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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Republic of The Akasha Colony (elected 124 days ago)

Founder: The United States of Seismic doings

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These are Nations that have either begun or continued from the Nations application on Facebook.

If your Nation name here is different from what it is on Nations app, be sure to introduce yourself on our wall!

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Comrades, we have done it! We have vanquished the zombie hordes not once, but twice!

Congratulations are in order, my brothers, for we have vanquished the undead menace in only 6 hours and 44 minutes! Huzzah!

Embassies: Intergalactic Federacy, Aels, Necron Empire, and Alterran Federation.

Tags: FT: FTL, FT: FTLi, Role Player, Medium, and Post-Modern Tech.

Regional Power: Moderate

Facebook nations contains 24 nations, the 543rd most in the world.

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The Most Avoided in facebook nations

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, facebook nations is ranked 16,286th in the world for Most Avoided.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Housemates of Great Houses of XieWA MemberCivil Rights Lovefest“The art of war is of vital importance to the state”
22.The Space Commune of The Second Brotherhood of PlanetsCivil Rights Lovefest“Imagine all the people... Living life in peace.”
23.The Grand Duchy of The Octarian FederationWA MemberLiberal Democratic Socialists“For a better tomorrow”
24.The Anarcho-Syndacalist Commune of CzechanadaLeft-wing Utopia“Compassion, Freedom, and Progress”
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I apologize, the safehouse was compromised, but obviously that wasn't that big a deal. I have ejected every remaining member from the region just like Laptev. And like Laptev the place will fade away.

Post self-deleted by Naestria.

Anyone know who Naestria is?

It's Andrew. I've largely been inactive on NS since the Axis went under and certain threads I was in pretty much died.

The Jingoistic States of Naestria wrote:It's Andrew. I've largely been inactive on NS since the Axis went under and certain threads I was in pretty much died.

Not even sure if I would be considered inactive. I check NS almost everyday, I just keep all hush hush cause everyone else is pretty much dead.

The Second Brotherhood of Planets and Greater Caprica

I barely even check this place any more. Maybe some day I'll feel a bit more inspired.

Post self-deleted by Greater Caprica.

After extensive debate and controversy, the Hybrid and Tetron Healthcare Reform Act passed in Congress and the President signed off on the law. The law grants full welfare and social security legality that extends to the offspring hybrids and Humanoid Tetrons. Those in opposition site that the need for healthcare coverage to hybrids and tetons is unnecessary due to the inherent nature of Tetrons being self healing,unaging, and immunity to almost all illnesses. Earlier this morning, Professor Dorney, a hybrid from a Humanoid Tetron mother and Homo Sapien father made a speech in front of the Capitol building in Caprica City.

"Today, is a special day. For the past decade we have been fighting for health care coverage for hybrids and Tetrons alike to receive full benefits. Over 255,000,000 people in the colonies are either a hybrid or Tetron. During the Tetron Civil Rights movement over 200 years ago we fought for the right to equality in our homes, workplace, and in the political sphere. Now we're seeing a sizable new generation of hybrids- my generation, as the definition and symbol of Homo Sapien and Tetron unity. We can now receive equal treatment in healthcare. My mother is nearly quintessential to my father even at the atomic level, but I don't see her as a Tetron and my father as a homo sapien. They are simply mom and dad, and their background doesn't matter. Hybrids do not have the ability to self heal, and do age. To discriminate against us and our generation is bigotry and ignorance. But today is a pivotal day in our push for greater equality and I phrase those who supported and were along with us for the ride! I thank President Elliot for his great accomplishment." A roaring applause filled the area as thousands clapped and the Professor walked off stage with a bow of his head.

The continuing trend of hybrids offspring is across all the colonies. Few radicals on the right have denounced these as abominations and a threat to the Caprican Homo Sapiens. However, many doctors and scientist have rebutted stating the amount of bio-engineering and cybernetics already involved within all Caprican Homo Sapiens practically moots the point of being a "true" Homo Sapiens. The Hybrid generation continues to multiply slowly within the colonies, setting a tone for new political and social equality for a new hybrid species between Homo Sapiens and Tetrons.

Yngen and Naestria

Any of you guys play Space Engineers?

I have been playing Rimworld. It's like Dwarf Fortress in space and with a usable UI. That and a crapton of Crusader Kings 2 with various mods: After the End-a post-apocalyptic N.America. Crisis of Confederation- CKII in space. etc.

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