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NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Grand Duchy of The Octarian FederationLiberal Democratic Socialists“For a better tomorrow”
12.The Republic of United States 0f AmericaNew York Times Democracy“United We Stand, Divided We Fall ”
13.The Galactic Republic of AlexzonyaNew York Times Democracy“Moving Forward, Unified”
14.The Psychic Type's territory of SquareDisc CityLeft-Leaning College State“Prediction is better than cure.”
15.The Republic of The Akasha ColonyCivil Rights Lovefest“True Freedom for All Men”
16.The Dread Kingdom of Royal FrankiaFather Knows Best State“Crown, Faith, Folk”
17.The Kingdom of Resurgent Byzantine EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“Nam et Senatus et Populusque Romanus”
18.The United States of Seismic doingsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberty!”
19.The Imperial Dominion of AmigosaCorporate Police State“Bow down”
20.The United Colonies of AldiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace, THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.”

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Several months later...
A long oval field stretches out over a two mile long valley surrounded by shimmering skyscrapers. Its banked by two large skylanes, traffic cordoned off as a sea of thousands await the inauguration of newly elected President Victra, a prominent Social Democratic candidate that trailed throughout most of the election and then surged in the final four months, usurping the Colonial parties glory man Hecate who was for all intents and purposes, poised to clutch the nomination with ease. However that failed. The Labor and Social Democratic parties swept the parliament's chamber as well upending the older parties entirely from the center of politics.

For months since the Bellamy's incident tensions have soared, new and greater regulations on private welfare, property, warships, etc. have been pushed hard by the Labor and Social Democratic parties, and now with their success, it is all but guaranteed. With President Victra making it clear his first and foremost act as President will be to dismantle substantial private war fleets, liquidate private weapon manufacturing into public sources, and the like. Meanwhile, the other parties have kicked and screamed nothing but absolute and unwarranted take over of the private industry and those with success. While billions rejoice, over a quarter of the country has revolted into movements and protests. While violence has of yet been stricken, the peace is fragile and a catalyst of duress is only a hair away from unfolding.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our efforts have failed to win through democracy. It is obvious that this is what we must do." A tall slender woman says.

"Theres no going back. Once we carry through with this." A staunch tall man proclaimed, his eyes widening as beads of sweat fall from his brow profusely.

"We have confirmation of Raptor, Caldari, New Galdora, and Vindium. Let me remind all of you we are not abandoning our country, we are saving it from itself. The republic has grown weak in its ways. All are not equal as stated, there are those who are weak and petulant, gross in their own selfish and reckless ways. We are saving our country for a better tomorrow. Their decadence has lead them down this path, they no longer hold the beliefs in our self-rights to liberty and honor, never mind tradition. No longer will corrupt and power hungry politicians control our endeavors. They will feel our anger as we purge their existence from the ruling system."

Caprica City
A small young adult, olive skinned with dark brown hair pants heavily in a bathroom. She grips the counter heavily, palms sweaty. She is apart of the protege and top security overseer of the President. But has since conspired and joined a close knit group of assassins. Her name is Iola, and her parents were jailed for illegal weapons selling and then killed in an unfortunate accident. Several years ago, her parents were in transport along side a prominent terrorist that had several enemies. The state had allocated her parents to reside in a vessel that was transporting Yodus Charman, however the transport was ambushed by a fringe socialist group that decimated the escorts, and killed the transport carrying her parents. The state, following a public uproar of approval for the terrorists death, didn't investigate the ambush thoroughly and left her wallowing in depression until she decided to train in a mercenary group that was later formed into a wing of the Shrii family that owned several corporations in mining throughout the Caprican colonies.

Throughout the years she became a daughter to Luana Bellamy and was trained in the most sophisticated martial arts, military training, and sabotage and spying. Her mission today was simple, take out the killer of her parents and destroy the pillars that support a selfish and greedy society drowning in its own decadence. Now her legs falter, she runs water frantically over her face before anxiously shutting off the faucets. She stares into the mirror, stiffening, her stoic expression takes over her face. Her eye brows raise before she pulls her ion blade and slashes at the mirror, shattering it into two pieces before it crumbles into a hundred around her feet.

