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WA Delegate: The Godsend Empire of Dephire (elected 309 days ago)

Founder: The New Gothic Empire of Automagfreek

World Factbook Entry

Bronze and Iron, Fire and Ice. Neither benign nor malevolent, we are the nations of Gholgoth. The Dying Ground, The Shining Obelisk, we are but night and day. Avert your eyes, fool, for here lies your doom. On these vast lands we stand as one, intimidated by nothing, living or dead. We are the 30 Angels, we are the 30 Plagues.

Gholgoth now hosts the largest number of nations condemned by the World Assembly.

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Embassies: Haven, Varathron, Greater Dienstad, Nova, United Defense Directorate, The Dark Lands, Sondria, and Greysteel.

Tags: Offsite Forums, Map, Modern Tech, Password, Role Player, Imperialist, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech.

Regional Power: Moderate

Gholgoth contains 29 nations, the 374th most in the world.


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Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in Gholgoth

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Gholgoth is ranked 14,792nd in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The New Gothic Empire of AutomagfreekInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Are Many, Among So Very Few”
22.The Amadorian Diarch of TiamiCapitalist Paradise“Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori”
23.The Most Serene Republic of The Master MCapitalist Paradise“In Fortitudine Victoria ”
24.The Imperial Fortress Reich of The Kraven CorporationIron Fist Consumerists“In The Absence of Light... Darkness Prevails...”
25.The Sanctus Imperator Patronu of SambizieIron Fist Consumerists“جنديات الإلهة”
26.The Pantokratic Dominate of Emperor PuduPsychotic Dictatorship“Whose fire-tried hearts outlast a thousand autumns”
27.The Glorious Empire of The ScandinvansCapitalizt“For God, Emperor, and Empire.”
28.The Pluricontinental Federation of Ganos LaoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“La Nation, la Loi, Le Monarque”
29.The Immortal Pathogen of RethanCorporate Police State“Your species is now obsolete.”
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Regional Happenings


Gholgoth Regional Message Board

Also: I'm operating under the assumption that there was a significant passage of time between the epilogue of Soldiers and the end of hostilities. Would solve continuity errors on my end since it would take some time yi set up Gothic Havensky.

I was inactive at that time. Could you fill me in on the epilogue?

Jack boots fell upon the soil of lesser beings, claiming the land and it's people theirs. Resistance was light. Certain key aspects yet revealed, and Vetalia has yet been cracked...

Did he take all of milograd? We had originally agreed to split it. Just want to make sure before i post.

Milograd was split.

And, if needed, I'll split Vetalia! MUWAHAHHAHAHAAA

The last meeting of the Gothic Lords as I recall was in regards to the since-retconned invasion of some other region by Kraven, AMF, myself and other Goths. Regardless I consider the meeting itself, the first and only time my late emperor Shangjun met with and pledged loyalty to the other lords, to still be part of that character's canon though perhaps the surrounding situation would have to be changed. That said, Shangjun is dead as far as where I am in my current timeline and his replacement will not become immediately apparent for some time. I'll participate in the meeting using, as I had planned to introduce in the past, an intermediary assigned the permanent post of Pudite ambassador to the Gothic Lords. I will however have to be vague about exactly what is happening in my canon at the time of the meeting and before/beyond. I can't pass up the chance to hang with the other lords again though ;)

So - my epilogue did the following:

1) Establish the Ironwings as Gothic Lords and admitting Havensky into the Alliance. Presumably, this occurred during a meeting of the Lords. (Though, we didn't flesh that out.
2) Establish the Gothic Havensky territory
3) More official alliance between Dephire and I
4) Tycho Onyx drops name, becomes errant knight, Gavin Squall becomes Captain of the Queen's Guard, Glitches leave military, now professor and CEO of Glitch Labs.
5) Established that Milograd was split between Dephire, Jagada, and Kraven - with Havensky getting the former capitol right on the border lines.
6) Havensky begins large scale campaign to attract immigrants

These events I imagine took a little bit of time to occur. At the end of the epilogue, we've built a university (four skyscrapers), the capitol building, and the Royal House. I'm assuming with PMT tech that doing this is faster than the normal. (Particularly with us using 3D printers and all that mess.)

(Here's the epilouge for reference)


Oh snap - I just realized I wrote 6 months in the Epilogue from the last action. I can retcon up or down if needed.

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