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Welcome! Even if you are not gay, we can certainly make you happy. This is a safe haven for you to celebrate yourself and your community - disruptive people will be shown the door.

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21.The Armed Republic of Orthen afghaniraqCorporate Police State“Armed to the teeth”
22.The Shadow of Your SmileRight-wing Utopia“Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes”
23.The Coke Fueled Singles Bar of DiscoInfernoAnarchy“Burn Baby Burn!”
24.The Dominion of PavilioniaFather Knows Best State“Welcome to the Pav! We have Cookies!”
25.The United Kingdom of DotgerDemocratic Socialists“This is the place”
26.The Republic of Not suspicous or anythingInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bbbbb”
27.The Free Land of Scoresby IslandLeft-Leaning College State“Are you gonna join in the turkey shoot?”
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29.The Nomadic Peoples of SummerwynCapitalizt“Freedom to do what you please but intelligence not to”
30.The Republic of LesothobourgauInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Gau Gau Gau”
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The Utopian Commonwealth of Discoveria wrote:Hooray, Scotland voted no! Next question: Should Alex Salmond be exiled to some independent country?

I don't think Wee Eck needed to resign ... the ones that need to resign are the Tories who promised more powers and after the Scottish people were taken in by their scam have taken the offer away again.

The Republic of New Griffendon wrote:Nice to be so young .. I just turned 51

For some reason I thought you were a lot younger.

The Wild Green Jungles of Fennijer wrote:In response to that question, Disc, my answer would have to be "Hell, no!" (That's twice I have said that to you now. It's becoming a habit. *playful grin*)
Salmond has done the entirety of the UK a service. He has highlighted the amount of discontent with Westminster, and not only from the Scots. Maybe 'together' we can get heard at last, and make the government listen to the people. For too long it has been deaf to the concerns of the masses. I, for one, intend to stand alongside the Scottish and make sure that David 'Second Thatcher' Cameron honours his promises. If he does not, then Scotland is welcome at my house and we can go to Westminster in the morning, unified. Cameron was right about one thing. We are better together. Law of avergaes dictates that, after all this time, he was bound to say something truthful eventually.

The Republic of New Griffendon wrote:I don't think Wee Eck needed to resign ... the ones that need to resign are the Tories who promised more powers and after the Scottish people were taken in by their scam have taken the offer away again.

I'm still firmly in the No camp due to the economic arguments... however I am also starting to see that the politics behind the No campaign are not great. Not happy about the Barnett formula being locked in. Also the fact that a Yes/No vote has turned into a Yes/No/Devo-max situation is pretty bad.

I think I found my all time favourite line of dialogue ever:

GT: In my view distinguished gentlemen should always strive to be as gay as possible with each other.

The Republic of New Griffendon wrote:I don't think Wee Eck needed to resign ... the ones that need to resign are the Tories who promised more powers and after the Scottish people were taken in by their scam have taken the offer away again.

It was an honourable thing to do, also sensible to get Nicola Sturgeon in place well in time for the next election. As for the UK it's all about southern England and the right wing Tory agenda once more.

I am still hopeful that the UK will head towards a federal solution with almost everything save Foreign Affairs and Defence devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I also hope that power will be devolved to regions of England such as the combined authorities that are being formed that wish to emulate the London Assembly (like the North East, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Greater Manchester) and any other regions that may come together formally and seek devolution.

I also hope that Cornwall gets the Assembly it is seeking and maybe even gets recognition of its status as the 5th home nation returned to them (it was gradually eroded and stolen from them over a period of centuries) which IMHO is long overdue.

I just did something amazing. i drilled a hole through the primer of a used 223. shell. put a small copper rod in it. filled the shell with a mixture of magnesium and gunpowder, and loaded a copper bullet. it fired with an electric charge from a car battery.

This is amazing... er... fabulous...


Does anyone realize how usefully this actually is?

Largest Welfare Programs

top 1000: Matt, Grapefruit, Senshu, Starlight

bottom 1000: Haldana, BN, Nicorian, Incindus Pyraxis


Welcome (back) to Gay, Not suspicous or anything, Free Land of Idaho, Kinkan, Madorlou, Lesothobourgau, The Free Doge!

RIP, Fuux.

Ummmm, would it be useful in a Red Dawn scenario, Otis-T?

As of today I've officially withdrawn as a candidate for election IRL.

In a bittersweet twist, more people commented on and spoke to me about my farewell announcement than they did about my key policy positions. I'm trying not to read into that.

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