She does an about face and walks calmly out the bathroom, hiding her ion blade as she nods to the security guards before walking through a bright light. The aura of the door casts a long shadow over her as she walks through opening up a massive chasm of man made skyscrapers and crowds where President Victra waves at the crowd below. She takes her seat a couple feet behind the upcoming President. She watches warily as he swears the oath of Presidency. The crowd applauds and a whimsical uproar from the band below plays, Victra waves his hands down to quiet the crowd. An eerie silence descends over the urban valley and capitol building.

He begins to speak when Iola charges, her sister sitting next to her goes wide eyed. To Iola, time slows as politicians and other prominent family members of the President sit with smiles. Only her sister notices as she lunges out of her seat. Like a hawk, Iola is on her victim in seconds.

"Today is a great day...today will usher in a new..." Victra looks down, noticing a large swathe of blood cascading down his white shirt just below the belly button. Cold seeps through his body and he goes wide eyed. Behind him stands Iola, piercing his lower abdominal regions before she swiftly brings the ion blade up through his spine, searing spinal chords and executing three swift rotations up through his jugular. He exhales a last breath before collapsing over the podium.

Iola's sister faints. An avalanche of chaos and screams take over the capitol steps. Suddenly, gun fire ripples through the air of the urban valley and several politicians are slaughtered behind Iola as her teams does their work, killing prominent leaders and politicians of the socialists and labor parties. Super sonic shock waves ripple through the air as the fray of assassinations send the capitol building into a frenzy as people run, some jumping over the railings. The crowds watching the now dead President part and scream. Secret Service agents are rippled with bullets, most of them are around or surrounded by Iola's prodiges as they take out their former comrades with ease, faces stoic and lacking any emotion.

Its a blood bath. Within minutes, Caprican military forces will be descending onto the capital district to qualm and stomp out the sedition. Meanwhile, small sects of the Caprican Galactic Fleet splinter away, a corvette quickly descends over the capitol district, free falling in a blaze of super heated air as two gunships are spat out under its belly. The gunships race down, raining pulse fire onto military cavalcades surrounding the capitol building. A low hum cascades over the capitol building, as a massive emp ripples outward disabling the buildings AA defenses before they realize whats going on.

Iola picks up her sister, slugging her unconscious body over her shoulder with her right hand. and fires several rounds of her TF1 shotgun with a stoic expression, swiftly pulling the trigger and unleashing several small salvos of munitions with one hand. Right into the corpse of President Victra who now has a growing pool of blood, chunks of coagulated blood and molested flesh seep through the fabrics of his blazer. His face is unrecognizable as the rounds decimate and peel flesh effortlessly until she smashes his skull in with her foot. She jumps into the gunship, her hair ripples upward behind her as the stabilizers blast their hot air over the scene. The smell of iron fills the steps of the capitol building as bodies are strewn about, her proteges rush forward climbing into the gunship and strapping themselves in. The gunship takes off with a final heave and quickly enters the hangar of the corvette above.

Meanwhile, military police and local law enforcement are storming the capitol building past overturned vehicles and bodies from the gunships furry as it descended onto the capitol building. The interdiction to the planet had already went up as soon as the Presidents body dropped and terrorist protocols were initiated. However little did the navy know several of their warships had already been compromised and joined the families cause for self-proclaimed justice. The frigate quickly accessed interdiction codes and jumps away as a swarm of small fighters descended over the capitol district, leaving the glimmering sea of urban stalagmites and shapes...

Post self-deleted by Greater Caprica.

Caprica System, Samari Shipyards
On the bridge of the U.C.S. Tacitcal Grace Grand Admiral Kavos stood on the bridge of his flagship. He declared lock down sealing off compartments of his flagship, slowing the progress as insurgents attempted to wrestle control of his ship. Intense fire fights had opened up, and several of his officers, stemming from wealthy families had turned or abandoned him. Forces were slugging it out deep in the bowels of the ship, one hangar had been compromised, and several fighters jumped out as his loyal forces were closing in, causing massive tears and ruptures through multiple decks as the fighters jumped out from inside the ship. He stared at the main frame terminal where multiple sections were flashing red, some orange, and a variety of other lighter colors indicating healthy status. Known compromised sections were vented outright, throwing dozens of men and woman out into the harsh reality that is space.

