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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Not So Holy Red Blue Utopias of Bodegraven (elected 1 year 327 days ago)

Founder: The Founding States of Global Right Alliance

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Welcome to the Global Right Alliance!

The GRA was founded in 2005, has one of the oldest Defender armies in NationStates, and co-founded the LinkFounderless Regions Alliance. We are known for our fierce debates, controversies, passionate dedication to free speech and political innovation.

If you want to make it in NationStates, there's no better place to forge yourself than the fires of the GRA.

The region is run by the People's Assembly and led by the Speaker.

Speaker and President: Pidgeon Island
GRADF General: Joe bobs
Members of The Committee:To Be Announced

Please endorse the WA Delegate Bodegraven

Everything happens on the Linkforum and sometimes on the Linkchat.

We are eternally at war with Falconias.

Embassies: 10000 Islands, Gay Equality, the Rejected Realms, Gay, Atlantis, North Pacific, The FRA, Caprecia, Liberty Alliance, Yggdrasil, New Warsaw Pact, NeoConfederate States of America, Confederation of Nations, Middle Earth, Spiritus, Texas, and 1 other.Capitalist Paradise.

Tags: Large, Snarky, Offsite Forums, Defender, and Regional Government.

Regional Power: High

Global Right Alliance contains 69 nations, the 170th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Public Transport Department in Global Right Alliance

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released buses in order to identify which nations have the largest public transportation systems.

As a region, Global Right Alliance is ranked 144th in the world for Largest Public Transport Department.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
51.The Federation of Tomasferaranland 2Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“La la la la Fifa”
52.The Community of ReagonomicsNew York Times Democracy“Mr.gorbachev THIS IS SPARTA”
53.The Auric Archon of Dyr Nasad VIICorporate Police State“Golden moon”
54.The Colony of Fourtese GRACompulsory Consumerist State“”
55.The Republic of IsijaWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Together We Live, Together We Succeed”
56.The Kingdom of EnderianInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Power is only powerful, when it is used right”
57.The Republic of AntiMovadoFather Knows Best State“Money”
58.The Federation of PoyeraConservative Democracy“Carry on for the sake of the forgotten”
59.The Supreme Imperial Grand Duchy of Old ZertaxiaCapitalist Paradise“The truth is for those who seek it.”
60.The Federation of CinatopiaCapitalizt“All For Your Well-Being”
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Global Right Alliance Regional Message Board

The government has had the same inactivity as our forum had anyway. There must be a way to bring it back up. Seeing as we have 74 nations, some of which are not puppets, we should be able to run some form of government.

Maybe it is just time to let go a bit of how we did it in the past, back when we had hundreds of nations and great activity.

Oh no!

But how come bobs died? :(

We may have another problem in the form of the founder nation hasn't been logged onto for 52 days now, meaning we are 8 days away from becoming founderless again. I don't know who has the password, but if anyone does, can they log on to make sure this doesn't happen.

If I understand correctly, should we become founderless, we are open to invasion, correct? How do we go about preventing this issue?

Well, I *used* to have the Founder password, but they probably removed me as I got less active.

I am not aware of who has access to it as of right now, but I will post something in the forum, in the hope someone sees it.

Out of our 72 nations, how many are puppet states belonging to another member nation? Otherwise put: how many unique individuals form the membership of our region?

All sorted - PI now also has the founder password.

Huzzah! The day is saved. :P That was a really close call.

Well, I don't know Stoa. And anyway, some people have puppet states spread out over multiple regions and contribute to all of them (I used to do that about two years ago) whereas others may only have one nation but do not want or are not able to get involved. I would say that about 20 people within the GRA log in at least twice a week (not counting scripted login).

That is only a rough guess.
Yay! At least we got that done. Hopefully this will not occur again.

joe bobs cte'd? yikes

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