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Welcome to the Region of GAY!
Useful links:
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| Trans Resources | LinkMAP OF GAY |

Welcome! Even if you are not gay, we can certainly make you happy.

This is a safe haven for you to celebrate yourself and your community. LGBTQ and straight ally raiders are welcome so long as they respect our Defender status.
Disruptive people will be shown to the door.

Please respect the endorsement cap of half of the WAD's, rounding up, currently at 36.
Featured Region 13 Apr 2013 and 9 Jan 2012.
Embassies: We usually don't swap embassies with regions smaller than 10 unique nations or newer than 1 month, unless they are LGBTQ-centric.

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Regional Power: Very High

Gay contains 280 nations, the 46th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Fattest Citizens in Gay

World Census takers tracked the sale of Cheetos and Twinkies to ascertain which nations most enjoyed the "kind bud."

As a region, Gay is ranked 11,175th in the world for Fattest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Community of Gabriella FerriCorporate Bordello“Dove sta Zaza??”
22.The Free Land of SempreamoreCivil Rights Lovefest“Amor vincit omnia”
23.The Republic of GraecioAnarchy“Freedom or Death”
24.The Holy Green Peaceable Empire of Pacifistic PacifistsAnarchy“Beat your swords into plowshares!”
25.The Kingdom of Sir Saint MarkRight-wing Utopia“We Will Endure”
26.The Republic of Sha PantoneCorporate Police State“Money”
27.The Holy Red Empire of RuPauls Drag RaceCivil Rights Lovefest“You betta work!”
28.The Rogue Nation of Le Homosexuellesbienne CiteBazaarCapitalizt“La Felicitč est dans l'Amour sans limites”
29.The Shadow of Your SmileRight-wing Utopia“Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes”
30.The Democratic Republic of Unser ZuhauseCapitalist Paradise“This is our great home!”
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Regional Poll • Allowed in Gay?

The Safe Haven of LGBT Equality wrote:In an effort to get wider participation, would you permit at least some votes to take place via a regional poll, e.g. elections, constitutional amendments, policy positions, WA vote of the WAD, etc.? In exchange for the convenience of voting, you would be surrendering your right to privacy. Since only a few of us routinely use the forum, this would potentially vastly expand the democratic process with the exception of your privacy.If this vote passes here, it will be considered and voted upon by Regional Council on the forum. The vote would have to clear RC, too, to have the weight of law.No double-dipping. Players are allowed exactly one one vote, regardless of how many nations you might happen to have in the region.

Voting opened 45 minutes ago and will close . Open to native residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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The Quarantined Trade Zone of Quarantinia wrote:hello help my frend with a fun project subscribe to his youtube channel "freddethemanyo" and if you want to help even more you can of course give him som likes an views! ;)
love from sweden!!

*remembers the weird Swedish porn I saw last night*




Post by Meaty Goodness suppressed by LGBT Equality.

I just posted a Facebook for Meaty Goodness! Check it out, my dudes.

Get it together twinkle toes.

The Dominion of Dragonah wrote:Get it together twinkle toes.

"Don't answer to twinkle toes! It's not manly!"

The Federated Free States of Chironica wrote: "Don't answer to twinkle toes! It's not manly!"

"No fats, no femmes, no asians." - Kim Chi

Happy Asexual Awareness Week, everyone! It began on Sunday but I've only got round to posting about it now. Asexuality is an important part of the LGBTQ+ community and, unlike the other constituent parts, awareness is our most important goal in gaining acceptance, understanding and equality.

To help AAW, you can tell someone about asexuality, come out as asexual (if you're ace, duh), offer support to an asexual acquaintance, challenge people who spread negative myths about asexuality and anything else which raises the positive profile of asexual people. Anything you do which helps to achieve this goal is much appreciated. Aces and allies may not always be on the best of terms, but often non-asexual LGBTQ+ folk are very important in spreading the word of asexuality as there are so few of us (about 1 in 100 people are ace).