"Whats our status Colonel?" Kavos asked tapping his pen frantically against the dradis display panel.

"We've lost two warstars, five battlestars, 13 destroyers, and eight frigates, and two corvettes. 30% of the 1st Caprican Fleet."


"We've gathered scattered intelligence that they're rallying seditionist forces around Trigon. Damned uprising in their so-called plutocracy bull. New Galdora is also in upheaval, and most of the President and his cabinet are dead. Theres nobody to lead as it stands right now." Suddenly a bright orange hue glows against Kavo's face as he looks to a display monitor, one of several hologram displays that interlace the forefront of the command center.

Several miles in the distance, the giant citadel that is the control center and hive mind for the Samari Shipyards ruptures from multiple detonations, cracking the spine of the large citadel and sending it tumbling down onto several platforms and a central power terminal. Where it ruptures the casing and sends a colossal pulse wave of energy, smothering the area around in a massive energy ball causing a chain reaction of explosions outward from the base of the tower. Debris, bursts of flame are hurled out into space before dissipating as oxygen is pulled into the darkness, sending every body or object outward as stations and constructs are depressurized. The tower rolls over and falls onto a frigate, the frigate cracks and breaks apart under the collapsing citadel as it enters Capricas atmosphere and glows a bright blue and red hue.

"Enough of this." Kavo snarled, spit flying out of his mouth.

"Release the gas valves and light the compromised compartments of the ship afire. We can't sit on our butts while my fleet is being gutted. Instruct fellow commanders to do the same for any seditionist forces. Lock down all bridges and safe guard vital systems."

"Sir we still have our men down there...they will..." One of his officers argues.

"I know Adam." Kavos said, looking him straight in the eye. "Sometimes you have to lop off your limb to save the rest of you. If they get to our armory we'll be in a position I refuse to let happen. Burn them."

One by one, red sections of the ship are lit and scorched as gases filled the air, burning their victims to ash before the air was cut and the flames died. Splotches of green replaced them, first slowly, then a cascade of green was flushed throughout Kavo's flagship. Meanwhile, across from the U.C.S. Tactical Grace her sister ship, the U.C.S. Uninvited Guest was belching flames, unlike Kavos ship, his brothers seditionist had got to the armory, and were already decked out in gear to survive the scorches. However, the majority of the seditionist did parish. An entire platoons worth of seditionist decked out in the best gear and armor were now slaughtering their way to the weapons control systems and were quickly gaining access to the jump drive terminals.

Kavos peered up at the comm display after subduing his flagships betrayers. "Brother, how are you doing?"

"I'm alright. More then a quarter of the crew turned, they got into the armory Jack. They got into the armory. We can't hold them off long before they get to the engine room and theyre quickly nearing the weapons control center- if that happens"

"Say no more. I'm sending platoons of my marines to assist. We're breaking our moorings to rally forces in the beta quadrant on the dark side of Artemis."

His brothers gray eyes looked back as his, for the first time in a while, his brother showed fear. But he kept his head level and he knew, behind those worried eyes his brother was running scenarios and a variety of patterns that could unfold on his ship. Never the less, he trusted his brother will be fine.

New Galdora
Flames belched from Orion, capital city of the Galdorian system. As a tidal wave of rebel forces were quickly overwhelming the suburbs. In the opening hours of the chaos, a massive joint fleet lead by several trading families and corporations rallied around turend Caprican galactic forces and captured several Republic warships. Unlike Trigon, which was quickly being secured and had a relatively swift transition of approval among its populace where it had long been a bastion of wealth and corporate centers, in their view held back by Caprica City and the Republic government.

