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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 17th Most Nations: 44th Most Influential: 233rd+8
Most Inclusive: 1,169th Nicest Citizens: 1,303rd Most Cultured: 1,307th Most Rebellious Youth: 1,334th Smartest Citizens: 1,405th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,444th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,469th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,862nd
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Welcome to the Region of GAY!
Useful links:
| LinkIRC | LinkFRA | LinkILGA | LinkTrevor Project | LinkIt Gets Better | LinkPFLAG | LinkFFLAG | LinkStonewall | LinkNS Dossier II
| Trans Resources | LinkMAP OF GAY |

Welcome! Even if you are not gay, we can certainly make you happy.

This is a safe haven for you to celebrate yourself and your community. LGBTQ and straight ally raiders are welcome so long as they respect our Defender status.
Disruptive people will be shown to the door.

Please respect the endorsement cap of half of the WAD's, rounding up, currently at 41.
Featured Region 13 Apr 2013 and 9 Jan 2012.
Embassies: We usually don't swap embassies with regions smaller than 10 unique nations or newer than 1 month, unless they are LGBTQ-centric.

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    In Memory of Fennijer

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    [Concluded] The NationStates #LoveIsLove Campaign

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    History of Gay

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    Members of the regional government (2016)

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    Constitution of Gay (Dec 2014)

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Regional Power: Very High

Gay contains 275 nations, the 44th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Authoritarian in Gay

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, Gay is ranked 10,240th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Holy Imperial War Machine of VolcanislaviaFather Knows Best State“We have no nuclear weapons, apparently.”
22.The Protectorate of Gay StatesFather Knows Best State“Together We Gay”
23.The United Kingdom of TaboaDemocratic Socialists“One Love, One Earth, One Taboa”
24.The Subjection and Domination of All Good Looking MenCorporate Police State“Don't Talk, Just Kiss”
25.The United Kingdom of CiarCorrupt Dictatorship“yes homo”
26.The Free Land of The Wrong NeighbourhoodDemocratic Socialists“You Came to the Wrong Neighbourhood, Idiot”
27.The Dictatorship of BiggerbuttvilleFather Knows Best State“Angry Birds is a pretty good game”
28.The Community of Super Gay and Lesbian HeroesDemocratic Socialists“Rainbow and Lambda, the beginning of Eternity”
29.The Kingdom of BastetipetDemocratic Socialists“Sol lucent omnibus”
30.The Matriarchy of Roma NovayaMother Knows Best State“Embracing spiritually”
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Regional Poll • My motivation in voting.

The Safe Haven of LGBT Equality wrote:For the purposes of the poll, please assume you are eligible to vote for the president of the USA and pick the single response that best explains your current motivation

Voting opened 3 days 21 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “My favourite Olympian sports events are those related to:”

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Gay Regional Message Board

It is NOT impossible to have a liberal welfare state, a good economy, and a green environment--and zero taxes! Many of my high freedom nations have all of these; with careful answering, a consistent vision, and a little luck, you can do the same thing. Your Economy will tend to rise so long as you don't consistently hold it down (chiefly by over-regulating it). The better your economy is, the lower your taxes will go, as they need to take a smaller and smaller portion of a bigger and bigger pie to maintain the same funding. You'll need to keep track, at least informally, of which issues raise taxes and which issues lower taxes. When you get an issue obviously designed to cut taxes, you should usually choose it, even if you already have a 0% tax rate, in order to give you the opportunity to fund things while still having a zero tax rate. Most of my high freedom states have free college, a national healthcare service, a minimum wage, and other things.

To raise Civil Rights and Political Freedoms, you need to empower your citizens to disagree with you or usual standards of behaviour. If people want to walk around buck naked, let them. If pirate radio stations want to criticize the government, let them. I hope it goes without saying that most of us here will allow gay marriages. Allow a woman the right to have an abortion. Don't have a secret police or otherwise act in an opaque or dictatorial manner. Unless you're trying to achieve 100 in CRs or PFs, you probably don't need to formally keep a record of which issues do what. MOST of the time, the dilemma gives you clues as to what the high freedom option is. Beware issues that pit the freedoms of one group against another; for instance, women should have the right to enter abortion clinics unmolested, but protesters should have the right to protest, too. If you favour either of these groups, your freedoms will go lower, so dismiss the issue.