You can find out more by going to or Googling "asexual awareness week".

On a more personal note, I managed to come out to someone today as a biromantic asexual. I think they accepted it pretty well. It's a small success, but I'm happy about it anyway. It's one small step towards living openly as me.

VampKyrie, LGBT Equality, Otis-T, Chironica, and 3 othersPukwudgie, Dragonah, and Ace States

I found a nice airsoft/paintball/laser tag place near my new home. My favorite hobby will soon begin again.

The Socialistic Duchy of CyberTechnologies Corporation wrote:According to my philosophy: The state has not the simplest right of spying into the lives of its inhabitants!
Simple rule for CyberTechnologies: I donīt need to know what is going on with my citizens, If I wonder, Iīll ask them. If they want to do something, they can, as long as it dosenīt hurt others. (If two men want to marry, what is my business with that?)
A problem occured with this: My Passport law only identifies citizens by their gender(genital) with Male and Female, Is this OK or should/do i have to add a catehory which says "Neither", which is then used for everyone who says I donīt want to be Male of Female?

Privacy is a rapidly disintegrating right for us in the cyber age. So many telephone apps have a working reason to know your location, like maps/directions and services location. I'd wish there were a law against big ISPs and other companies from collecting and storing your data, but politicians will never change their tune while the $$$ keeps coming to them. Certain sections of the government have legitimate concerns about an individual's status, including terrorism, illegal immigration, disability certification, drugs & other crime, etc. I would wish it would take a court order to allow police, for instance, to anonymously put trackers on your car, but I think that varies by jurisdiction.

Of course, a great many of us voluntarily surrender our privacy every day with FB and all the rest. Even if you take a post/picture back down immediately after posting it, you can pretty much safely assume that someone somewhere is maintaining a copy of it. It seems that in many cases, things like term papers you write in college are saved, especially if they were transmitted electronically. That has been increasingly an issue for people with the gumption to enter political life. If, for instance, you wrote a paper in college advocating legal marijuana, that might come back to haunt you 30+ years later. The whole point of college is to explore what you believe in and reject the things you don't believe in. Besides, do you REALLY want to vote people into office if they have not grown or changed their perspectives at all in 30+ years?

In terms of legal tracking of sex and gender, for sex I think it's OK to have 'male, female, other.' Gender is not within anyone else's right to know. Except in tracking pandemics that spread through sexual contact, like HIV, it's no business of government, industry, or anyone else to know how I comport myself in the bedroodroom unless I choose to disclose that information, I'd think generally to close friends and potential sexual or romantic partners. [/rant]

Post self-deleted by LGBT Equality.

RIP, Closeted Cases. CC is a straight ally from The Netherlands. He would certainly have been in the top 10 nations in the region in terms of longevity and influence. When Gay was refounded in 2009, he was the one who actually created LGBT Equality to be the puppet Founder of the region. He held almost every office in Gay except for Founder/WA Delegate. He certainly would have had the ability and popularity to be F/WAD had he wanted it.

Will's defining feature for many of us is that he is a practicing Christian with a deep, deep knowledge of Christianity, particularly of the reformed tradition. This necessarily made him one of the more conservative members of Gay. He was not 'closeted' in any sense of the word, for he is both straight and outspoken on a large variety of topics, particularly his deepset opposition to recreational drug use.

Not so many people know that Will has had a lifelong issue with severe depression that did not respond well to medication. What worked best for him was intensive exercise, which he practiced regularly, but it only took the edge off of his depression, which was a further reason for him to be depressed.

Back in the day, he was one of the most active members in the region and had a significant role in the roleplaying that was popular years ago. Since that time, however, he has become increasingly less active, now CTEing. I hope and believe there is potential for CC to return to us, but until such time as he does return, I will consider this state to be permanent. It is a sad, sad day for Gay, flags at half mast throughout the region.

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