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WA Delegate: The United Utopia of Untspah (elected )

Founder: Makrtopia

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Eat ALL the things!

A blossoming empire full of various Equestrian nations, this region seeks peace and acceptance. Originally founded by Makrtopia, and currently managed by its major World Assembly delegate, The United Utopia of Untspah, Equestria invites and welcomes with open arms anyone wanting a new home or second chance.

To new nations: Please, be certain to join the World Assembly, and once you have, don't forget to endorse our regional delegate. Not only does this help strengthen them, it helps prevent hostile take-overs and invasions. And we don't want those to happen again, do we?

Off-site forum located at the click of a Linkbutton.

Embassies: Winterfell, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Spokane, The Derpy Dominion, Pony Lands, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Farkistan, The United States For Civil Rights, Crystal Empire, Terra Magnificum, Avadam Inn, Fallout Equestria, The Dirt Alliance, The Galactic Federacy, Sagittarius Arm, Social Enterprise of The Gulf, and 8 others.The Void Alliance, The Federated Union of Stars, Neo Vertaramin, Serenity, Omero, WAYNE 2016, Hollow Point, and ARMM.

Construction of embassies with Xanadu has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Enormous, Offsite Forums, Silly, Social, Casual, Fandom, Featured, Multi-Species, Founderless, and Magical.

Regional Power: Very High

Equestria contains 108 nations, the 112th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Devout in Equestria

World Census experts polled citizens from nations worldwide to determine which seemed to be the most religious.

As a region, Equestria is ranked 14,835th in the world for Most Devout.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Wanderers' Confederation of LyssetWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Not all who wander are lost.”
12.The Grand Duchy of CelestalWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“Traditio et potestatis”
13.The Constitutional Monarchy of New champzWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“We shall win”
14.The Matriarchy of Aeter de MhiqueWA MemberMother Knows Best State“Love rules the lands of eternity.”
15.The Alicornian Dominion of Unitas RepublicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“United forever.”
16.The Queendom of LasselindorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Aa' menle nauva calen ar' ta hwesta e' ale'quenle.”
17.The Dominion of KaelisPsychotic Dictatorship“---”
18.The Many Faces of VoldemorCivil Rights Lovefest“Burn, burn, burn... burn it all!”
19.The Kingdom of UnicronlandCorporate Police State“Work harder or die”
20.The Commonwealth of LosignCivil Rights Lovefest“Forward if alone”
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Equestria Regional Message Board

((The OOB for my fleet's going to be a battleship, three assault carriers, and a handful of escorts and destroyers for the background.))

((Umm... I'm in a base on Venus. We're not in space yet, and Skyla's impossibly far away from us. Where is Ruse doing all of this?))

((Conexite R&D works in mysteriously familiar ways. Plus, moon base, remember? And working FTL))

((Is everyone ok with a massive time skip?))

The Empire of Our Town Restored wrote:((Is everyone ok with a massive time skip?))

It's worked before, right? But aren't we still doing wedding stuff? I've been doing my best to follow the RP, but I'm a little lost.

Oh, and I found terrible WiFi. May be able to post stuff now.

((I'm fine with it, but I need to update my fluff first.))

The Blood Bathed Bastion of Quintolania wrote:It's worked before, right? But aren't we still doing wedding stuff? I've been doing my best to follow the RP, but I'm a little lost.
Oh, and I found terrible WiFi. May be able to post stuff now.

Hooray for free Wi-Fi! And yeah... the RP got shifted into a more sci-fi thing because Trotterdam black holed the planet. Wedding celebrations are awkwardly set aside.

Post self-deleted by Our Town Restored.

And so, with their newfound courage and technology, the last remaining remnants of Our Town took off into the stars. Within weeks, new planets were discovered and new horizons were reached. As the months passed, Starlight Glimmer accumulated a small fleet, but a large amount of influence. Despite being chased by the Imperium of Horse throughout the galaxy, many ponies they met upon their travels donned the ideology and name of Our Town, being honored to participate in this new United Empire bound by equality.
((And now you post something like “However, the Imperium had not sat idly by as they went…”))

The Celestial Imperium of The Alicorns wrote:((Conexite R&D works in mysteriously familiar ways. Plus, moon base, remember? And working FTL))

The moon got converted into a military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlaser for the The Celestial Imperium of The Alicorns. There's mega malls in the battle station selling stuff at a reasonable price and most of the profits go to maintaining the station while the rest go to "business expansions".

Conexus enterprizes are mostly settled on asteroids so come on over and buy our space products! We offer discounts to frequent customers!

The Alicorns

After the remnants of Our Town manged to escape from her suspiciously weak grasp, Skyla threw herself into building a new Imperium centered around the Unity System. The long years have seen the small colony grow into a capital she could be proud of. Pony, human, and youkai alike are encouraged to and do find new systems to settle. The fleet is built. The Imperium restructured as dead sectors are replaced by new ones. Incompetent ones told to chase the destiny stealing mare. A new era awaits the Imperium. The sun won't set on this empire, not when a galaxy's worth of them are in reach.

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