The cities shields held and ground forces were encircling the suburbs of the city like a wounded creature and the sharks were closing in with blood in the water. An exodus of Republic loyalist began as they were formally trapped under the shield as it was pounded. Then, a sudden plume of fire engulfed the mainframe to the cities shields sending shrapnel high into the sky. Unlike the rest of New Galdora proper, Orion was fierce in its defense, however it was an island in a majorly seditionist sentimental system. Its shields faded, and as its populace looked up, they knew the city wouldn't last long as pops in the upper atmosphere signaled the arrival of several troop deployments that would drop into the center of the city behind their defense lines.

As a wolf startling a flock of birds, a mass exodus of craft began peeling away up into the skyline. Republic forces were ferrying crowds of hundreds into space liners as others abandoned designated flight paths and began fleeing outright. For the time being, the sky has been contested by seditionist and loyalist however they were relentlessly attempting to get their ground troops behind loyalist lines. Many drop ships were shot down, tumbling over end in fireballs like a meteor shower over Orion.

AA defenses of the cities core ruptured to life, belching out flack and a variety munitions as their besiegers attempted to take the city from above. Eventually the drop ships stopped coming as the seditionist forces realized they had underestimated the Republic's defense of the city. Meanwhile, several dozen task forces were defending exit points as the populace was fleeing, jumping away. As New Galdora's interdiction systems were compromised again, the U.C.S. Frightspear deployed its own as it was taking a pummeling. However it would only be a matter of time before seditionist forces decrypt the new interdiction to send more forces pouring in over Orion.

Out of the surrounding ground-to-atmosphere defenses of the city only one ford battery station remained as it was desperately defending itself. Troops had set up a series of hasty trenches as many of cities primary battery stations were captured. There were once four active, now this is the last. Firing its triple-barreled rail guns defiantly into the sky, mere seconds later a Trade Federation heavy cruiser buckled and detonated high up in low orbit. To its on lookers below they would see a orange spec glow and fade, reinvigorating their moral.

Suddenly, one liner ascending into the sky was hit by a rocket that swiveled away from trailing a fighter and refocused on the liner. The liner and its occupants had close to zero reaction, and with an inferno, the concussion missile tore through its midsection and it began falling over the suburbs, sending a massive shockwave out as its impact over a neighborhood of apartments. In the chaos, other civilian craft began being targeted as seditionist commanders attempted to qualm the firing on civilian craft- however it was too late.

The final ford battery station prepped and fired its last salvo as a salvo of missiles overwhelmed its shields and streaked toward the defense platform. Its defenders quickly began scattering outward abandoning their defenses as they knew an inferno would be upon them. The missiles bombarded the platform peeling away and twisting metal. It let out a roar as its barrels fell outward and over end as a cascade of explosions rippled down to its core. Like a dragons mouth fire belched out the entrances and exterior crevices before buckling and expanding outward enveloping the area around, searing loyalist troops.

A tidal wave of seditionist were closing in on the city as defense lines buckled due to overwhelming outpouring of their attackers. Many rebels were scattering up towers and flooding the streets with gun fire and explosions as they combated the cities defense. Crowds were rushing toward the space port, many fleeing toward space liners and troop transports as the cities defenders shifted parameters to defending the space port to get as many out. While others were surrounded they vigorously held positions of skyscrapers, if they were going to die. They were going to take down as many seditionist as possible with them.

So Yeah, FYI, if you want glorious Revolutionary economy where AI controls the means of production and distributes everything (including jobs) equally, let SAL9000 take over your economy in the issue titled "Rise of the Machines."

Thanks for the heads up way back when, Ish'Cong. Dismissed it this time around. Lots of benefits for IT industry and such, but Private Sector dies overnight.

Imperial Esplanade and Royal Frankia

THanks for the heads up good sir.

Been playing Rimworld alpha 14 with a buttload of mods. Loads of fun building a colony and watching it burn.

Sorry Nate, for not getting involved in your RP. I think I'm done with RP for the foreseeable future, because I've lost interest in it.

Naw I've been busy :P

It's a tragic comedy of how the state of our activity on Nations/Nationstates reflects the changes in each of our lives; We had a lot more time and energy for RPs and such when we had less at stake as undergraduate students.

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