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Happy New Years to all! May your 2015 be filled with cheer!

A blossoming empire full of various Equestrian nations, this region seeks peace and acceptance. Originally founded by Makrtopia, and currently managed by its major World Assembly delegate, The United Utopia of Untspah, Equestria invites and welcomes with open arms anyone wanting a new home or second chance.

To new nations: Please, be certain to join the World Assembly, and once you have, don't forget to endorse our regional delegate. Not only does this help strengthen them, it helps prevent hostile take-overs and invasions. And we don't want those to happen again, do we?

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Embassies: Winterfell, Unified Skaian Syndicate of Rulers, Spokane, The Derpy Dominion, Pony Lands, Freedom and Justice Alliance, Farkistan, War Weary, The United States For Civil Rights, Crystal Empire, Terra Magnificum, and Avadam Inn.

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Regional Power: Very High

Equestria contains 91 nations, the 126th most in the world.

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The Most Politically Free in Equestria

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, Equestria is ranked 8,916th in the world for Most Politically Free.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
11.The Rogue Nation of ZylWA MemberNew York Times Democracy“Survive together, survive strong”
12.The BoboViis Thing of AchvorfLeft-wing Utopia“I dunno.”
13.The Commonwealth of GullibertaNew York Times Democracy“A still more glorious dawn awaits!”
14.The Many Faces of VoldemorCivil Rights Lovefest“Burn, burn, burn... burn it all!”
15.The Colony of Lickety Lemon DropLiberal Democratic Socialists“80s in appearance, timeless in attitude”
16.The Most Serene Republic of FeatherflanksNew York Times Democracy“Compassion absolves all sins.”
17.The Human-Pony Nation of ZachtiaWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Ponies and Humans Unite!”
18.The Corporate Conglomerates of ConexusNew York Times Democracy“Fortune favors the bold!”
19.The Empire of XertensNew York Times Democracy“God, country, revolution, unity.”
20.The Nomadic Peoples of ChalyFree-Market Paradise“Carpe Diem”
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Democracy? Lel. What a joke. "Fair representation", yeah right. Your just voting for the lesser of two evils. Honestly? I don't even see the point in it anymore. I mean, it just seems to me that people cant be trusted to know whats good for them as a whole. I don't think most people are thinking about the country, rather than themselves, and what and who they can vote for to make it easier for themselves to live in this country. And anybody who suffers from those decisions are either lazy Mexicans or the Africans. Id rather live in freaking Israel, surrounded by neighbors who absolutely hate me and could invade at any moment and brutalize me and my family before killing us.

We're a democracy, but people keep electing Grin as D.E.R.O. because she doesn't try to push the parliament around and build up more power for herself the way a lot of past D.E.R.O.s did. Each election cycle the talking heads blather on about her being "nothing but a figurehead" and "shirking her responsibilities", but that's exactly why she keeps getting elected. She didn't even run the last two times and everyone just wrote her in. Parliament had an emergency session the first time to extend the D.E.R.O. term limits, then another the second time to extend the extension, saying that was easier than dealing with some over-ambitious blowhard. They can null the extension whenever they feel the need to, but everyone seems pretty comfy so far.

anybody up for RP just asking if you want to or not

What is this 'voting' people speak of? Is that what those 'one-party' states do to keep themselves in power? I don't even bother with these 'elections'. I'm in power, and there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you want a free rock.

The Principality of Trotterdam wrote:Better question: is anyone an actual democracy around here?

Evil democracies count, so long as your citizens get fair and free elections on how to be evil.

I'm maybe like a semi-democracy and we're not evil... just pragmatic.

Consumers who are investors can elect new Directors as long as they own stocks. Any consumer who doesn't own a single stock, but is working are active individuals participating in everyday politics and consumer life, even if they don't own a single stock.

What? You don't own a stock or work your flank off to earn some bits to keep yourself and possibly family members sustained for a day or so? Then you have no say whatsoever until you meet the minimum requirements.

For civil rights, we let the consumers do whatever they please.

The corporations rarely intervene, but we take public security seriously, so don't complain about a breach of personal privacy. It's for your own good as well as the general populaces'. Remember, big brother is always watching.

Laws that apply equally to everybody: Natural laws.

The Corporate Conglomerates of Conexus wrote:Laws that apply equally to everybody: Natural laws.

Huh? You don't grant specific individuals exemption from the law of gravity?

Think of the pegasi!

And unicorns! Where do you think they would be if they had to obey conservation of energy like everyone else?

I'm not sure on how they cope with nature, you sly fox. What I meant with the law that applies equally to everypony is the common law, but we don't officially have a judicial court of some sort, so maybe we don't have an official law that concerns every single individual. That leaves us to herd mentality to fill in, I guess.

Corporate laws or "policies", apply differently and separately depending in what corporation the employee works for. Breaching company policy varies as well as its consequences.

Nice day at the lake today. Hopefully nice tomorrow too. Especially after pretty much just sleeping for the last couple weeks.


Have to move my entire sleeping arrangement downstairs at 11:30 because my aunt snores like a fleet of semis downshifting on the freeway. If you can't be bothered to see a doctor about that, get a spray, or at least sleep on your side, then I guess I can't be bothered to pretend you're not obnoxious. This is after they waited until 11 to bother getting their cots set up to begin with, including turning on the world's loudest fan and screwing around with curtains for ten minutes apparently. The rest of us went to bed at 9:30. Stop.

Annnnd now grandma is belching like a frat boy in the next room over. Lovely. I remember now why I don't bother coming to the lake anymore.

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