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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Not So Holy Red Blue Utopias of Bodegraven (elected 1 year 218 days ago)

Founder: The Palestinian Solidarity of Global Right Alliance

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the Global Right Alliance!

The GRA was founded in 2005, has one of the oldest Defender armies in NationStates, and co-founded the LinkFounderless Regions Alliance. We are known for our fierce debates, controversies, passionate dedication to free speech and political innovation.

If you want to make it in NationStates, there's no better place to forge yourself than the fires of the GRA.

The region is run by the People's Assembly and led by the Speaker.

Speaker and Delegate: Bodegraven
Internal Affairs Minister: Byzateos
GRADF General: Joe Bobs
Foreign Affairs Minister: Libertia et justita

Please endorse the WA Delegate Bodegraven

Everything happens on the Linkforum and sometimes on the Linkchat.

We are eternally at war with Falconias.

Embassies: 10000 Islands, Gay Equality, the Rejected Realms, Gay, Atlantis, North Pacific, The FRA, Caprecia, Liberty Alliance, Yggdrasil, New Warsaw Pact, NeoConfederate States of America, Confederation of Nations, Middle Earth, Spiritus, Texas, and 3 others.Capitalist Paradise, Congress of Independent Nations, and Russian Superstates.

Tags: Enormous, Snarky, Offsite Forums, Defender, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: High

Global Right Alliance contains 142 nations, the 70th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Safest in Global Right Alliance

The World Census ranked nations on a variety of scales to produce an indication of how safe a country is to visit.

As a region, Global Right Alliance is ranked 4,900th in the world for Safest.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
51.The Free Land of CheesetownScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Be Free”
52.The Grand Duchy of Old EuphoriastanCorrupt Dictatorship“The Hand of God and the Minds of Men”
53.The Free Land of SittingBearsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Only you can prevent forest fires”
54.The Republic of Unified Greater KoreaDemocratic Socialists“Benefit Broadly the Human World ”
55.The Free Land of The Liberated IslesLiberal Democratic Socialists“True freedom”
56.The Republic of KavineDemocratic Socialists“Stay free, stay equal”
57.The New United Realm of Chin-ChillasWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“In Celebration of Peace”
58.The Borderlands of RhompusWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Accept Rhompus. Adore Rhompus. Be Rhompus. ”
59.The Empire of DevoniansInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Read and Reap”
60.The Protectorate of NacholiaDemocratic Socialists“From Nachos we come, to Nachos we returneth...”
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Regional Happenings


Global Right Alliance Regional Message Board

Not a problem Mesrane.

Thankyou everyone.

Congratulations to the new ministers! Feel free to ask me any questions if you want help in your new roles.

In regards to raiding, regions with founders don't get raided (well, sometimes if they know the founder is inactive). You can see on your nation each nation has 'influence', and that influence can be spent when you're a delegate on doing things like ejecting and banning nations or passwording the region. A founder can do these things without spending influence. So if a region only has a Delegate, it can only do so much ejecting of nations before it runs out of influence (but most times raids happen to quick for this to matter). Hence normally only founderless regions are raided.

The GRA used to be founderless, but in January 2007 we refounded the region for security. The GRA was raided several times in the early days, in fact part of the reason the region exists was due to an early raid in April 2005 (see the history of the GRA on the forum). We co-founded the Founderless Regions Alliance to help defend other regions from invasion. If you want to help with this, you can join the GRA Defence Force.
[SC] AT VOTE: Repeal "Liberate Panem"
Great explanation, JB!

I'm wondering what happened to Chanku. Why dd he get deposed almost immediatley after he became the Foregin Affairs Minister.

I'm back. but not to worry, I will not let Lazarus down. I resigned from the WA, with the intention of taking my puppet nation to the WA, which I have moved to Lazarus.

WA Delegate Election is now OPEN!

What happened to Chanku?

Thanks for your support in Lazarus Buck.
[WA] AT VOTE: Individual Working Freedoms
It is his GRA nation, JB.

How to insert images in the factbook?
can someone explain me?, please

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