I you have questions on a specific issue, TG me before you answer it.

This nation largely reflects the things I have been talking about above, since I have been answering issues for it approaching 5.5 years out of the last 7 or so, back to January of 2010. Since I am term-limited from running for WAD-Founder for another year, the next person may well take this nation in different directions. BearNation is an even better example, since he has been exclusively mine from the beginning (actually, he was my very first nation)!

Cale Nova

New issue, #569:

The Issue

FeAR, the Federation of Automobile Racing, has suggested to you that BearNation would be a great site for a World Championship F1 Grand Prix circuit. The only problem is that you don’t have a racetrack built.

The Debate

Alexis Lefévre, head of the Grand Prix governing body, suggests the construction of a new top end racing facility in largely uninhabited swampland in the east of your nation. “It’ll be a boost to tourism and the broader economy in BearNation, and it’ll bring this whole dreary swampland area to life!” He stubs out his cigar on a nearby swamp frog, to emphasise his point. “Now, if you have the time, I have some contracts for you to consider with regards to construction, event management, and security firms, all with reputable, established companies and firms that I can vouch for personally...”


“I don’t see why we need an expensive new track wasting taxpayer money when we’ve already got a great ring road in New Bear City,” says Mayor Renee True, well-known to be a die-hard racing fan. “The city has a vibrant atmosphere and stunning architecture, compared to the blandness and soullessness of modern autodromes. You know where your heart lies: bring this event to the capital!”


“Grand Prix racing is completely unrelated to what happens with road cars,” argues Ruri Hoshino, CEO of Kadai Engineering Automotive Firm Incorporated, “but sports car racing drives forward automotive technology. Say no to the Grand Prix, and instead let the World Sports Prototype Championship hold round the clock endurance races at a stadium that we’ll happily foot the bill for. All you need to do is repeal some crazy noise and air pollution laws. Sure, it may not be as glamorous, but it’ll let us show off our wares and will encourage engineering innovation.”


“Why are these petrolheads so obsessed with auto racing anyway?” asks migraine-suffering riding enthusiast Elaine Pavlov, from the back of a stallion that has just evacuated manure onto the pavement. “It’s just noise, smelly fumes and testosterone! Ban motor racing, and invest that pot of money into equestrianism. It’s a genteel racing event for a civilised society.” Her horse glares at you threateningly, as if to support the argument.


The Asexiest Person Alive of Chironica wrote:Oh, bother.

I see you're familiar with us.

The Theocracy of Infidel State wrote:Things tend to get messy when we set up our tents.

Us, too, but we managed.

The Murican Nation of Otis-T wrote:You can't camp around here, you'll attract the bears. By the way, don't feed them.

We'll be taking it down as soon as the embassy is finished. We'll move the tent into the construction zone, though. Thanks for the warning. Not even hunny?

Today I was walking the streets and all of a sudden around 50 people laid on the ground. Okay, so it's probably just another protest, I thought. Then they start doing push-ups in the middle of the street lmao.

Infidel State

Streaming no man's sky. Its probably boring to watch tbh.


The Murican Nation of Otis-T wrote:Streaming no man's sky. Its probably boring to watch tbh.

Every review says it's terrible

The INWU Ambassador of Novi-Raventsvo wrote:Every review says it's terrible

I like it cause it's relaxing

The INWU Ambassador of Novi-Raventsvo wrote:Every review says it's terrible

It's very zen like, and there are some beautiful sights... and occasional odd looking creature :p

The INWU Ambassador of Novi-Raventsvo wrote:Every review says it's terrible

I personally like it, but it's not a game for everyone. If action games are the only thing you play, you'll probably not like it. It's an exploration game with small hints of a story. And as Otis-T says, it's very relaxing.

WA members interested in participating in an upcoming liberation should contact Blitze.

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