling Booths, Carrinus, Portanio, McMannia, and Tamirania!

    If you all haven't all already, perhaps I can interest you in a free membership to our offsite forums!

    If you have already, allow me to ask: how do you like it here so far?

    95 block and The Ghost of Festavo

    uhhh i'm bored again anyone want some dank memes? i got plenty

    So apparently I threatened to anally rape someone but no pun intended I was mere offering them colonics I service in which you pump water into the intestines to loosen impacted feces I was offering to help them mall food is horrible for you

    The Inquisitorial Conclave of BRU MkI wrote:Ah, so the question is if having too many detentions to serve counts as missing them. I'm surprised they don't use suspension or some other escalation for recurrent issues to address such a situation. Child labor laws in some places would prohibit voluntold service to reduce detentions.
    Perhaps the teachers issuing the detentions don't communicate to manage moving your case to the next step, but that seems unlikely given the forced model student plan. It seems more likely that they've grown used to you being a permanent feature in detention and stopped counting.
    If they haven't already been restricting your privileges, maybe they won't. If that becomes a problem or you suspect it will be, you may be able to leverage your familiarity with the detention supervisors or administrators. Despite your delinquent behavior, a regular such as yourself may have developed some rapport with them, and/or you know who the softies are. If you have cooperated at all with the model student thing and can reflect on personal growth from it in a short presentation or paper, then you might be able to make some kind of appeal to someone who could vouch for you. Of course, that may not work if you've remained rebellious and resentful or they live to the letter of their handbook. But otherwise, if graduation, senior festivities, and the yearbook are important to you, it may be worth a shot.
    Emperor Protects!

    Good news, but bad news.

    There were 2 detentions left to serve, and it looks like they deleted my detentions so I have 2 open detentions in my record. Which was perfect.
    I cut a gym class by accident.
    Now I have 3 detentions.
    Ugh FML

    (Nah it's not that important to me, but they probably won't give me my physical diploma.....I'm not sure how important that is.)

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