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More than a wee scary if one lives in the USA!

Very scary for citizens of the USA, and the rest of us. I'm waiting for the implosion.

I am seriously beginning to wonder if Trump is a plant. No way can someone be this effin' stupid on a PRESIDENTIAL campaign trail. Clinton has so many warts and issues going against her, and yet, here comes The Donald... making himself out to be so bad, so disgusting that the only logical choice is to vote for Clinton. After the DNC voter rigging during the primary, I wouldn't put it past them to try anything to keep the coronation train going.

"You have the ILLUSION of freedom." - George Carlin

'I am seriously beginning to wonder if Trump is a plant.' - Sometimes he seems as dumb as one.

Drumpf is supposedly friendly with the Clintons, at least in the past he was. Maybe there's something to that theory, but I doubt Drumpf's ego would let him lose.

For me, I am not a conspiracy theory guy... but trying to put any sort of logic into this election cycle will drive one mad. It's infuriating to no end for me to see so many people be so damn dumb in supporting idiots, racists, and crackpots. And that issue only continues to get worse.

I don't understand the negativity about Trump. At least he willing to raise and talk about very serious issues. Clinton says nothing but free baby pap. You may not like the way Trump addresses an issue. That's your decision and your freedom to say it under the 1st Amendment. Obama is an imperial president and a disaster in every respect. Name even one thing he has done which has improved the condition he inherited. Obamacare? The economy? Defeat of the JV team? Controlling illegal immigration? Clinton promises even more of the same.


I will repost my response to a friend of mine that supports trump. Keep in mind I loathe the Clinton's very much, but there is plenty to be negative about in regards to Trump. So here you go:

While Drumpf hasn't built a political career out of lies, he has built his business out of lies and screwing people over. You do know that he has been sued over 3,500 times, right? He has more than several disasters in terms of business deals as well. Let's go through some on the list -

Trump University
Trump Steaks
Trump's casinos in Atlantic City
Trump Airlines
Trump Mortgage
The New Jersey Generals
Trump Vodka

Donald Drumpf's career is riddled with scandals. And the proof is in the pudding - he is no master of the "art of the deal". And have you listened to him at all? Trump is easily rattled and easily aggravated. He has such a severe complex that he gets pissed off when someone mentions that he has small hands. So no, he doesn't have a "cool head" whatsoever. Logic does not play into his mind, feelings do. And when faced with a potential situation, you need to be pragmatic and listen to the facts, and not go with "feelings".

I have to comment on the "he speaks his mind" point - Just because he speaks his mind doesn't mean he is saying anything worthy. If you actually listen to what he is saying, he doesn't say anything at all. There is little to no substance when he speaks. Watch him "answer" a reporter's question and you will quickly see he not only does he not answer the question, but then he goes round and round saying a bunch of words that equal dog crap.
"I know words, I have the best words." - real actual quote from a speech he gave...

If it were up to Trump and his cronies, my girlfriend would be deported even though she was born in Wisconsin but her father is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Do you agree that she should be sent to a country she has never lived in? Every time I hear the phrase "anchor babies" I get a tad irritated to say the least.

The policies he does talk about is nothing but xenophobic nonsense. Build a wall? Yeah good luck. Register all Muslims? Give me a break. We do not live in Nazi Germany.

Trump has built his campaign on hatred, bigotry, racism, homophobia, xenophobia... all the things that make the human race ugly and despicable. Honestly, do you support any of these things? If the answer is "no", then you may want to reconsider supporting a fake reality TV star.

Don't buy into his rhetoric, or his sales pitch. You are smarter than that. Look, I get it if you are a conservative and you can't stand Hillary Clinton because of policy and history of corruption. As you can tell, I can't stand her either. But all the stuff you mentioned on why you like Trump is based off of lies and deceit.


Thin skin, short attention span, unable to stay on topic for more than 5 seconds, slim grasp of the facts on virtually every issue he speaks about, nearly zero knowledge of foreign affairs, or economics, admires dictators, when challenged resorts to personal attacks, likes the idea of everyone having nukes, worrisome ties to Russia, bully, narcissist, xenophobe, panders to fear, promotes violence, zero tolerance for opposing views, dismisses facts he doesn't like.....

I'm no fan of Clinton, either. I find it hard to believe that an advanced nation of over 300 million people couldn't find two better candidates than what you have to choose from.

I was taught that disparaging epithets and ad hominem arguments show a weak case. We can throw dirt at Clinton and Trump all night but what's the point. Obamacare is agreed to be a financial disaster. Trump puts it on the table for elimination or radical surgery. Clinton offers no more than Sanders warmed over and he was rather vague. I'm sorry but what word in "illegal immigration" is hard to understand? Clinton will open borders even more and radically increase refugee numbers, where vetting is trivial if done at all. Law enforcement, as shown at the Democratic convention, is not on Clinton's radar and her tacit support for the flouting of the law by sanctuary cities and the BLM movement clearly shows where she stands in that regard. Trump's position is clear and unambiguous. The Second Amendment is meaningless in her eyes but she's also supporting the attack on the First Amendment (e.g. supporting state AGs threating over global warming) as well as others. As for ethical behavior, well I guess her agreement not to accept money from foreign governments if elected president is worth about as much as her agreement not to do it while Secretary of State. She broke that, doesn't know how to handle classified material, and oh yes, lied to Congress. As for foreign policy, Clinton was an implementer of Obama policies and if she didn't like it she should have resigned. She didn't and Bengazi was one result. We'll get more of the same, the Middle East under Russian and Iranian suzerainty and Islamic terrorism increasing and spreading around the world. Saudi money don't you know. Teflon is stickier than Hilary.

It boils down to either Trump or Clinton. To abstain or vote for anyone else simply means you don't have a say in where we are headed. I hear what they both say and I see what they both do. In this case I'm following my eyes.

From my perspective as a former member of the armed forces, I cringe at the thought of either candidate being elected. In either case, I fear that the members of our military will be placed in harm's way by the ineptitude of either candidate.

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