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WA Delegate: The Allied States of Jagorica (elected 14 days ago)

Founder: The Consulate of Byronmandy

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Welcome to Baradoz.

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    Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

    MetaGameplay by Farengeto 11 days ago. 3,385 reads.

Warning! Biohazard

Infection Rate: 99.3% (18.40 billion infected, 132 million survivors)

Cure Status: Live prototypes developed

Infection Status: 13.1 Somewhat Contagious

Embassies: Modorra.

Tags: Password and Medium.

Baradoz contains 15 nations, the 764th most in the world.


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The Largest Manufacturing Sector in Baradoz

As a region, Baradoz is ranked 13,352nd in the world for Largest Manufacturing Sector.

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Baradoz Regional Message Board

(OOC: 1776? Cool. I've always wanted to see that.)

The Principality of Talonlandia wrote:Sometimes one has to be harsh in order to get through to a child, Jollt. Not that I was really being all that harsh. Perhaps you need to learn how to take constructive criticism. Crying when someone tells you how to do something better makes you look stupid and gets you nowhere.

Have you taken off your clothes yet? Better hurry up.

I take my clothes off for no one.

The Principality of Talonlandia wrote:(OOC: 1776? Cool. I've always wanted to see that.)

(OOC: I love that movie)

Hello, I am Jagorica's orginal but now side nation.

The United Provinces of Jollt wrote:I take my clothes off for no one.

(OOC: I love that movie)

Primitive. How do make love? Do you just stare at your partner? Of course, seeing as how you and your "slmost thre billion" people behave as though you have sub-par genetic material, perhaps it's for the best that you stay covered up. This planet has enough mongrel foreigners running around as it is without you adding any more. Still, you're never going to advance if you don't do things the Talonlandian way. What is it? Are you just too SCARED to strip down? Are you a coward, Jollt? *stares icily*

(OOC: My favorite musicals are Rent, The Phantom of the Opera and Hello Dolly. I've liked what I've seen of Cats, but I've never seen the whole thing. I actually got to see Rent and Phantom live; I saw the 1969 movie Hello Dolly with Streisand as a kid.)

The Allied States of Xiocto wrote:Hello, I am Jagorica's orginal but now side nation.

If you are but a side nation, you should be quiet because nobody wants to hear from you. At any rate, I certainly don't, and mine is, as you should know, the only one that matters around here.

Princess, I am President Calo Johnson of Xiocto, and I would like you to consider what 2.5 billion Xioctans would do to your 50 million Talonlandians.

(OOC: Would it be allowed if Jagorica and Xiocto were in a political union similar to the UK and old european Denmark ruling Sweden and Norway? Under this idea the capital of Xiocto will remain Jagorica.)

There's a thread in the forums with rules regarding puppets.

In the past players with puppets have made their puppet nation less than friendly with their main player nation. For awhile I ran one puppet nation as having a kind of North Korea-China relationship with my main nation. They didn't like each other, but the government of the main nation put up with the puppet's government for more practical reasons.

So who like to use their zombie missiles first?

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