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These are Nations that have either begun or continued from the Nations application on Facebook.

If your Nation name here is different from what it is on Nations app, be sure to introduce yourself on our wall!

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Comrades, we have done it! We have vanquished the zombie hordes not once, but twice!

Congratulations are in order, my brothers, for we have vanquished the undead menace in only 6 hours and 44 minutes! Huzzah!

Embassies: Intergalactic Federacy, Aels, Necron Empire, and Alterran Federation.

Tags: FT: FTL, FT: FTLi, Role Player, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech.

Regional Power: Moderate

Facebook nations contains 28 nations, the 451st most in the world.

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The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in facebook nations

As a region, facebook nations is ranked 130th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

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The Psychic Type's territory of SquareDisc City wrote:+1 to recommending KSP. I've played it a bit myself. And by a bit I mean a couple of thousand hours.

It's pretty much the game that got me interested in PC gaming again too.

The game that got me interested in PC gaming was Victoria 2. Before Vicky 2(got fed up with Civ) I was really, really limited in what I could play due to my having a Mac. Now I can pretty much I can play anything my heart desires on the cheap.

Agua del Feugo

Anybody got a link to the old archived facebook nations posts? I wanted to look over some of the old threads again.

Unfortunately I think all the threads got deleted when the server holding them got shutdown. But I believe Wooden archived them somewhere?


Orbit over Dominion
This is CNN, Caprican News Network Morning show with your guest Sarah Kensly and Matt Dalton.

The title and emblem slide off screen revealing a modern studio with a coffee table and sofas in the forefront of a holographic screen displaying a massive sphere over the colony.

"Good morning Caprica, breaking news today as the grand opening of Galactic World opens up this morning welcoming millions of guests..." The anchor goes onto discuss varying other events for the day before the camera pans over to the coffee table with her guest, the Park Operations Director. The director was a broad shouldered man with black hair and carried a relaxed smile on him, his hands cupped on his thigh with his legs crossed.

"Thank you for having me Sarah."

"The pleasure is mine." The anchor replies with a nod.

"So tell us, what is Galactic World?"

"Galactic World is a whole new theme park, with hundreds of artificial biomes spread across the facility. We have three main sections of the park with each section encompassing varying planetary wildlife and animals. We have Earth, Caprica, and Dominion, all three featuring wildlife and animals throughout each planets existence from millions of years ago to present day. Allowing us to see, touch, and feel first hand what life was like back then."

"So like a zoo?" The anchor asks curiously.

"Yes. Kind of like a giant sanctuary with open exhibits for the animals to interact freely within constrained biomes. We have world class resorts and attractions for all guests and are expected to take in up to 3 million guest's daily."

"Even Capricas famed Wyvern?"

"Yes, even the formerly extinct Wyvern." A background image appears on the holographic screen behind them.


"What about safety?" The anchor asks curiously.

"Safety is our top priority of course. Whatever happens we are fully prepared to face it. These animals are under 24 hour watch and have the latest in safety precautions, these are installed at the cellular level from their birth so no asset is able to escape its confines."

The anchor nods. "We'll now be joining our correspondent at Galactic World with John Oliver."

A young man walks on a pristine beach with palm trees and towering resorts behind him. "Good Morning sarah," he says with a mic in his hand.

"Im standing near the entrance to the park where guests have been pouring in for the past hour since the gates opened. If you look around, you can see the sheer size of this place." The camera pans around, a crystal blue lagoon and cruise liners float in the sky above, with the colony of Dominion dominating the horizon above. Thousands of guests walk along a boardwalk filled with park boutiques and venues.

The show goes on talking about the latest amenities and innovative sites of the park, before cutting off for a commercial a break.

IIRC I only archived select threads, maybe half a dozen from the older days of FBN. Emergency Transmission, Oil War, my own RPs of course. I think someone else did make a fuller archive.

Gene saved a lot of them.


The Second Brotherhood of Planets and Agua del Feugo

The Grand Duchy of The Octarian Federation wrote:Gene saved a lot of them.


Cool. Thanx. It seems that not alot of stuff happened after I couldn't log on to the servers. Bunch of arg I invades yous die noobz.

I was bemusedly going over the NLN Times of Troubles. on page 34 of the rp forums. Too bad it crashed after the servers just up and went kaput and half of the actives went silent... including me. I thought it was a fairly engaging alternate world. There was alot of good stuff in the forums before the interface and RL changed the stuff.

I dont get how the bros keep such a stable Civil Rights stat. Caprica and this one seem to go all over the board despite me answering the same issues mostly the same way and going for the most liberal choices. :S

The Republic of United States 0f America wrote:I dont get how the bros keep such a stable Civil Rights stat. Caprica and this one seem to go all over the board despite me answering the same issues mostly the same way and going for the most liberal choices. :S

IC: The Politburo has always prized itself on leaving people alone when we can help it. We subscribe to Henry David Thoreau's old line that "Government is Best Which Governs Least." People usually leave each other alone and, even when they're engaging in more extreme acts (speed tattooing, synchronized pot smoking, interpretive sword dancing) they try not to harm each other. We respect people's rights to do what they want with their own bodies, and tend not to get involved in civil rights issues beyond situation where they come under threat or concerns of public health.

OOC: Dismiss whatever seems suspicious. Dismiss issues where I know the results if those results cause negative civil rights / political rights. It gets boring, but it seems to work.

Well, my old region ended up getting raided, so I decided to jump ship and return to my Facebook brethren!

The Second Brotherhood of Planets

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